Cabir sits up on the bed immediately huffing like a bull. He looks like he just woke up from a very bad dream and why not ….. Manik and Nandini’s relationship news is nothing like a good dream for him. 

He looks at Manik who is standing beside him but what got his attention is none other than the beer bottle in manik’s hand. He snatched the half filled glass from his hold and gulped it. 

Ca :- thank you manik, I was so thirsty, give me more…. ( Forward the glass to Manik ) 

Raj looked at him with sharp eyes and angrily matched towards them. He is too much possessive for his family or for his alcohol. He can’t share it with anyone but Raman is an exception in it. He snatched the bottle from Manik’s hand and hid it behind his back. 

Raj :- this is mine. 

Ma :- dad, why are you behaving like a kid?

Raj :- ( with a sarcastic smile ) because you are not giving me kids that’s why I am becoming one. 

Ma :- ( groaned in annoyance ) why do my kids always come in between? 

Ca :- ( with confusion ) MANIK’S KIDS..? 

Then all the previous talks and confession come back in his mind. His body stiffness after remembering that Manik’s girlfriend is none other than HIS SISTER. His sister who is so small for all these ( according to him ). Soon anger took over all his senses. 

Ca :- Not only your relationship, you hide about your kids too? ( Get down from the bed, seeing this Manik moves back in fear ) How can you do this? 

Raj :- ( with duh face ) the same way your father gave birth to you. He also followed the same process…..chill there is nothing new. 

Cabir looks at him like he just saw a man with two horns on his head. This time if someone would say that they saw a flying car, he would trust them blindly. But now he can’t believe his own ears. “DID HIS UNCLE REALLY SAID THAT….WHAT HE JUST HEARD? this is the question which is running in his mind.”

Otherside Manik plamed his face. He is finding a perfect place to banged his head. Every time whenever he thinks that his dad wouldn’t thought more stupid than this but his dad always proved him wrong. 

Ma :- ( gritting his teeth in anger ) DAD…… if you stay quiet for some time it will be good for you. 

Much to Raj’s luck, Cabir focused on manik rather than giving attention to him. He takes heavy steps to reach Manik with aggression.

Ma :- ( moving backwards ) cabir, you are getting everything wrong. First sit and relax. We will sort this out. 


Raj :- no….no… cabir, you are getting everything wrong. 

Listening to him, Manik signed in relief that finally his dad is doing something good rather than putting him in critical situations. But his happiness is short lived. 


Manik rolls his eyes in annoyance and the cabir looks at him with a wide open mouth. 

Ma :- ( to raj with a lip tight smile ) dad, we are going tomorrow for a DNA test. I seriously want to know that you are my real father or an adopted one. 

Raj :- one second, how can I be adopted? 

Ma :- you never know…….

Hearing this raj claps sarcastically. 

Ca :- Manik, leave all that. Tell me how you can date MY SISTER? 

Now Manik is getting pissed. First his father who is getting on his nerves and now his best friend. 

Ma :- unfortunately your sister is a girl and I am a boy. And according to the fact we can fall in love with the opposite gender. 

Raj rolls his eyes on his son’s stupid answer. 

Raj :- if you both are over. Can we focus on my bestfriend who is lying lifelessly? 

Ca :- we are not over yet!!…. I want answers to all of my questions. 

Ma :- I will answer all your questions, cabir. But first we have to treat your father. 

Now, cabir notices his father who is sleeping on the bed. Seeing him like that he frowned. 

Raj :- don’t worry, he is alive. 

Ca :- alive?….But what happened to him? Why is he sleeping like that? 

Raj :- Manik, give him the brief of the story behind this accident. 

Manik nods and tells everything to cabir in a simple yet proper way. Listening to all the details, Cabir is stunned that “all this happens behind his back and he is not even aware of it”. But the poor cabir asks the silliest question. 

Ca :- Manik, don’t you think the way you are going…… one day because of that you will lead all of us in hospital. 

Ma :- I won’t mind until Nandini is beside me. I can do anything for her except staying away from her. 

Cabir looks at him with soft eyes. His anger is melting and why not, the love for Nandini is clearly visible in his eyes. 

Raj :- should we focus on Raman if your romance is over? 

Ca :- yup!!!….. But how will we wake him up? 

Ma :- same the way I woke you up. 

Raj :- ( angrily ) ohh hello…MR.DAY DREAMER….. I am not giving you my beer. 

Manik plamed his face seeing his dad’s possessiveness for a beer bottle. 

Ca :- then, how will we wake dad? 

In return raj smirks and his smirk is giving negative vibes to Manik. 

Ma :- ( mummers ) RIP Manik Malhotra. Your dad is planning for your funeral. ( Cries like a child ) Nandini…..where are you? They all are planning to kill your kids Father.

Without having any sympathy Raj bends towards Raman’s ear and whispers. 

Raj :- congratulations Raman…. You become a NANU (maternal grandfather ) Nandini delivered twins.

And as expected Raman is up with all his glory. His daughter’s name is enough to wake him up from deep slumber. 

Cabir and Manik share a look because they didn’t hear what Raj said in Raman’s ear. 

Ram :- twins??

Raj :- yup! Congratulations. 

Ram :- what are you saying? How can this be possible? 

Raj :- arey….. everything is possible if Malhotra’s are incharge. 

Ma :- o….. what twins? ……what incharge? 

Raj :- nothing….

Ram :- what nothing…haa? ( To Manik ) Manik, what are you doing here leaving my daughter alone in the hospital? 

Cabir is the one who freaked out hearing that NANDINI is in the HOSPITAL. Whereas manik frowned because Nandini is sleeping in Alya’s room then how can she reach hospital. 

Ca :- ( worriedly ) I….have to …go….. my baby …..is in hospital. 

He runs towards the door but Manik holds him. 

Ma :- I think there’s some misunderstanding because Nandini is sleeping in Alya’s room and I am keeping check on her. 

Listening to this cabir relaxed and everyone looked at Raj for explanation. 

Raj :- ( cutely pouting ) I am sorry. ( To Raman ) I just want to wake you up.

Ram :- ( with narrowed eyes ) LIKE THIS!!! You are waking me up by giving me another heart attack.

Ca :- dad, that would be great. See….. Nandini is a cardiologist so she will treat you for free. And in this way we will keep a check on her study.

Listening to this Raman rolled on the bed and banged his head on the pillow. 

Whereas manik stumped his foot in annoyance. And Raj gives sympathy looks to Raman and says. 

Raj :- tomorrow Manik is taking me for a DNA test. I advised you to come with us, with cabir. I think you also need a reality check. 

Ram :- first time…. I am agreeing with you. But there is no doubt because he is adopted. 

Ca :- ( fake hurt ) dad, you broke my heart. 

Ram :- ( angrily ) then collect the pieces of your broken heart and get out before I crush your soul too. 

Ca :- ( like a girl ) aww….. you look hot when you get angry, mr.murthy. 

Ram :- I will look even hotter when I beat you with a wooden stick. 

Ca :- aw…. Manik, I think my dad is obsessed with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. But dad, you are approaching the wrong gender and moreover I am not into BDSM. 

Raman gasped hearing him as well as Manik but Raj was enjoying the whole drama with a grin. 

Ram :- ( to raj ) you woke me up for this……? 

Raj :- I thought Manik is the only one who is weird among all the sons out there, but I forgot that you have cabir too. 

Ma :- look who is calling me weird? 

At the same time somewhere in the dark room where all the four walls are filled with a girl’s pictures. And the man is sitting there while admiring the girl. 

Man :- I am missing you so much baby. I am coming back to get you. Give me sometime I will be there very soon. I know that you love me and are waiting for me but just give me one more day. 

Another man came inside and caressed his hair like a father. 


Man :- and when I get her. I will not let her go away from me because SHE IS ALL MINE.

He kisses one of the pic and caresses it with the back of his hand.


To be continued…

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  2. The chapter was hilarious but the end made me think deep…..So now some drama time ha 🌚🌝

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