Ma:- ohh shit !!!!! You are a stupid Malhotra . How can you …………..i mean how can you even tell her that you are done . If she takes that seriously then. Nooooo this can’t happen  . She is surely gonna kill me . ( With slight pause ) mom says right that one day you regret it because of your anger issue. ( Crying face ) mom you are right i am regretting . 

( Looking upwards towards the sky ) Nandini’s ayyappa please save me , I know that your network is only limited to Nandini . But please I am going to be her husband in future , you knew that . So from that point , please save me . 

He is searching his phone in his pockets but not finding it there he moves towards his car in search of his phone . He literally ran towards the car . 

Manik sat in the car and immediately dialled nandini’s number . But much to his surprise NANDINI CUT HIS CALL . He shockingly looks towards his phone . 

Ma:- she cut my call ( with open mouth ) . Manik Malhotra gets ready to go to hell or heaven . Nandini’s ayyappa please book one room for me in heaven only .  ( Face palmed ) She must be so angry . 

He doesn’t know what rubbish he is talking about . It’s the side effects of loving someone madly or the consequences of making a girlfriend angry? 

Whereas in London Nandini is sitting on bed with a mischievous grin on her face . She placed her phone in front of her . And continuously staring at her phone . She knew that all this Manik said in anger , he didn’t mean anything . But she is in the mood to tease her monster . 

Meanwhile, Nandini’s phone shows ” monsters calling “

Nan:- ( smiling brightly ) wow nandu …. How well you know your monster.  ( Slight pause ) now get ready for the game Malhotra . 

Nandini immediately cuts the call , and laughs knowing very well what her monster is thinking right now .After 1 to 2 minutes her phone Again shows ” monsters calling “ .  But again she did the same thing . And laughs loudly thinking about her restless monster. 

Here in India , Manik became restless because his lady love is again and again cutting his calls . 

Ma:- ( to himself , while trying to call her ) you dig your grave yourself stupid Malhotra . 

On the fifth call Nandini received his call . But don’t give him the chance to say anything , just like he did with her . ( Sweet revenge 😉 )

Nan:- ( sounding rude ) when I am not receiving calls , so why are you calling me again and again .( Sarcastic )  See what I am  saying instead of this I need to say ……

Why are you even calling me when you are done with me . So bye MR. MANIK MALHOTRA . IT’S OVER . 

Saying this she immediately cut the call . And rolling on the bed while laughing hard Imagining Manik’s face . 

Here Manik becomes shocked , shocked is a very small word to describe his condition . He is not able to believe that it’s his nandini’s words . 

Ma:- ( shocked ) NOOO ….. She is not my Nandini . She can’t say that . 

He checks the caller ID to clear himself that he called his Nandini or someone else . But much to his shock he called on the correct number . He takes a deep breath and again calls her and makes his fingers crossed . 

He is not a person who believes in these things . But when it comes to Nandini he is ever ready to do anything . Which made her stay with him always . 

Nandini after composing herself , received the call but again didn’t let him say anything.  

Nan:- ( frustrated ) MR. MANIK MALHOTRA , which sentence of mine is not understandable to you .  IT’S OVER . I wish you a very happy life ahead . And please stop disturbing me again and again . Bye ..

Saying that she again cut the call leaving a sulking Manik behind . He again calls her but this time with the determination to not let her speak first . After the first ring , she receives the call and just goes to say something but Manik doesn’t let her speak . 

Ma:- ( cutely , trying to manofy his lady ) sorryyyy baby sooo sorry .(holding his one ear with another hand )  You know how impulsive I am . I swear on you jaan I didn’t mean anything . It just slipped from my tongue.  Sooo sorry please forgive me . I will do whatever you say but please don’t stay angry with me . I love you so much . 

He confessed his love again with so much intensity that even Nandini feels how deeply and madly he loves her. She wants to give a reply for his pure confession , but still she thinks the opposite of this . She wants to tease him more because he really made her angry saying the DONE word . 

Nan:-( angrily )  you are a stupid Malhotra . Why you kept your name Manik it should be stupid or nonsense instead of Manik . 

Ma:- ( cutely ) sorry. But I didn’t kept my name . It’s my grandmother’s last wish . You knew this. 

After listening to his cute talk, Nandini’s anger vanished in seconds. She just feels like to gobels  him.  

Nan:-( smiling ) why are you so cute stupid Malhotra . 

Ma:- first clear yourself I am cute or stupid ? 

Nan:- ( laughs ) both , and I love my cute stupid Malhotra.  

Ma:-( teasingly ) ohh your Malhotra. 

Nan:- any doubt.  

Ma:- nope ( nodding his head in negative ) and I love my cute innocent chotu nandu ..

Nan:- ( fake anger ) ayeee…… Don’t go on my physical appearance . THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA …huhhhh

Ma:- ( shocked ) what!!! And now you are going on my height that is not physical appearance . Haa??? And what is this LEANING TOWER OF PISA . 

Nan:- first , you started it and second went and searched it on Google . 

Ma:- ( narrowing eyes ) I know that already . 

And again their nok jhok section started . After bickering for about 15 minutes both cut the call . Manik starts his car and moves towards the murthy mansion after gathering lots of strength to answer lots of questions which are gonna come from the FAMILY . 

Nandini lies down on the bed after cutting the call and smiles brightly. 

Nan:- uff my stupid boyfriend . Get ready to faint …..hehehehe 

It’s gonna be your most memorable valentine’s day ever.  

To be continued ……..

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