16. CHAI-TAPRI (tea-stall)

Next morning, Manik wakes up at 4 and now he is completely ready in his casuals to go out. He came down after taking his car keys and cell phone.

Manik comes into the living room to see darkness all around. He nods his head in disbelief before saying.

Ma :- I live with lazy people. Tch tch tch ……

He smiles inwardly and moves towards his car. He took out his phone from his pocket and dialled nandini’s number. There is no answer to his first call. He again dialled her number but this time his call got answered in the third ring.

Otherside Nandini is taking her beauty sleep. She is sleeping soundly hugging her pillow close to her heart. But she stirred in sleep because of her phone ring. She covers her ears with the help of a pillow to stop the sound but it doesn’t work. She forwards her right hand to grab her phone from the side table but the call ends before she picks up the call. Seeing this she sighed in relief and slept again. But her cell rings again this time she sleepingly picks up the call without any delay to hear her monster’s voice from the other side. 

Ma :- ( excited ) hello… Nandini what are you doing?

Manik plamed his face because he knows that he asked a stupid question in excitement. He braced himself to hear any sarcastic reply from her.

Nan :- ( sleepingly ) hello monster, woh I got bored sleeping continuously. So, thought why not I should dance. That’s why I am dancing, come join me. It’s too much fun.

Ma :- ( disbelief look ) Cabir’s sister no doubt.

Nan :- ( narrowing eyes ) what did you say?

Ma :-  no… Nothing. Yaa listen Nandini came down after 15 minutes from the back door. I am coming. And ya don’t need to change just came down in your nightwear.

Saying this he immediately cut the call and didn’t let her say anything. Nandini huffed angrily and threw her phone on bed. 

Nan :- ahhhh …….. Monster…. Ayiaapaa Who gives order early in the morning. He is a monster.  I am not going anywhere. He never let me sleep properly. 

After saying this she laid down on bed again. But immediately stood up knowing the consequences. She cried in irritation .

Nan :- monster………..

She stood up unwantedly and moved inside the washroom to freshen up.

Here Manik smiles inwardly and bite his lower lip. He reached Nandini’s home within 10 minutes and dialled her number again. She picks up his call immediately. 

Nan :- hell….

Before she completed her sentence Manik cut her in mid.

Ma :- Nandini came down. I am waiting.

Saying this he cut the call. Nandini stomped her foot in irritation and moved down in her night wear only after taking a shawl to cover herself.

Nandini comes down looking very cute in nightwear and sees Manik’s car in front of her home.   She moves towards the car and knocks on his car’s window to get his attention.

Seeing her first manik get shocked and open the passenger seat door for her. He is continuously staring at her while she settles down comfortably. After making herself comfortable she moves her gaze towards him. She frowned seeing his expressions and pinched him.

Ma :- ( after coming out from his la la land ) ( possessively ) why you come in your nightwear?

Nan :- tell me one thing. 

Manik noads saying her to continue. 

Nan :- you are on your menstrual cycle or you are pregnant.

Ma :- ( shocked ) what ?? Are you mad? Why are you saying this?

Nan :- so, what should I ask? You are the one who told me to come in nightwear. You are the one who told me that ” no need to change ” ( imitate him ). Then, what happened to you now?

Ma :- ( in low voice ) at that time I don’t know that you look cute as well as hot in your nightwears. 

Nandini shyes after hearing him and looks outside to control her blush. Manik starts the car and zooms out to his next destination.

Nandini rolled down her window mirror to feel the cold morning breeze. She closes her eyes to inhale a deep breath. Whereas manik is still in her daze. He from time to time looked at her from the car’s rear view mirror. Her flowing hair which touched his shoulder, her serene beauty without any trace of makeup, her juicy lips, her black dark mole on neck which attracts him more. In short he is losing himself in front of her.

Suddenly his attention moved towards her top’s strip which slid down from her shoulder to her upper arm.

After reaching his destination. He parked his car aside and removed his seatbelt.

When the car stopped Nandini opened her eyes to see where they reached. Manik brought her to their favourite tea stall “CHAI TAPRI”.

After recognising the place she turns towards Manik to see him coming nearing her in a daze.

Manik comes very close to her and removes her seatbelt. After removing it he pulls her close to himself pressing his broad chest against her twins. Nandini’s breath gets heavier with each passing second. He traces his fingers on her arms and moves his hand upwards in a seductive manner and holds her strip and places it on her shoulder again in a seductive manner. 

Seeing his step, Manik’s respect in her eyes increased. She moves her eyes upwards and sees in his eyes and both shares a cute eyelock filled with love.

Their eyelock is broken because of Manik who moves slowly towards her neck and kisses her mole there. Nandini closed her eyes to control herself and slid her hands in his hair to get a grip.

After kissing her mole Manik takes that skin in between his teeths and gives a slightly hard bite making her moan in pain and move backward.

He controls himself and turns towards her who is blushing hard. He smiles seeing her blush and his art on her neck.

Ma :- be in the car I am coming after taking chai ( tea ) for both of us.

Nan :- why?…. I also want to come.

Ma :- ( authoritative tone ) no you are not coming. Because you are looking too hot in this night suit and I don’t want anyone to see you like that.

Saying this he moves outside to buy chai ( tea ) for both of them. Seeing him go out, Nandini makes a cute pout. She too got out of the car because she always does the opposite of what her monster always says.

Manik was standing in the tea stall waiting for his order and suddenly Nandini came and stood beside him. He shoots glares at her but she royally ignores his presence.

Ma :- ( glaring at her ) I told you na, not to come out. Why? I mean why do you always oppose me?

But to whom he is saying, ” Nandini “. Well she ever obeyed him? The answer is big NO.

Nan :- ( to the shopkeeper ) bhaiya …. Ek woh wala biscuit bhi de dena [pointing towards the biscuit packet]  Aur paise inse lena. ( Pointing towards Manik ) Agar nahi de na toh bartan majwa lena.

( give me that packet of biscuit and take money from him. If he will not pay then make him wash used dishes )

Saying this she moved back towards the car and again settled on her seat while muchind biscuits. The shopkeeper looks at both of them with confusion.

Shopkeeper :- sahab lagta hai madam bhut zada gusse wali hai. ( sir, i think that mam is aggressive in nature ) 

Manik gives a fake smile and moves towards his car after taking both of their tea and pays the bill. He passes the one cup of tea to her who is eating biscuits silently.

Ma :- ( narrowed eyes ) why did you come out? I told you na.. not to come out.

Nan :- ( chewing her biscuit ) because I am hungry and I want to eat something. That’s why I came out to buy this biscuit. ( Shows him the biscuits packet which is almost finished )

Ma :- like brother like sister dono bhukkad.

Nan :- you said something ….

Ma :- no nothing. 

After this both finished their tea and sat cozily in each other’s arms while spending the much needed time with each other.

Nan :- mani, why you bring me here? Is there anything you want to talk about?

Manik just hummed and looked towards her and at the same time she too looked upward towards him. He pecked her lips before starting.

Ma :- No, there is nothing to worry about. It’s just that in today’s press conference I am going to reveal that I am dating someone. But I will not disclose your identity. Just trust me on this.

Nan :- I trust you more than anything Manik.

She kissed his heart and kept her head on his shoulder. She snuggled in him more and he too took her in his arms. Both spend their quality time and finally move towards their home.

Manik stopped his car in front of nandini’s home. He moves towards her and caresses his right thumb on her neck where he gave her a bite sometimes back.

Ma :- is it hurting? ( while looking in her eyes )

Nandini shooks her head in no, with a blushing smile. Then he moves towards her lips, she closes her eyes in anticipation. But he got some naughty idea to irritate her. He placed a kiss on her nose and moved backward. 

Not feeling his presence near her she opens her eyes to see him sitting on his seat.

Nan :- ( not sure ) mai jayu. ( should i go? )

Ma :- ( hides his smile ) yaa…. See you soon at album launch.

Nandini got sad because she is expecting something from him. Manik tries hard to control his smile and keep his hand on mouth to stop himself from bursting out laughing. She opens the door to get down from the car but Manik suddenly pulls her and takes her lips in a dominating kiss. She placed her both hands on his cheeks and pulled him more closer while manik pulled her through her waist. 

Manik is not giving her a chance to respond. He takes her upper lips in between his lips and sucks it hard. Then he does the same with her lower lip and bite it hard to get the entrance in her mouth. He roamed his tongue inside her mouth to explore her mouth more.

Nandini is gasping for oxygen. Seeing her struggling for oxygen, Manik leaves her lips but not before pecking it once again.

Both taking deep breath to control their hormones. Manik wiped his lips with the back of his palm still seeing in Nandini’s eyes.

Ma :- you are my death nandini.

Nandini shyes on his action and on his words. Manik again moved towards her and took her lower lips in between his lips and sucked it to sooth the bite. 

After their small make out session Nandini moves inside her house. Manik keeps standing there until she goes inside.

To be continued ………..

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