Nandini is avoiding looking at Manik whereas he is attempting all the possible ways to get her attention. She is really upset with Manik not because he looks at other women but because he didn’t tell her all this before. She is an understanding girlfriend and she trusts him with all her heart. She knows what he feels for her is true and beyond anyone’s expectations. She is not angry with him, she is just hurt. 

While Manik is aware of her inner turmoil. He knows that she is hurt because he didn’t tell her this before. He always shares everything with her from liking a girl to doing healthy flirting in front of her. He felt lucky to have a girl like her who has such open thoughts. But now he is sad too because his lady love is ignoring him. 

Ma:- ( cutely ) you will ignore me? 

Not wanting to give him any answer she just turns her head to the other side with puffed cheeks showing her anger. Seeing her antics Manik goes all aww on her. 

Ma:- ( thoughts ) god!! What should I do? Should I get tense seeing her ignorance or just smash my lips with hers and give her punishment for being so cute? 

He thinks while making a cute pout and cribs like a kid because he is in a dilemma. Seeing his state, his best friend, his buddy come to his rescue. 

Ca:- ( in manik’s ear ) the first option is best. ( and gives him a thumbs-up sign ) because my father won’t let you even touch Nandini….then, forget about kissing her. 

Manik looks at him with wide eyes.

Ca:- before you ask, let me clear myself. Yes, you said all this loud and clear. If you still have any doubt then look at your right and front. 

While gulping hard he looks to his right first to see Nandini who is shooting daggers at him with her almond-shaped eyes. He smiles sheepishly, making her glare at him harder. After gaining courage he looks at the front only to get captivated by Raman’s strong and stern gaze. 

Ma:- ( asks cabir in a weak tone ) why is your father checking me out? 

Ca:- ( sarcastically ) because you have a drool-worthy body. 

Ma:- ya… I know!! But this body is only for girls to droll. 

Ca:- ( sternly ) bolu Nandini ko? ( should I say this to Nandini? ) 

Manik immediately pleads with him not to do that, making him smirk. He says further to change the topic.  

Ma:- tell me, why is he looking at me without even blinking? 

Ca:- so, what do you expect from him? You are sitting so close to his daughter and caressing her hands now and then. 

Hearing this Manik looks at his hands which are wrapped around Nandini’s left one. He smiles sheepishly and instead of separating their hands he smirks and tightens his hold around Nandini. 

Nan:- ( gritting her teeth ) what are you doing, Manik? 

Ma:- ( lovingly ) I am showing my rights on you, baby. 

Nandini is already mad at him and these antics are making her madder. She gives him a pointed look which has no effect on him. 

Their trance is broken by Alya. 

Alya:- guys, does anyone have any idea about today’s sangeet function? 

Everyone shook their heads in NO except Nandini who was thinking something deeply. Suddenly Nandini chirped excitedly, making Manik scared.

Ma:- Jesus! This girl…… easy Nandini. Someday, You will give me a heart attack.  

Ram:- and I am waiting for that day, desperately. 

Manik rolls his eyes at his remark and chooses to ignore him. 

Nyo:- Nandini, ignore them. So, what were you saying? 

Nan:- ( to Alya ) I have a brilliant idea, Alya di. 

Alya:- ( excitedly ) and what is that?

Nan:- why don’t we have a masquerade ball party with a twist? 

Dhr:- this sounds interesting but, what is the twist?

Nan:- see, all the boys and girls will wear the same dress with the same mask just like a masquerade party except groom and bride, obviously. And instead of dancing to random songs, we will have a BALL DANCE. What’s say?  

Everyone’s eyes shined hearing her idea and they squealed in happiness. Seeing the correct opportunity, Manik kissed her cheek excitedly making her shocked, and murmured “SORRY”.  

Nandini looks at him with wide eyes and, why not, his boyfriend just kissed her in front of the family. 

Seeing the live kiss session Abhi spits the coffee and coughs loudly.

Whereas Raman is sitting there with a pale face because now the tables have turned again. His breath hitched seeing manik’s lips on his daughter’s cheeks.

And raj hides himself from Raman knowing his rising temperature. He simply slid down from his seat while hiding his face from others. 

On the other hand, all are cool because they thought that Manik kissed Nandini in excitement which is quite normal. But they don’t know the inside story. 

Seeing manik’s stunt and Raman’s look, cabir stops his giggles and sings only to tease both of them. 

Ca:- Na fikar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya……..h……

Hearing the lyrics Nandini blushed hard and Manik’s cheeks too turned red. Both bite their lower lip and turn their head to hide their blush which is not helping them at all. 

But still, Manik sings further for Nandini while looking at her with deep emotions. 

Ma:- Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe Pyar aaya hai

Listening to Manik, Nandini’s cheeks turn redder like a fresh tomato. Her anger washed away with his only two lines. This is how much he affects her. She can’t stay angry with him for more than an hour. 

Manik’s smiles widened seeing her blush. But still, he takes a note to tell her everything about AASHIMA because he doesn’t want to create any situations which will lead to misunderstanding in the future. He again turns his attention towards his sister Ignoring Murthy’s angry looks. 

Muk:- but Alya, we have a problem. 

Alya raised her eyebrow asking what. 

Muk:- how can we arrange the dresses at such short notice? 

Everyone becomes sad hearing her and seeing Nandini’s upset face Manik feels like someone just stabbed him with the knife. He doesn’t like frowns on her forehead that’s why he thought of an idea.

Ma:- ( excitedly ) ladies, why are you getting tense when the one and only MANIK MALHOTRA is here. I will arrange the outfits for all of us. 

Listening to him Nandini’s face lit up like a bulb and this is what Manik wants “ a smile on his Nandini’s face “. In excitement, Nandini cups his face and kisses his cheek tightly. Manik makes “O” face at her kiss because this is the first time Nandini pulled this type of stunt in front of their family. 

This time all the members of Malhotra’s and Murthy’s look at them with shock. Cabir rubs his eyes in surprise to make himself believe that what he just saw is true “HIS SISTER KISSED HER BOYFRIEND IN FRONT OF HER DAD”. 

This kiss is indigestible for everyone even for Manik too. He is also finding it difficult to believe it. His expression is the same as the others. He bends down his head while biting his lips to control his blush. 

Finally, Nandini noticed everyone’s expressions and looked down in embarrassment when she recalled the act. She looks at all of them while blushing cutely.

Seeing her expressions all go AWWW on her innocence and Alya says to lessen her embarrassment.

Alya:- don’t worry Nandini, you didn’t do anything wrong. I am also going to do the same but it’s ok you did it on my behalf. 

Everyone nods in agreement making Nandini smile. Whereas Manik is still in the feel of the kiss. He holds her hand secretly giving her much-needed assurance that she didn’t do anything wrong. 

Nandini blushed once again and excused herself. She goes inside the house to calm herself and others too give her some alone time. 

In all this everyone forgets about Raman who got a minor heart attack after witnessing the scene where Nandini kisses Manik. He is not believing in what he just saw. Seeing his condition, Raj rubs his arms with a sympathetic look. 

Manik and cabir giggle seeing Raman. 

Raj:- ( worriedly looking at Raman ) Manik, why are you giving all the shocks and aftershocks to him today only? Keep some shocks for tomorrow. 

Ma:- ( mischievously ) don’t worry dad I have a full stock of shocks. I will never let my uncle be deprived of shocks from now on.

Raj:- but keep those shocks to a limit. I don’t want to lose my friend before your and Nandini’s wedding. 

Ram:- ( angrily, to Manik ) you Malhotra…… you spoiled my little angel. How can you?

Manik rolls his eyes in annoyance. 

Ma:- yr…cabir, where is the switch to turn off his protectiveness? 

Ca:- I am also finding it from the last few years.  

Both the soul brothers laugh on their banters but their happy family time comes to a sudden halt when they hear Nandini’s loud painful squeal which is enough to drain blood from everyone’s veins. 

“AHHHH………….., MUMMAA……..”

To be continued…

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