69. DR. MANIK…

Both the family are having a gala time together while teasing and making jokes on each other. But their happy family time comes to a sudden halt when they hear Nandini’s loud painful squeal which is enough to drain blood from everyone’s veins. 

“AHHHH………….., MUMMAA……..”

All of them run inside the house, Raman and Manik are the ones who are running like manic. Next, what they saw makes them hell shocked because Nandini is lying on the floor near stairs and the blood is oozing out from her forehead. Her forehead got a little cut, that’s why blood is oozing out from it.

Nandini is conscious that’s why she tries to get up but every time she tries to get up she winces in pain. First of all, she palms her forehead to stop her bleeding. 

Otherside, Manik, and Raman are stiffed at their position seeing her in this state. Their condition is worse than Nandini’s. They never want to see her in any kind of pain. 

Manik felt like he almost lost his breath seeing Nandini’s blood-stained forehead. His eyes showing his vulnerability which is filled with slight tears. 

And on the other side, Raman is also on the verge of crying. His eyes are full of tears seeing his princess in this condition.

They both are so lost in their thoughts that Nandini’s painful wince is inaudible to them until others come inside and shout seeing Nandini.  

Abhi:- oh….my….god…. Bachi…. 

Listening to him Manik and Raman both come out from their thoughts and march towards Nandini who is trying hard to get up but isn’t able to do so. 

Abhimanyu sits beside Nandini and helps her to sit and Manik too sits on another side of her and covers her forehead with his handkerchief to control the blood flow. 

Raman:- ( worriedly ) how did it happen? 

Raj:- ( angrily ) This is the time to ask this? 

Dhr:- you guys take her inside till then I will make a call to the doctor. 

Nyo:- go fast!

Without giving a chance to anyone Manik picks up the Nandini in his arms and walks towards his room. Everyone is so worried that they didn’t notice manik’s condition, who is on the verge of losing his senses. 

While climbing the stairs Manik noticed Aryaman standing on the topmost stair. He cringes his eyes seeing him here but for now, chose to ignore it because Nandini is more important. 

With big steps, Manik takes Nandini into his room and makes her lie down on the bed. Soon everyone enters too behind him. 

The Murthy’s are surrounding Nandini whereas Manik is also standing beside her not wanting to leave her for a second also. His eyes are also filled with tears which he is hiding from everyone but how can he hide his tears from his father. 

In no time the doctor reached there and told them to leave the room as he had to treat Nandini. But all the men shout at the same time hearing his demand.

“If you want to treat her then, treat her. We are not going anywhere”. 

Ish:- ( nodding her head in disbelief seeing everyone’s protectiveness for Nandini ) doctor, you start your treatment they won’t leave her alone at least not in this condition. 

Ma:- ( muttered ) what is “not in this condition”? I will not even leave her alone when she delivers our baby. I will give her company in the labor room too. 

Raman and Raj heard his murmuring. As usual, Raman shoots daggers at him whereas Raj is confused about whether he should be proud of his son’s thinking or scold him for thinking all this when Nandini is already in pain. 

Ram:- ( while gritting his teeth ) back to the earth, Malhotra. 

Manik comes out from his thoughts hearing him and smiles sheepishly looking at him. 

All three of them come out from their thinking and glaring session hearing Nandini’s hiss. 

Nandini is hissing as low as she could so that her family wouldn’t end up crying seeing her in pain. But everything is happening opposite of her expectations. 

Instead of her, Raman and Raj are hissing whenever the doctor pressed the cotton on her forehead to clean the blood. Whereas Abhimanyu is sitting beside Nandini while holding her hand tightly, giving her much-needed strength. 

Cabir and Manik are scolding the doctor whenever Nandini hisses while the rest are standing there and watching the scene silently.

Ca:- ( angrily ) hey……. Do it lightly. It’s hurting her. 

Doctor:- ( frustratingly ) come…… do it yourself! I will take a leave. 

Ma:- yes! You should go because you don’t know how to treat someone. 

Saying this he snatched the cotton ball from his hand and cabir pulled the doctor back on his behalf while making the space for Manik to sit. 

Ca:- ( to the doctor ) now learn how to treat someone. 

Manik sits down in front of Nandini and looks in her eyes deeply, showing his vulnerability to her. He delicately rubs the blood from her forehead without earning a hiss in return and sticks a small bandage on the cut because the cut is not that big. 

While he is busy bandaging, Nandini is gawking at him lovingly without anyone’s notice but Manik is very well aware of her gaze on him. He is avoiding looking at her because he will lose himself if he ever looks at her.

After the complete bandaging, Nandini shows her big bunny teeth to everyone. 

The doctor looks at them with wide eyes because he did everything so smoothly like a professional. Cabir smirks seeing his sister and best friend’s romantic moment.

Ram:- ( sarcastically whispers in raj’s ear ) why we called the doctor here when we have DR. MANIK MALHOTRA AT OUR SERVICE. 

Raj:- I think this is the benefit of having a doctor girlfriend. Nandini taught him everything so well…… ( mischievously ) maybe she gives him PRACTICAL CLASSES.  

Raman shook his head violently to remove the image which he just imagined after hearing raj’s comment and focused on Nandini. 

Nyo:- Manik, if you are done then let the doctor treat her. 

Listening to this Manik and Nandini both come out from their love zone and blushes silently.

Abhi:- ( sarcastically ) yes Manik, for now, let the doctor check upon her but tomorrow for sure I will get you admitted to the country’s best science college where you can practice doctorate. 

Listening to his Manik rubs his neck in embarrassment.

Doctor:- no…. I don’t think that anyone needs me here. I should go.

Ish:- I am sorry on their behalf, doctor. Please just check her once.

The doctor nods and starts Nandini’s check-up. Others are watching his every step to make sure that she is safe and sound. 

Doctor:- no need to worry. She is all fine with just a little bit of sprain in her left foot which would get better within a day or two. I will prescribe the ointment which will help her foot to heal faster. 

Saying this he writes the prescription and hands it over to Dhruv to bring the medicine and walks out. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) now, tell me how this happened? 

Hearing his question Nandini looks down and the rest all look at her, waiting for her answer. 

Nan:- ( while looking down ) I was in di’s room ( Alya’s room ) when I heard some shouts from downstairs and to check what’s wrong there I went downstairs but……. 

Ish:- ( intertwined her in mid ) don’t tell me you fell from stairs only because of your clumsiness. 

When Nandini didn’t reply for a couple of minutes, nyonika broke the silence. 

Nyo:- this is too much Nandini. You are so careless when it comes to your health. Thank god nothing major happened. You are fine. 

Muk:- ( scolding Nandini ) what if anything went wrong? You should be careful while descending the stairs. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) To whom you are telling this, Mukti. She is the second name of the problem. ( while glaring at Nandini ) In all the mess, she hurts herself in the end. 

Nandini pouts sadly, hearing all the scolding from her dear ones. She looks at her father with puppy eyes as if saying to save her from further scoldings. But right now Raman is also angry at her for her carelessness. 

Ram:- don’t…..just don’t look at me like that because today I will not save you from anyone. 

Nan:- ( cutely ) but dad, this time there is no fault of mine. 

Ca:- I know….. I know…. You will say ( in a girlish voice ) dad, it’s the stairs fault. I was…..toh walking slowly-slowly. 

Nandini shoots daggers at him for making her fun. 

Raj:- ( disappointedly ) Nandini, I didn’t expect this from you. Instead of teaching your children to walk………. First, we have to teach you how to descend stairs. 

Ma:- agreed……..

Ram:- ( rolling his eyes in annoyance ) but first of all we have to teach you to stop dreaming about your grandkids, Raj.  

But this time Nyonika interrupts him immediately. 

Nyo:- why?……. Why will we stop dreaming about our grandkids? We…… I mean me and raj already planned everything and we are way too excited for our grandkids. 

Listening to this Manik chuckles and wraps one hand around Raman’s shoulder who is looking at Nyonika with a wide-open mouth. 

Ma:- ( while smirking ) mom, you won’t understand this now but soon you will get your answer as to why he is saying this. ( naughtily ) but I must say, I won’t let you wait for more to see your grandkids. 

Raj:- ( teasingly ) you mean to say that the baby is in the making process. 

Ma:- ( with a big grin ) almost…..

To be continued…

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