10. MURTHYS’ In the Murthy Mansion The atmosphere is gloomy like they are mourning someone’s death. The gents are clueless yet furious while the rest are just silent. Till now no one is able to digest the fact that Murthy’s daughter just got kidnapped. All the guards of the Murthys’ are standing in a row

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9. RAGE “We have arrived!” Kaushal said bringing Manik and Nandini back from their different zones. One is not ready to believe her presence and the other one doesn’t know what is happening to her.  As soon as the car stops at its desired destination, Manik walks out from there like thin air. He doesn’t

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8. MONSTER! Aditya comes behind Manik and yells, “Bhai! Aapne kya kar diya? Hume iss ladki ko surakshit rakhna tha…Ah…… leave this matter for now!” ( Bhai! What have you done? We have to keep that girl safe… leave this matter for now! ) Not getting any response he shook him and continued, “Bhai, We

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7. NANDINI! “Tring… Tring…”  Manik’s phone rings, alerting everyone present in the car. He picks it up and waits for the caller to start talking.  “Sir, the bride is here…” The waiter to whom Manik bribed for information spoke from the other side of the call. Without replying to him Manik cuts the call and

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6. LAST ATTEMPT! Outside the Murthy house, the three devils Manik, Aditya, and Kaushal are waiting for the perfect time to kidnap the bride while keeping their eyes on the entrance. Like a genius kidnapper, Manik bribed one of the waiters who will inform them when the bride will arrive downstairs for the wedding.  According

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5. ON HIS WAY! Nandini is getting ready in her room for the wedding, she didn’t want it to happen. Apart from that, she is looking extremely gorgeous in the bridal dress. Her innocence is making her look prettier than ever. Everything is perfect but her genuine smile is replaced by the sad one. Her

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3. NEXT TASK! Aarti walks down and instantly settles down in Manik’s lap while touching his face seductively. Her fingers move down from his face to his neck, his chest, and then finally stop just above his crotch. She gives a slight push and then BOOM….  Manik pushed her so hard that she fell on

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