Manik is working in his cabin . He is quite excited today because from tomorrow onwards he is going to spend some quality time with his jaan . He already planned to visit her in London and celebrate valentine’s day together . But he doesn’t know that his dream is going to crash soon . 

Outside Manik’s cabin one boy is talking on the phone . Rather I say pleading . 

Che:- please Nandini think one last time . If I said what you want me to say then I have to leave this job . Sir literally throw me out without any penny . 

Nan:- ( on call ) no you have to do this . Bye . ( And she cut the call ) 

Che:- ( to himself ) go for it Chetan . You can do it . If sir fired me so no tension I have Nandini beside me . ( Biting his fingers ) but if sir beats then who will save me? Please god save me . 

He moves inside the cabin . 

Che:- sir I need to tell you something . 

Ma:- ( still working on laptop ) yes say Chetan.  What happened ? 

Che:- ( thought ) today sir is in a very good mood but within a few minutes he is going to erupt like a volcano . He is asking what happened seriously , Nandini’s promise happened sir . If I hadn’t promised her then surely I left this cabin right now . 

Getting no reply from Chetan , Manik looked upward from the laptop . 

Ma:- ( whistle , to get his attention ) what happened ? 

Che:- ( coming out from his thoughts ) umm……sir you have a meeting tomorrow at 9 am  with DHEERAJ TEXTILES in Pune . 

Ma:- ok , give me details for the meeting . I will attend it . 

He said without giving any heed to the date . But when realisation hit him . He was shocked.  He angrily looked towards Chetan . 

Here Chetan, who is bathing in sweat and praying to God , feels and stares at himself . He breathed deeply to receive some scoldings or his resignation letter . 

Ma:- ( angrily ) what , what you said ? 

Che:- ( stammering ) umm you have a meeting..

Manik stops him in mid . 

Ma:- no .. after that . when I have meetings and where? 

Che:- ( gulping his saliva ) sir tomorrow in pune. Maybe 

Ma:- ( sarcastic ) ohh really . What is tomorrow’s date? 

Che:- ummm 14th February.  

Ma:- ( angrily ) when you know that tomorrow is 14 Feb so why did you keep meeting ? I already told you that I am going to London today itself to surprise her.  I don’t know anything, just cancel my meeting. I am going to London and that is final . 

Che:- but sir this can’t happen you know the CEO of Dheeraj textile is so strict . If we cancel the meeting then we have to pay the penalty  . 

Ma:- I don’t know anything, just cancel the meeting and pay the penalty . I don’t mind.

Che:- but sir if Nandini mam get to know that you cancel the meeting to meet her . Then she will be so angry . You know she doesn’t like it when you mix personal and professional life .

Ma:- ( irritated ) ahhh you fool ……. You destroyed all my plans . Ok so prepare for the meeting and when I have to leave for pune . 

Chetan dances in his thoughts because he succeeded in his plan to send his boss  pune without any harm to himself or without getting fired . He knew NANDINI’S trump card surely did it’s work . 

Che:- sir you have to leave today , because the meeting is held at 9am . I already planned your stay at Malhotra farmhouse in pune. 

Ma:- ok , right now I am leaving for my home .

Che:- ok sir , happy journey.  

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) ohh thank you so much this happened because of you only.  

Manik gets up from his chair grumpily  because he has no heart to go to pune and attend the meeting.  Few minutes back he is so happy because he is going to meet his jaan but his dreams are crushed by his pa.  He tiredly goes home to pack his bag.


Manik moves inside to see Nyonika sitting on the sofa and reading some magazines.  He moves towards his mom and sets beside her. Seeing him here at this time  nyonika got surprised and worried about his health.  

Nyo:- ( worried and keep her hand on his forehead to check him ) Manu are you fine na baby ? 

Ma:- ( smiles on her care ) yes mom I am fine.  Don’t take tension.  

Nyo:- ( relaxed ) ohh I got scared , because you never came back home this soon unless you are unwell . 

Ma:- yaa ….. I came back early because I had to leave for Pune . 

Nyo:- why ? any emergency ?  

Ma:- naa just a casual meeting . Please mumma pack my bag you know na that I am very bad at packing.  

Nyo:- ok my baby  ….. But first take this .

She gave him a bouquet of red roses . The bouquet has a small message card  too.  

Ma:- ( confused ) who sent this. 

Nyo:- I don’t know. Guards said that someone sent this for you . 

Ma:- may be some fan sent this . But must say the bouquet is nice.  Ok I kept it in my room . 

Saying this, Manik moves towards his room . He kept the bouquet on the dressing table and picked out the chit which was inside the bouquet.  He opened the chit and read it.  

If I was a teardrop in your eye I would roll down onto your lips . But if you were a tear in my eye I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose you . 

Your biggest fan ❤️

Happy valentine’s day in advance ❤️

After reading the card he gets very overwhelmed by the love which these lines convey . 

Ma:- who is the sender ? ( Thinking ) may be Nandini.  

Manik dialled Nandini’s number but it’s coming unreachable.  Which makes manik tense.  

Ma:- ( thought ) her number is unreachable but this never happened earlier.  Maybe she is busy . Ok I will call her after sometime.  

Then he moves inside the washroom to get fresh.  After coming out after 15 minutes he starts his packing with the help of his mother.   Or precisely I say only nyonika is the one who is packing , he is just roaming around her or irritating her.  

Around 5o’clock he leaves for Pune in his car , after having snacks with his family. 


Same day Around 8 am 

One girl is standing outside the airport with her luggage and waiting for her taxi.  The girl is none other than NANDINI MURTHY who finally landed in INDIA after a very tiring journey.  After settling in the taxi she immediately places her phone on airplane mode so that no one is able to contact her. Or more precisely she doesn’t want to make any contact with her monster . 

After 20 minutes of taxi ride she reached outside the murthy mansion.  Watchman smiles brightly and opens the mansion gates for her and moves forward to take her luggage . Nandini too smiles brightly seeing her home after so many years . She returns the smile to the watchman and bends down to touch his feets for taking blessing.  Because he is the very old servant of them and he is the elder too.  

Watchman (w ) :- ( stopping her ) aree bitiya ye kya kar rahi ho …… Aap andar jayo mai aap ka saman lata hoo.  ( What are you doing baby ji you go inside i will take your luggage. ) 

Nandini moved inside the house and shouted loudly.  


In murthy mansion everyone is sitting on the dining table and having their breakfast.  Everyone has a bright smile on their faces, the reason is unknown to them.  But after listening to a very familiar voice everyone turns their attention towards the door . Seeing Nandini standing there spreading her both hands in shahrukh khan’s style.  

Shocked is the very underrated word for describing the MURTHY’S state . They are not able to believe that she is standing there in real life.  

Cabir is the first one who came out from his shocked zone and nodded his head in the negative.  

Ca:- nooo Nandini is not here.  Maybe I got a fever or I got mentally unstable after having mukti’s  hand made food . 

Everyone gives him an irritated look . Nandini pouted sadly after seeing that her family is thinking that she is a dream.  She moved towards the dining table and sat in front of her father on the table with a very cute irritated pout.

 Raman widened his eyes seeing her sitting in front of him and moved her right hand to touch her left cheek.  

After touching her he became emotional and a drop of tear fell down from his eyes. He immediately engulfs her in his arms and kisses her cheek . Because a daughter is the most precious thing for her father.  

Everyone except cabir has tears in their eyes because they all are seeing their princess after a very long time. Although they all do video chat with her but right now they see her in real life . 

Cabir being the dramatic personality wants to change the emotional atmosphere in the happiest one because their happiness comes back to them. He moves her both hands to hold Nandini’s hand but Nandini pushes her hands away in fake anger and makes a cute angry  pout.  

Nan:- papa told him not to touch me.  

Ram:- cabirr don’t touch my princess.  

Ca:- but why appa ? Nannu, why are you angry with me ? 

Nan:- ( cutely ) because I’m standing there ( pointing towards the door ) in SRK pose and I thought that my kajol would come and hug me first.  But you didn’t come.  

Ca:- awww …. ( in Sarcastic way ) why??  you want to do SURAJ HUA MADDHAM  with me.  

Nan:- ( irritated ) papa …..see na bhai kya bol rahe hai . ( Papa, look what bhai is saying ) 

Ram:- cabir Don’t irritate my princess. 

Remaining members nodding their head in disbelief.  

Abhi:- guys please behave like a mature person.  And let me meet my baby . 

Rest all agreed with him because he is the only one who is matured among the other male members in the house.  Because when the trio ( Raman, nandini, cabir )  meet they behave like college buddies who meet after a very long time. So to take care of them abhi became the father.  

Whole Murthy family greets Nandini and takes her in a bone crushing hug.  Asking her many questions like how is she,why don’t she call them to pick her up from the airport.  Nandini patiently answers their questions . They talk and talk and talk on many topics.  

All the working members took a break from their offices to spend a day with their Nandini. Nandini explains to them that now she shifted here permanently. After listening to this there is no limit to their happiness.  

After having a heartfelt conversation with her family Nandini decided to have a small nap to remove her jet lag . The ladies move towards the kitchen to make a luxurious lunch for their princess.  Men too got up and decided to do their office work  from the house only.  

To be continued ………..

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