Next morning both the couples are sitting together in a single room and discussing “what to do next?”. 

Manik :- I bought land here 5 months back to set up my own company. At that time I didn’t know that this situation would arise and I had to shift here. But it is good….. No?…. Now my mind is clear about what i have to do next. I am going to start my own company. It will take some time because first I have to design the company, then some legal procedures and so on. ( to cabir ) what you want to do? A job….or something else. 

Cabir :- for now i have to look for a decent job because i have navya’s and baby’s responsibilities. But when I have enough money I will think about the other option. 

Nandini :- cabir, if money is the problem then you can take it from me. I have some of my savings. You can use it for fulfilling your dream.

Manik :- yup! I can also arrange some funds through my sources.

Cabir :- no manik…… you don’t have to do anything for me. You are also going to set up your company so just focus on that.

Nandini :- what rubbish….. Cabir, we are your friends if we will not help you then who will?

Manik :- and ya….. You don’t have to take tension about navya and baby. Me and Nandini are always there for you guys.

Cabir :- i know that……… but…

Nandini :- no IFs and BUTs….. You are doing what you want to and that is final.

Having no other option cabir agreed but on a condition that he will repay all the amount to them and for a time being he will look for a job. After this discussion cabir and navya left for taking a rest keeping navya’s condition in mind. 

Here manik lies down on bed keeping his head on nandini’s lap and in an instant her hands start doing work i.e. caressing his hair. His eyes are closed feeling her touch. Whereas nandini is in deep thoughts. She wants to ask something from him but is scared of his reaction. 

Somewhere manik got idea that there is something stupid thoughts are running in her mind because the way her fingers are running in his hair is unusual. He doesn’t need eyes to see her expressions; his heart is enough to know about the state of her mind. 

Manik :- ( with closed eyes ) ask, what you want to ask? Don’t keep it in your mind. I promise, I will act maturely.

Nandini is not shocked to hear him because she is well aware of the fact that they don’t need words or eyes to know other’s situation. But still she is nervous.

Nandini :- ( nervously ) manik, i also want to do a job.

Manik :- so?

He just simply asked because he didn’t get her exact point. 

Nandini :- ( while fondling with her fingers ) so…… can i? 

Manik opens his eyes jerkingly and asks with a wide open mouth.

Manik :- are you asking my permission to follow your dream?

Nandini kept silent and her silence was enough for him to understand that the answer was yes. He palms his face and shifts from her lap to the pillow. He extends his forearm for her while calling her.

Manik :- come here. 

Nandini silently lies down while keeping her head on his bicep. Manik took her in his embrace and tangled her legs with his.

Manik :- nandini, when i told you to pack everything then, why did you forget such an important thing?

Nandini :- ( while frowning ) what i forgot?

Manik :- ( with a sharp glare ) YOUR BRAIN…… Why did you leave your brain in INDIA?

Nandini hits his chest hard which has no effect on him. 

Manik :- no….. Seriously…… how can you even think that? Nandini you are mine, but it’s your life too. You don’t have to ask anything before doing something for yourself. Not now, not in future. I am nobody who will stop you from doing what you want to. Do whatever you want to and Ya… if you want some advice or suggestions then i am always there for you. Ok?

In the end he kisses her forehead after putting some brain in her. After thinking about his words finally she realised what she just asked.  

Nandini :- ( pouting cutely )  sorry…… 

Manik :- you should be……

Nandini :- are you upset with me?

Manik :- yup!!

Manik smirks inwardly and turns his face showing his sadness but his arms are still wrapped around her waist. 

Nandini :- Now, I have to manofy you?

Manik :- hmmmm ( while biting his inner cheeks to stop his smile ) 

Nandini pouts, seeing him upset and nuggles in his neck like a baby. She lifts herself and lies down on his chest, his hands follow her movements and are still in their place. Feeling her completely on himself, he bites his lower lip. 

Nandini dragged her body and came face to face with him. She bends down towards his left cheek and kisses it slowly while lingering her lips there for more than a minute. 

Nandini :- ( while looking in his eyes ) still upset?

Manik nods, being greedy because he wants more kisses. 

This time Nandini kisses his other cheek in the same manner and rubs the tip of her nose on the same place, cutely. But this time a small chuckle left his mouth which is enough for her to understand his drama. 

Nandini :- you are doing drama?

In reply Manik shows her all his teeth with a grin. Seeing this, Nandini boiled in anger and started hitting him with her delicate hands. While doing so she sat on his abdomen and with her continuous moment their most intimate organs brushed together. Which is enough to earn a small groan from him.

Manik turns their position immediately and hovers over her. It took a few seconds for nandini to understand what just happened and when she did her cheeks turned tomato red. 

Whereas manik’s hormones go a little out of control. His breaths are also not stable. Her one touch down there is enough to make him go mad for her in desire. He looks at her with his dark brown orbs filled with love and passion.

Feeling his intense gaze on her she too looks in his eyes forgetting her shyness. Understanding his needs, she lifts her head a little to capture his lips. Whereas manik lowers his head to make it easy for her and finally their lips matched creating havoc in the pit of their stomach.

At first the kiss is slow but their desires are at peak. Manik puts his hands beside her head to balance himself and not to crush her under his weight. 

After breaking the kiss, manik folds his knees to balance himself on the bed between her legs. He bends down towards her lips and crashes it with his while holding her neck in his firm grip. This time he took charge of the kiss so the kiss is full of desire. 

The kiss lasted more than a minute because of manik. Then he moves down and starts kissing her jaw making her a moaning mess. He is giving her sloppy wet kisses on her jaw and neck.

After cherishing her whole neck, he slides her top from her left shoulder and starts his toucher there. He gives her a bite there and leaves when it turns into a deep red shade. Till now Nandini is enchanting his name in every breath.

His gaze turned a little soft seeing his art on her shoulder. He sucks the bite with utmost care earning a soft sensual moan from her. 

Nandini :- mani………k……

Manik :- hmmm….

Saying this he lay down on her with his head in between her neck and shoulder. His eyes are closed in order to control himself while his arms are protectively wrapped around her waist. They both were silent and this silence is peaceful for them.

After sometime Nandini turns their position with great difficulty and faces him with a beautiful smile. Her smile bought a smile on his lips too. He changed his position and kept his head on the pillow and pulled her closer. Whereas her hand moves towards his beard and her fingers start moving there automatically.

After almost 10 minutes manik broke the silence between them.

Manik :- don’t you think that nowadays you give more attention to my beard than me? 

Nandini :- is that so?

Manik nods with a small smile and Nandini shrugs her shoulders not knowing the reason behind it. 

These lovebirds are happy in their little world but in INDIA the situation is totally opposite. In DIXIT’S VILLA, innaya is the one who is very much furious with nandini because she snatched her possession and her dream of becoming MRS.MANIK MALHOTRA. She is finding ways to get manik back and for this she is manipulating her mother and varsha with her crocodile tears.

Varsha comes to Dixit’s house frequently to visit Innaya because she loves her like her daughter. She is fully trapped in her web of fake love.

Divya :- don’t know what happened to my daughter, varsha? She is not having any of her meals properly.

Saying this she caresses her daughter’s hair who is sitting beside her with a gloomy face.

Varsha :- what is this, innaya? Why are you not having food properly? Don’t take your health so lightly. 

Innaya :- so what can i do, maa? He just left me. How can he? Don’t he know how much i love him? Is my love or your love nothing in front of his love? I hate him so much for doing this with me. 

Varsha :- don’t hate him bachha….. There is no fault of his. All this happened because of that girl who came into our life like a storm and destroyed it in seconds.

Seeing this innaya smirks because somewhere she is winning in manipulating her against nandini. Seeing all the fakeness, Kiran makes a very bad face. Before innaya does more drama and earns sympathy, Arjun comes inside with his wife. Seeing them all become attentive towards them.

Kiran :- ( excitedly ) what doctor said? 

Manik :- arey baba….. Let them sit first then start your interrogation. 

Arjun and Asha sit down and chuckle seeing the family’s curious looks. They both share a look  before turning their gaze towards them. 

Arjun :- the reports are positive………. We are expecting. 

Hearing this all jumps on them for a hug and congratulates them. But Innaya becomes furious. She doesn’t want history to repeat. She doesn’t want to give her right to others. Without anyone’s notice she runs inside her room. 

To be continued…

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