Nandini is sitting on the bed with shocked expressions. Her mouth is wide open making a perfect O. 

Nan:-( to herself ) MANIK MALHOTRA  you are done with me na …ok .( with slight pause )  Now i will show you THE NANDINI MURTHY. ( Looking upward ) ayyappa …. Please don’t stop me. Today I will not leave him. He said he is done. Ok,  now wait and watch you beast. 

Saying this she throws her phone on the bed while making a cute angry pout. 

While here in Mumbai, Manik drives his car in anger not knowing what mess he created. He parked his car near the beach, Nandini’s favourite. He makes himself comfortable on cold sand and just sees the calm waves and thinks about his ladylove. 

He went into the flashback where he spent some cozy time with her on the same beach .


Manik planned a beautiful date for her, a day before when she had a flight for London the next day. He planned this small date to make himself believe that this time will pass soon and to cherish this moment with his lady love. 

Manik came to pick Nandini up for the date . He is wearing  black fitted jeans with white lined shirt , looking smoking hot and ready to give competition to his lady love .

Nandini moves out from the mansion making an excuse for a night out with friends . She is wearing a thigh length frock of grey colour and paired it with black leather jacket. She is looking hot as well as cute,  giving a very hard time to her boyfriend.

When Manik saw her he got lost in her totally. He knows that this night is gonna be so hard for him as well as for her because his lady love is looking like an angel ” HIS ANGEL “. He got shy seeing her hottest Avatar. 

Manik comes out from the driving seat and moves towards her who is blushing hard under his constant gaze.  He stood in front of her and grabbed her waist with his left hand making her front stick to his. His right hand removes the hair strands from her face which is blocking his view.

Ma:- you don’t know what you are doing to me.  You are making this night hard for yourself and for me too. ( After taking a deep breath ) You are looking like an angel . 

Nan:- ( instantly ) YOURS ANGEL. 

Ma:- ( smilingly ) yup!! MINE…. ONLY!………… ONLY MINE ANGEL. ( And tighten his hold on her waist ) 

Nan:- ( blushing hard and looking here and there ) Manik we are in front of my house. I think we should move before anyone can see us. 

Without giving a head to her words he changed their position and pushed her against the car door making sure not to hurt her. He moved close to her lips and stopped just a milli metre away.

Ma:- ( while staring in her eyes ) no one is gonna see us. I know everyone is asleep. If anyone sees us, do you seriously think that I care?

Saying that he crashed his lips with her’s. He sucks her lips passionately, not giving her time to respond. Nandini moved her both hands and encircled around his neck.

Nandini moves her hand in his hair and caresses it to make him calm, Which undoubtedly works. After a good 2 mins he leaves her and joins their forehead. 

Ma:- you are irresistible jaan. You are just like a butter chicken to me. How much will I eat? I am not getting bored with it. 

Nandini who is in heaven a few minutes back comes back to earth listening to his butter chicken line. She slapped on his chest . 

Nan:- ( frustrated ) Seriously Manik butter chicken!!

Ma:-( smiles ) yes Butter chicken . You know how much I love it . ( Teasingly ) I don’t like to share it with anyone, just like I don’t want to share you with anyone. 

Nan:- ( blushing ) so mr. boyfriend, we are going to celebrate our date in front of the murthy mansion?

Listening to her, Manik comes out from his la la land. And open the passenger seat door for her. 

Ma:- ( bowing his head ) mam please …( Gesturing her to seat ) 

Nandini sat on her seat. and Manik closed the door after making her comfortable. And ran towards his seat to drive.

When Manik is driving, Nandini nuzzles her nose in his cheek just to tease him and rests her head on his shoulder.

Manik intertwined his left hand with her right. 

After a good 20 minutes drive Manik stopped his car and got down. Then he moves towards Nandini’s side and helps her to get down like a gentleman. He again intertwined their hands with each other and took her towards the setup.  

Both walk on sand barefoot leaving their footprints behind. 

Nandini got astonished seeing the romantically yet cozy set up for the date . 

Ma:- ( nervously ) sorry i am not able to do something grand in a short span of time. Do you like it ?

Nandini moves towards him and kisses him on the cheek. 

Nan:- I loved it! I love everything which you do only for me. I am very lucky to have you . ( while Staring in his eyes ) 

Ma:- I am more lucky to have you. Now shall we move. 

Nandini noads her head in yes. Manik made her sit on the mat and himself sat beside her. Both start eating their dinner which Manik orders. After having dinner with much needed  teasing and romance.

Nandini sat comfortably taking support of cushions and Manik led down on her lap and snuggled in her tummy to take her warmth. She caresses his hair. Unknowingly both of them were silent. 

Nandini knows how much he shows himself happy from outside but he is upset because she is going to London for 3 years.  

Nan:- Manik will you miss me ? 

Ma:- ( noads his head in no and snuggles in her more ) no why will i miss you?

Nandini forcefully makes him move away and sees his face which is having slight tears. She rubs his tears off with both of her hands.  

Nan:- ( lovingly while caressing his cheeks ) Manik you don’t need to hold your emotions when I am here in front of you. 

That is it, Manik again buried his face in her tummy crying like a baby. Nandini let him cry, she knew how much he needed it to let his emotions out. 

After a good 10 minutes Manik’s cries turned into sobes giving a hint to Nandini that his man is now calm. She again makes him look towards her and takes his lips for a short kiss.  

After breaking the kiss she kissed his forehead. Who closed his eyes seeking all of her love and presence.

Nan:- Manik, i promise whenever you want me beside you, i will be there. But promise me that you will not cry remembering me and don’t indulge yourself in work. ( Teasingly ) I don’t want my future hubby to be a workaholic. 

Ma:- ( smiles listening to her ) promise. But you also promise me that whenever you miss me you will call me. And take care of yourself. You are very careless when it comes to your health. ( Sternly ) 

Nan:- ( smiles on his caring ) promise 

Manik kisses on her nose making her smile and she too rubs her nose with his making him laugh like a teenager.   

After spending some cozy time. Nandini stands up and drags Manik with her towards the water. And stands in the water. 

Nan:- let’s dance 

Ma:- ( guilty ) ohh shit i forgot about the music player. Sorry . 

Nan:- ( smilingly ) I don’t need any music player ( encircling her hands around his neck romantically ) when I have my personal musician with me. ( Asking cutely )  Sing a song for me..na. 

Ma:- ok as my majesty says. I wrote a song for you, but it’s not complete yet.  

Nan:- no problem. Go ahead . 

Manik smiles and starts singing without music making her heart flutter with each of his words.  

I found a love for me

Darling just dive right in

And follow my lead

I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Manik placed his left hand on her waist pulling her towards himself while Nandini put her head on his heart listening to his heartbeat. Both move their bodies in rhythm, slowly.

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

This time Manik took Nandini’s hand and placed it on his heart himself. Both look deeply into each other’s eyes. The intensity in his eyes gives current to her. 

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Manik twirls her around and again pulls her towards himself.  

The song ended but both stayed in the same position. Nandini locked her hands around his neck and joined their foreheads together while Manik placed a sweet kiss on her cheek. 

Flashback end 

There is a beautiful smile on his face remembering their moments . But when the realisation hit him his smile vanished.  

Ma:- ( shocked ) OH SHITT!!!!!!

To be continued…….

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