Ma:- ( while smirking ) mom, you won’t understand this now but soon you will get your answer as to why he is saying this. ( naughtily ) but I must say, I won’t let you wait for more to see your grandkids. 

Raj:- ( teasingly ) you mean to say that the baby is in the making process. 

Ma:- ( with a big grin ) almost…..

And this one word “ALMOST” made Raman and Abhi dizzy. Whereas Nandini’s breath hitched hearing him. She looks at him with wide eyes and murmurs. 

Nan:- baby is in the making process and I didn’t even know that. ( while glaring at Manik ) is he gone mad? Or he wants to hospitalize my brother? My poor brother, ( looking at her brother Abhi who is sitting beside her ) has been getting aftershocks since he got to know about me and Manik.

But Nandini doesn’t know that Manik is troubling Raman more than Abhi. Abhi is the new one on manik’s troubling list but Raman is topping that list. 

Nyo:- ( angrily ) first made me meet my daughter-in-law then, think about producing babies. I want to take her test whether she is the right choice of yours or not? 

Nan:- ( scaredly to Abhi ) I hope Nyo maa won’t take my physics test because I was very bad at that subject.

Abhimanyu looks at her with sharp eyes and asks sarcastically. 

Abhi:- Then what about biology or chemistry? 

And our poor and innocent Nandini got excited, unaware of the sarcasm behind his words. 

Nan:- I am ok with those subjects as I love biology and chemistry. 

Abhi:- ( with a surprised look ) wow….. What a match!! YOU AND MANIK ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. 

Nan:- ( blushingly ) thanks… Bhai. But why did you say that suddenly? 

Abhi:- because my princess loves to eat brains and her boyfriend uff her soon to be husband has got some EXTRA BRAIN which he uses rarely. And in that case, you will get everything extra to eat.   

Now Nandini understands that till now her brother is using sarcasm which makes her smile sheepishly. Both the brother and sister come out from their small sarcasm battle hearing Ishita. 

Ish:- I agree with nyonika. I also want to take her test because I want the best girl for my Manik. 

Ca:- ( unknowingly ) you want to test your daughter? This is ridiculous!!! 

Manik palmed his face hearing his so-called best friend. While Nandini coughs, gaining everyone’s attention. Abhi rubs her back and makes her drink water. 

Abhi:- ( whispers slowly ) I don’t know that I have such good and useless siblings. 

Nan:- ( cutely ) hey, don’t call me useless and don’t compare me with cabir Bhai. I have some standards, dude. 

Ish:- what do you mean by “MY DAUGHTER”, cabir? 

Ca:- your daughter means my sister, dad’s princess, bhai’s ( Abhi ) Bachi ( baby )…., MANIK’S SISTE… ( he is going to say sister but Manik pinched his hand hardly making him realize what he is going to say ) 

Ma:- ( angrily whispers in Cabir’s ear ) should I make you the brother of NAVYA? 

Ca:- ( sacredly ) Bhai, hear me out completely. I was saying MANIK’S SISTER’S BHABHI (sister-in-law). 

Manik still glares at him because he knows him more than he knows himself. 

Ish:- ( suspiciously ) cabir, say it clearly. Don’t hide behind the bush. 

Raj:- you think that this fat boy can ever hide behind any bush?

Ram:- ( chuckles ) absolutely NO!!

Ish:- ( sternly ) shut up, Raman!!………………… cabir? 

Ca:- ( while stuttering because of the death stares which he is getting from his best friend ) woh…..woh….. Manik will tell you. 

Manik gives him his most famous glare making him sweat.

Ma:- woh…woh…. ( after thinking deeply ) Yes, actually one day My wife will become the mother of my daughter then my daughter will become your granddaughter and with this relation, she will become your daughter then my wife will become YOUR DAUGHTER. I know that you will treat my daughter’s mother as your DAUGHTER………….. Thank you!!! 

He says everything so quickly and ends his little speech with a thank you. He releases breath which he is holding unknowingly and slams down beside Nandini. 

Rest all of them look at him weirdly. They all are trying to digest his words which seems impossible to them. 

Cabir also looks at him sideways and tries to digest his words. 

Nan:- huh? 

Raj:- ( asks from Raman ) what he just said?

Ram:- ( shrugs his shoulder ) don’t know. 

Ca:- ( while clapping ) right!!……. I was also going to say the same. 

Ram:- you understood what he said? 

Cabir simply shakes his head and says. 

Ca:- no….. but I like whatever he said.  

Raj:- plan change, Raman. Instead of Nandini why don’t we hitched cabir and Manik together?

Ram:- not a bad idea!

Instead of rejecting the proposal cabir asks the dumbest question.

Ca:- ( shockingly ) then, what about Navya? 

Raj:- you won’t take tension about her. I will find the best boy for her. You just concentrate on your and Manik’s love story.

Abhi:- guys can we discuss Nandini’s health? She is the patient right now.

Abhimanyu is the only one who acts maturely among them at least this time. 

Listening to him, all the ladies come into their caring mode. 

Nyo:- oh yes!….. Nandini, tell me what you want to eat? I will cook for you specially.  

Ma:- ( whispers slowly ) and she said that she will take my girlfriend’s test whether she is right for me or not. But here, she is pampering her to no end. 

Nan:- ( while licking her lips like a baby ) white sauce paste, extra cheesy pizza and……

Ca:- french fries with coke…..

They both kept ordering and Nyonika is listening to everything with keen interest. But others are looking at them with horror. 

Ma:- ( stopping the brother-sister duo in mid ) mom, bring vegetable soup…… 

Nan:- and ya…. Soup for Manik. 

Everyone giggles hearing Nandini whereas Manik shoots glares at her. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) you are going to have vegetable soup, miss Murthy as you are the patient here. 

Nan:- ( extra sweetly ) Cabir Bhai, “I will not have that soup” tell this to THE NEW DOCTOR IN TOWN. 

Ca:- ( obediently ) hear this loud and clear THE NEW DOCTOR IN TOWN my sister will not have that tasteless soup. 

Abhi:- ( to cabir ) oh…… Nandini’s follower, shut up. And you Miss. Nandini, you have to eat light food only. 

Nan:- ( cribs ) but Bhai…….

Ram:- ( sternly ) it’s your punishment baby princess for being careless. 


Her simple words snatched the floor from everyone’s feet. 

Ca:- what…what you said?

Now Nandini realized what she just said. She closed her eyes in irritation because she doesn’t want to tell this to anyone.  

Ram:- ( sternly ) what are you hiding, Nandini? Just spill the beans, right now.  

Hearing his stern voice, Nandini looks down because he rarely uses harsh tones on her. 

Ma:- We are asking something, Nandini. Tell us the truth. 

Nan:- ( weakly ) when I was descending the stairs….someone…. Pu…..sh….pushed me. 

Raj:- ( worriedly ) what? 

Ca:- ( angrily ) who was that blo*dy person Who dares to mess with Murthy’s princess? 

Muk:- ( worriedly ) how can we find out about that person….

She stops in mid but Alya completes her sentence. 

Al:- because there are lots of workers around who are working right now. 

Ram:- ( angrily ) I will not leave that person who is behind this. 

When all are planning to kill that person who is the reason behind Nandini’s condition, Manik is thinking something deeply. He is joining the dots of this puzzle. 

Nan:- Dad, I am fine now. No need to worry. ( trying to divert everyone’s attention ) but I am hungry…..

Listening to her, Nyonika and Ishita stood up to go into the kitchen to make something for their princess. The elders too left behind while thinking about this newfound information. 

Raj:- ( asks from Raman ) Does someone want to hurt our princess, deliberately? 

Ram:- ( with a frowned ) hmmm…… but who and why? 

Raj:- We have to find this out but before that, I will arrange some extra security around the house, and ya….. Make sure that someone will stay with Nandini all the time. Either me, you, or Manik because we can’t take any risk right now. 

He said all this in a very serious tone that if someone will hear him then that person will get a heart attack because Raj and serious are two opposite poles that never interact. But the fact is he behaves all coolly and does crazy stuff and teases Raman only in front of his family. Outside the house, he is a bossy and egoistic man with whom no one wants to mess. His fun-loving side is very rare which comes out only around his family. 

Otherside in Manik’s room all youngsters are looking worried and tense. 

Al:- ( authoritatively ) from now on no one will leave Nandini alone….. I repeat NO ONE. 

Everyone agreed. 

Dhr:- I think we should go. Nandini needs rest. ( to cabir ) cabir, you stay here with Nandini and apply this ointment on her sprained foot. It will help her to heal faster. 

Cabir nods and takes the ointment from Dhruv’s hand. All of them leave the room silently while different thoughts are running in their minds. But Manik is standing in his previous position. He is quiet and avoids looking at anyone. Cabir knows that he needs some alone time with Nandini to get his sanity back. 

To be continued…

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