Around 6 Manik’s sleep broke due to the alarm . He opened his eyes to find himself alone in the room.  He roamed his eyes around the room to find a clue about Nandini . He calls her but she is nowhere. But his eyes caught something on the side table . 

On the side table there was a pink note with some boxes . Manik quickly moves towards the table and picks the note first and reads it . 





Manik laughed and hugged both the box and the note close to his heart . 

Man :-  stupid girl . ( Bite his lower lip )tedhi 

hai par meri hai  . ( Crooked but mine. ) 

He moves inside the washroom to get ready . After sometime he came out looking absolutely dapper in white shirt and black check pants . He stood in front of the mirror and set his hairs , applying nandini’s favourite perfume . And moves out from the room to go to his desired place.  

Manik reached in the backyard to see a very beautiful date set up . Candles are placed everywhere around the area and a path for walking is decorated with lights . For a time being he got still . He never ever dreamt that someone would do this much for him . But he forgot that the person is not just someone . If he loves her endlessly so she is  .

Manik follows the path and searches for  Nandini but she is not around him . 

Ma :- NANDINI …… Nandini …..

Manik calls her many times but there is no response to his calls . After some time he felt nandini’s presence behind his back . He smiles warmly and turns around to get blown by her beauty and innocence once again.  

Nandini is standing in front of him in his favourite coloured crop top and skirt with minimal makeup which includes kohl , lipgloss and little bit maskara . She kept her hair open just the way he likes . She didn’t apply blush because for that Manik’s one look is enough . 

When Nandini sees him, her breath is stuck in her throat.  He is looking smoking hot in black and white combination . 

Nandini sees his chest line which is visible easily . Manik deliberately kept 2-3 buttons of his shirt open.  Because he knows very well that this is Nandini’s weakness . 

Nandini kept both of her hands on his chest and caressed it with finger tips . Both of them are looking into each other’s eyes . 

Manik keeps standing there taking her beautiful look in his eyes . Don’t know for how much time they both kept staring at each other.  Coming out from her staring zone Nandini moves her gaze from him and starts looking here and there.  

Manik got jealous seeing her giving attention to the decoration . He didn’t like whenever she diverted her attention from him to anyone, Whether it’s a living thing or a non living thing . 

Manik sneaks his right hand on her waist and pulls her with a jerk towards himself . Making her stick to his chest . 

Nandini looked towards him after this sudden pull.  

Ma :- ( possessively ) you are not allowed to see anyone when you have this mutton piece in front of you.  

Nandini giggles seeing his possessiveness and referring to himself with mutton pieces.  

Nan :- ( mischievously ) If you are a mutton piece then I am a meat cutter who will cut you in small and small pieces.

Ma :- ( smirks ) ohh really ….. Then I am ready to be Crumble . 

Nandini got shy listening to his reply . Both stare at each other and then burst out in laughter. 

This is how they both behave with each other . They are best friends first then they are boyfriend and girlfriend . They don’t need any endearment words to describe how they were looking and how much  they feel for each other . Surely they love when someone does something to make others feel special like other couples do.  

Nandini controls her laugh with difficulty . 

Nan :- my monster, will we have our dinner now?

Ma :- ( bending down in front of her ) yes my highness . 

Both move towards the dinner table. Manik moves a chair for Nandini but she stops him in mid . 

Nan :- today is your day mani …. So I should pull a chair for you . 

Ma :- it’s not needed Nandini. You sit, I will sit by myself . 

Nan :- shut up mani ….. Do what I am saying . 

Nandini pulls a chair for him and he settles down unwantedly . Then Nandini moved towards another chair and settled down. 

Both have a healthy dinner with some silly talks and manik’s flirting.  

Ma :- ( getting up from his seat ) now what will we do ? 

Nandini too got up from her seat and stood in front of him . Next she did make Manik’s heartbeat stop in mid  for a nanosecond . 

Nandini bent down on her left knee with a ring in right hand .

Manik keeps standing in his place dumbfounded . For the very first time in his life he is speechless . He is having some unknown emotions in his eyes . He tries to bend down in front of her but she stops him with a pleading look.  

Nan :- ( pleadingly ) mani ….. Please na keep standing I prepare a very good speech , don’t ruin it. 

Ma :- please Nandini don’t do this . I mean… you don’t have to do this much for me . Your knees will  hurt  . I am not stopping you, it’s just that it will be painful. 

Nan :- ( smiles at his care ) I don’t get hurt until you are with me . So take a chill pill dude . 

Nandini pleads and he reluctantly agrees. She smiles brightly and takes a deep breath before confessing  her feelings . 

Nan :-  ( seeing in his eyes ) Manik, In our relationship you are the one who stays open always. You are the one who Pampers me the most , you are the one who bears my tantrums . I am not that vocal about my feelings towards you but still you never complain. you always do the other things to make me feel special but I never did anything to make you feel about how important you are to me . 

Today I wrote a long proposal speech for you but I forgot everything . ( She said with a very cute pout making him giggle ) I want to say that I LOVE YOU  , HAMESHA  . Today I promise to stay beside you in every ups and downs . I always trust you more than myself . I promise to love you even when you have only two teeths in your mouth . ( Nandini giggles seeing his widened eyes ) I love you even when you will have white hairs on your head . 

Overall , I love you as long as I’m breathing . 

Saying that she slid a silver diamond ring in his ring finger . 

Manik holds and kisses on the back of her hand .

Manik makes her stand on feets and hug her tightly, being highly emotional . 

Ma :- ( still hugging her ) I LOVE YOU JAAN , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . I promise to stay with you forever . 

Saying that he takes her lips in a soul searing kiss . Still holding her waist tightly.  

To be continued …….

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