59. KIDS?

In manik’s bedroom, the father-son duo of both murthy’s and malhotra’s are seated with different emotions and thoughts. 

Manik describes his love story to cabir in brief with using proper words and sentences because he can’t take a risk in this matter. Everyone is well aware about how the murthy’s are protective towards nandini. She is their lifeline, so is his. 

Ma :- this is how we ended up together. Understood?

He asked the cabir who is making bad faces throughout the whole conversation.

Ca :- but in the whole summary you didn’t say, why only my sister?

Ram :- ( with a thoughtful nod ) very good question, cabir. As a father I have a right to know. Why did you choose my daughter to fall in love?

Manik plamed his face listening to the world’s most stupid question. But still for the sake of nandini he replies with much more sincerity. 

Ma :- i didn’t choose her. It just happened naturally. I fell for her god knows when? I never expected that she would ever return my feelings but she did…….. ( with a dreamy look while a beautiful smile is constant on his lips ) in a most beautiful way. I never had any choice back then….. Nor do I want it….. But now if i have to choose between my life and hers then i will choose HER. She is my top most priority. There would be no manik if there is no nandini. I am breathing here because I know nandini is near to me. 

The rest are amazed to see the depth of his love for nandini. Without using the three magical words he expressed his feelings in a most beautiful way. Raj is proud of his son because in the world of lust and EX’es he is loyal to his girlfriend and is madly in love with her.

The murthy’s are somewhere relaxed about Nandini’s future. They are sure that MANIK IS THE ONE FOR THEIR GIRL. The love, respect and care for nandini is clearly visible in his eyes. For the very first time raman feels defeated in front of their love. But he is not furious or upset with this, in fact he is the most proud father right now.

Manik’s simple words make all of them speechless. Raj is the first one who comes out from his spell. 

Raj :- i always thought that i am the one who loves his wife the most but in front of your love my love for nyo feels so small. I never thought that my son would love someone more than his own life.

Ma :- ( glaring at him ) dad, that someone is NANDINI…… YOUR SON’S WHOLE LIFE.

Raj giggles on his statement. 

Raj :- yup! YOUR NANDINI….. ( just to tease raman ) AND SOON TO BE THE MOTHER OF MY GRANDKIDS.

His statement brought the Murthy’s father-son back on the earth. 

Ram :- ( to manik while cringing his nose in annoyance ) I know you love my daughter and I am impressed too with your nature but this wouldn’t give you the permit to romance with my daughter.

Ma :- ( with his all time attitude ) guess what?……… I don’t want your permission to spend time with my love. I will do what i want to do.

Ca :- o…. Hello….. Mr. your love is my sister so, keep 6 feet distance from her and no hanky-panky. 

Raj cringes his nose on his statement because only he knows how desperately he wants Nandini in his son’s life who is hopelessly in love with her. 

Ma :- not you, cabir ( rolls his eyes in annoyance ) …………… don’t forget that you are the one who wants to see my kids first. You always said na…. ( imitating cabir )  “manik, seeing you i am sure that someday you will create a cricket team of your own.”

Raj :- ( with a happy smirk ) cricket team means 11 players. 

Hearing this, Raman looks at cabir angrily and slaps his head hard. But The slap has no effect on him because he is literally imagining nandini delivering 11 babies. 

Ram :- ( angrily ) that’s why i always advised you to keep your mouth shut.

Ca :- dad, at that time i didn’t know..na….. That he is dating my sister.

But in all the mess no one noticed raj who was tense about some serious matter.

Raj :- ( with a thoughtful look ) how will i handle 11 kids at a time?

Hearing his question, the other three look at him with horror. 

Ca :- ( with a bad face ) here, I am tense about nandini. How will my little girl deliver 11 kids? But he is tense about how he will handle the 11 kids? Don’t worry uncle, I will help you. 

Raj :- manik, i have no problem with your cricket team. But make sure that there would be enough gap between the kids. In that way mother and baby both will be healthy.

Ca :- ( with a proud ) how generous you are uncle….. You are thinking about both mother and baby. 

Raj :- ( happily ) baby nahi…….. Babies. 

Ca :- oh…ya!

Ma :- ( gasped hearing their conversation ) shut up dad!! You guys are planning about my kids for god sake at least leave that on me.

Raj :- arey… we are not planning. We were just advising you.

Ram :- ( angrily, to manik ) don’t you dare to take their advice seriously and even if possible keep your kids away from these both………. And most important topic…..11 KIDS, SERIOUSLY?

Ma :- these two are mad….. Please ignore them. I don’t want to create any team.

Cabir and raj pouts sadly hearing him. 

Ma :- dad, don’t pout this won’t suit you. You look disgusting whenever you pout.

Raj :- ( standing up ) you guys insulted me a lot. Now I won’t take this anymore. I am going……

Before he could complete raman cut him with his one more sarcastic comment.

Ram :- i know raj…. How upset you would be feeling but it’s not good to jump from the terrace only because of this small issue.

Raj :- aw…… you are caring for me….

Ram :- No…. No…..don’t get wrong ideas. I am not stopping you from jumping. It’s just that I want you to postpone that because of two reasons. 

  1. I want to witness the epic scene with my naked eyes. and
  2. Right now I am too sleepy and I can’t rush to the hospital.

Manik and cabir cover their mouths to stop themselves from bursting into laughter. Whereas raj looks at raman with rage who is pouting cutely just like his daughter.

Raj :- ( angrily ) you know what?……. Just GO TO HELL……..

Ram :- ( sweetly ) AFTER YOU.

Raj :- I am an angel made for heaven only.

Listening to Raj’s statement, Manik coughs loudly because of his father’s most unrealistic statement. Cabir rubs his back with fake sympathy, who is himself on the verge of vomiting because Raj’s words are not digestible.  

Ram :- ( sarcastically ) then, why is this angel walking on his two legs, why not flying in the sky?

Ma :- ( clears his throat dramatically ) you and angel….?

Ca :- relax manik, after hearing this i am sure that world’s end is near.

Hearing all this raj turned into an erupting volcano.

Raj :- enough…. Is ….. enough……

Ma :- same… dad, enough is enough……. Now it’s time that you realise that you are a devil in the form of a human.

Without saying anything he walks towards the exit angrily while shouting “I am going to sleep with my wife. you guys sleep here without cuddles”. He just said this only to make them all jealous but his plan backfired when he heard the sound of their laughter. He abruptly turned towards them and said while looking at his son.

Raj :- ( sadly ) today, you lost one supporter of your love story.

Ma :- ( while crossing his hands around his chest with attitude ) I don’t need the supporter either. I am enough to tackle the murthy’s.

Listening to this raj slammed the door harshly and went towards his room. Inside everyone burst out in laughter witnessing the child version of raj malhotra. After a good session of laughter manik looks at raman who is royally lying on his bed.

Ma :- don’t you wanna sleep? ( Raman nods with a non-interesting look ) then, go and sleep in your room.

Ram :- tonight, i am sleeping here with my future son in law. 

Ma :- ( with a smirk ) so, you accepted me as your son in law?

Ram :- ( mummers while covering his head from the blanket ) DO I HAVE ANY CHOICE ? 

His voice was so low that no one was able to register his words. Nevertheless manik looks at cabir. 

Ca :- let’s sit in your little gallery. I want to have a conversation with you.

Manik knows this is going to happen, that’s why he is all cool. He changes his clothes in a nightwear and walks in the gallery to see cabir arranging two bean bags in the corner with a beer bottle and two glasses. 

Ma :- ( while settling down ) if dad comes to know that we drink his favourite and most expensive beer then he will abandon me for doing this.

Ca :- don’t worry if he will abandon you then, i will adopt you as my sister’s husband. And by the way it’s not the first time that we are drinking his beer. 

Manik grinned on his statement and cheered before gulping his drink in a go, cabir followed him. 

Ma :- now shoot!! I know you want to talk. 

Ca :- this proves that you are my first wife. You know me so well……… BIWI. ( wife )  

Saying this he kisses his cheek tightly. Manik cringed his nose in disgust and pushed him back in reflex.

Ma :- ( rubs his cheek where cabir kissed him ) hey stop flirting with your sister’s husband. I think you got high on a single drink.

Ca :- ( teasing him ) you are no fun…. BIWI ( wife ).

Ma :- ( glaring him ) stop your flirting…… I am very much loyal to my girl. 

Cabir stares at him while giggling lightly. 

Ca :- ok so, back to the discussion round. 

Manik nods as a gesture for him to continue. 


To be continued…

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  1. I love our cabir becomes clingy to Manik and at the same time can be serious friend as well. The dads are so funny..

  2. A very awesome update all the men are crazy please update next part soon to know Manik’s reply to Cabir

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