11. SURPRISE (2)

Nandini pushed Manik to bed and lay down on him. She folded both of her hands on his chest and placed her chin  on top . Manik too locks his hands on her waist and starts caressing it which is bare because of saree.  

Ma :- you know this is the best day of my life . ( Tucking her hair strand behind her ear ) I never expected this . Why do you always do things out of the box? 

Nan:- ( smiling ) because I love to do things which you love . I love surprising you just like you do . 

Ma:- ( disbelieving look )  you never answered me in simple words . 

Nan:- ( giggles ) NO …..

Ma:- ok… So tell me, what type of  surprises  you planned for me? I am very excited for it . 

Nan:- OO yaa surprise I forgot about it . 

She quickly came down from his chest and he cringed his nose in irritation . She tries to get up from the bed but fails miserably because Manik pulled her back again beside him . 

Ma:- where are you going ? 

Nan:- leave me Manik ….. And get up , it’s too late see the time ( turning her attention towards the table clock which showing 10 ) 

It’s 10 O’CLOCK . 

She forcefully gets up, making him upset again and pulls his hands to make him sit on bed . 

Nan:- come on you lazy man get up …. You become too heavy . 

Ma:- ( narrowed eyes ) I am not heavy . 

Nan:- ( pleading ) come on naa mani please . I planned many surprises for you so don’t waste time . 

Nandini pleadings come to work and  the lazy man finally gets up from the bed . She pushed him towards the washroom . 

Nan:- now go and have a refreshing bath . There is a surprise for you inside the washroom . It’s your second surprise . 

Manik got excited and frowned too . 

Ma:- second surprise then what is the first one ? 

Nan:- ( narrowing eyes ) ( point towards herself ) here is your first surprise . 

Ma:- ( sheepishly ) ohh yaa I forgot . 

Nandini got irritated . She herself held his hand and dragged him . She pushed him inside the washroom and held the door knob to close it but Manik stopped her from doing so . 

Ma:- ( innocently ) you too come . I get bored alone . Please give me company . 

Nan:- ( her eyes Widened listening to his dirty words )  manikkkkkkkkk . Who needs a company in the washroom ?

Ma:- ( innocently )  I need , because I am not able to apply soap on my back that is why I need someone who does it for me. You know the genuine problem . ( After pausing for some time )  But wait….why you shout my name and why are you blushing?

Nan:- ( tries to cover up her blush ) Mee noo I am not blushing . Maybe my cheeks look red due to the lighting effect . 

She looks here and there to avoid any embarrassing moment and cursing herself for having dirty thoughts . But from whom she is running “MANIK” , who never leaves a chance to tease her.  

Ma:-  what happened Nandini , your cheeks turned tomato red . ( Giving dramatically pause )  wait.. you took my words in that way …….. haww Nandini I never expected this much dirty thoughts from you . But I don’t mind if you join me for THAT PURPOSE

He said focusing mainly on THAT PURPOSE. 

Ma:- you are most welcome soon to be MRS.MALHOTRA .

He gave her side to come inside biting his inner cheek to hide his smile . Nandini took this opportunity in order to save herself from more teasing . She immediately shut the door after pushing him inside completely . 

After shutting the door she heard manik’s laughs from inside the washroom.  She stomped her foot and moved downstairs in the kitchen to prepare the remaining breakfast or to reheat the food . 

Here, Manik is still laughing at her expense and turns around to get a mini heart attack . But he doesn’t know that it’s the start of his attacks , he is going to have many more attacks today itself . 

Nandini beautifully decorated the bathtub with rose petals and placed candles to give a romantic atmosphere. She adds hot water in the bathtub so that he can relax his tired muscles and  Pampers himself.  

Having a relaxing bath Manik wears a brown shot with black vest and moves out to go downstairs to find his another surprise of the day . 

Downstairs Nandini arranges breakfast on the dining table and turns her attention towards the stairs due to some sounds . She frowned after seeing him because whenever they both are alone , he always stays bare chested. 

Manik came down and sat on the breakfast table . He is very well aware of her gaze and knows the reason too but he wants to avoid this topic.

Ma:- ( cheerfully ) what is my next surprise ? 

And this works too , nandini’s attention gets diverted to his next surprise . 

Nan :- here, is your next surprise . ( Placing  dishes in front of him , excitedly ) 

Manik opened the lids of the dishes to get another shock . Because all the dishes are his favourite and prepared by his love only . Which contains aloo paratha with malai  lassi and chole bhature . A proper punjabi breakfast.  

Nandini prepares a heavy breakfast because it’s almost lunch time . Seeing the food manik’s mouth filled with water . He is not able to decide what to eat first . Seeing his confusing state Nandini asked.  

Nan :- what happened Manik ? You didn’t like it . 

Ma :- ( cutely )  nooo nothing like that …… I am confused . From where should I start? 

Nan :- ( hit her forehead ) ufff……. Mani tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta .

Nandini too sat beside him and took a bite of aloo paratha and made him eat .

After having a delicious breakfast both stood up from their chairs . Nandini takes all the used dishes in the kitchen to wash them , Manik too follows her . 

Ma :- Nandini left that yr… Servants will do the dishes.  

Nan :- I gave off to all the servants so I have to do it . 

Nandini starts her work and manik helps her.  After completing the dishes both move outside the house to sit in the nandini’s favourite swing chair . 

Manik sat on the chair first then he pulled Nandini in his lap and hugged her from the side.  

Both of them talk about their usual staffs but mainly Manik is the one who is asking questions continuously about her studies or internship . Nandini calmly gives all the answers.  

After talking a lot Nandini asked a question to Manik.  

Nan :- Manik, why don’t you want to tell us about our family ? It’s not that I am doubting you . Just casually asking . 

Ma :- ( taking heavy breath ) trust me Nandini there is some reason behind hiding this relationship from everyone . And the reason is not the small one . I also want to tell the entire world about us so that everyone knows that you belong to me only . ( Possessively ) 

Nan :- I trust you Manik more than anyone else.  But I also want to know the reason . What is stopping you ? 

Ma :- just know that , you are very precious to me and I can’t bear a single scratch on you . The topic ends here. I don’t want to discuss it further . 

Nandini hugged him tight . After this conversation one thing is cleared to her that the reason is related to her life . She wanted to know the reason but she didn’t want to force him . She trusts him more than anyone else, that is why she knows Manik can’t do anything wrong . 

Both moved inside the farmhouse to take a small nap skipping their lunch due to the heavy brunch which they had . Nandini set the alarm for 5 pm in the evening to prepare for her last surprise . 

To be continued ………

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