25. KAIRA!

Innaya is walking to and fro furiously. 

Innaya:- Now, from where does this Nandini come into the frame? 

Avantika:- ( worriedly ) I am thinking the same… 

Innaya:- you just think…. And see me getting a kick out from Dixit’s property. 

Prakash:- nothing will happen of that sort, trust me. 

Innaya:- ( mocking him ) trust you? Seriously? After what happened today you still want me to trust you. 

Avantika:- innaya, it’s not our fault that…………. that ill-omen girl is still alive and snatching everything without being present here in front of us. 

Innaya:- So whose fault is this? 

Prakash:- you are getting hyper unnecessarily, Innaya. Nothing spoiled till now. We still have the lead.

Innaya:- what lead are you talking about? 

Prakash:- no one knows where she is or whether she is alive or not? Because Arjun knows only that her operation was successful. What if she died till now as we all know it’s so difficult to live in this world without any penny. 

Avantika:- you have a point, prakash. 

Innaya:- ( with hatred ) but still I can’t take the risk. I want her dead anyhow.  

Prakash:- don’t worry, I have a plan. 

Avantika asks “WHAT” while raising her eyebrows. 

Prakash:- for that we have to find that stone ( Nandini ) and remove her from our path. 

Innaya:- ( curiously ) but how can we find her? 

Prakash:- use your common sense, Innaya. She is alone in this world only if she is able to survive till now then we can easily find out about her whereabouts in orphanages. 

Avantika:- what if she is not in town? Then, where will we find her? 

Innaya:- ( frustratingly ) uff….. Mumma, don’t think negatively. We will definitely find her and will remove her existence from our lives. 

Prakash:- ( smiling brightly )  that’s the spirit, my girl. But for that, you have to cooperate with Arjun in finding his little sister. 

Innaya:- ( surprisingly shouted ) what are you saying, dad? Why will I help Arjun to find the girl to whom I want dead? 

Prakash:- think wisely, Innaya. We have to keep our keen watch on Arjun’s every move. We can’t let him reach that girl before us. 

Innaya:- ahh….. This is going to be very tough. He didn’t like me a little bit. 

Avantika:- then, try to be in his good books. 

Innaya:- ( tiredly ) I will try. 

Avantika:- ( smirkingly ) now go to your adopted parents. They will need a shoulder to cry and provide them that. Be their good daughter and make them feel that you are still their daughter. 

Innaya nods and walks out. 

While on the other side the couple is crying while remembering their princess’s happy moments. Divya hugs her husband and is still crying in his embrace.  

Divya:- you are right. We are the worst parents…. We are the worst par……

Before she could complete her sentence Arjun interrupts them. 

Arjun:- no you are not bad…… that time situation was not in our favor. But now we still have time to find OUR PRINCESS and this time I need you guys with me. Will you guys help me to find OUR PRINCESS? 

His question got answered by some female voice. They all turn and find Innaya standing there whose eyes are filled with slight tears. She says while walking towards them. 


Till now she reached and settled beside Divya and kissed her forehead after wiping her tears. Divya smiles at her care amidst tears while innaya continues saying in a broken tone. 

Innaya:- Bhai, I will help you to find out about OUR NANDINI. I want my sister back and for that, I will do anything. 

Divya:- baby, don’t you feel jealous that we are bringing our daughter back? 

Arjun nods his head disappointed while seeing her care for Innaya when she knows that her real daughter is still alive. 

Innaya:- why will I feel jealous, Mumma? I know you both love me a lot and I also know that no one can take my place in your life.

Ajay ruffles her hair affectionately seeing her maturity while Innaya fake smiles because she hates whenever someone destroys her hairstyle just like he did. 

Ajay:- I am proud of you, baby girl. If we are together then……  


Arjun nods and exits the room with deep thoughts. 

On the other hand, the couples are spending a happy time in California. They all are present in Navya’s ward to take care of the baby and the mother. 

But right now, the love birds i.e. Manik and Nandini fight over who will give the name to the baby girl. Because Cabir and Navya give this responsibility to them.

Nandini:- ( angrily ) Manik, it’s decided I would name the baby. 

Manik:- ( horrify ) decided!!!…………. But who decided that? 

Nandini:- ( proudly ) I decided that and you have to agree with it. 

Manik:- ( with sharp eyes ) why should I agree with you? 

Nandini:- because you have no option. 

Manik:- Nandini, let me keep her name. I searched the whole night for a good name only for her. 

Nandini:- I also did hard work for choosing a perfect name for the baby. 

Cabir:- ( whispers in Navya’s ear ) why do we give them this task? Now, I feel like my baby will live her entire life without a name. 

Navya:- shut up! Cabir. Look……. ( exclaimed while going gaga over the couple ) How cute they look while fighting!

Cabir:- ( scrunched his nose ) CUTE?…….. They look like hungry dogs who fight without any reason. 

Navya ignores his statement and focuses on the fight again. She is enjoying the fight but at the same time missing the popcorn. On the other hand, there is no end to Manik and Nandini’s cute Nok-Jhok ( cute fight ). 

Manik:- I am telling nandini. I will give a name to the baby and that’s final. 

Nandini:- ( irritatingly ) why? 

Manik:- because I am bigger than you…. 

Nandini:- this is not the proper excuse. You are just 4 or 5 years older than me. 

Manik:- I am not talking about age. 

Nandini:- ( with cringe eyebrows ) then? 

Manik:- I am talking about height. ( while showing the difference between his or her height making her fume in anger ) 

Cabir:- Navya, I guarantee you that, today he will sleep on the bench in the garden.  

Nandini fumes and bites on Manik’s hand angrily, making him shout in pain. 

Manik:- ahh…… ( pulls his hand back ) you jungli billi ( wild cat ). Who bites like that? 

Nandini:- ( grinned ) ME!!! 

Cabir:- guys, will you please keep your fight aside and give a sweet name to my baby girl? Or else she will live without a name. 

Navya:- I have an idea. Why don’t you guys say your chosen name at the same time? Then we will decide whose name is better. 

Both Manik and Nandini nod, giving tashan to each other. 

Cabir:- on the count of three. 3……. 2…….. 1. 


Being surprised they look at each other. 

Manik:- Kaira? 

Nandini:- Kaira? 

Cabir:- lo…… we waste our precious time for nothing. 

Navya:- ( gushing over the love birds ) how cute!……………….. Your actions, thinking and everything are so alike. You guys are such a match made in heaven couple. 

Both Manik and Nandini blush. 

With a shy smile, Nandini picks up the baby in her arms and Manik whispers the name in her ears. The couple smiles looking at her who is least affected with anything and taking her beauty sleep. 

Cabir:- ( with a bad face ) by the way guys, I don’t want to say but I have to say that…… the name is perfect for my daughter. Well done!! 

Manik:- why are you complimenting us while making that joker’s face? 

Cabir:- because I can’t expect anything good from you. But this time you proved me wrong. 

Their bickering comes to an end when a nurse enters inside with a file. 

Nurse:- ( to Navya ) your discharge formalities are completed. You can take a leave now but you have to come in regular intervals for your and baby’s check-up. 

Saying this she handed the file to Cabir who gave her an assuring nod while saying. 

Cabir:- I will keep a check on her every appointment. 

The nurse nods in understanding and leaves the room saying to empty the ward within half an hour. 

Manik:- Navya, you want to change? 

Navya:- what do you mean by “want to change”? I have to change, I can’t go out in this hospital gown. 

Nandini:- come, Navya, I will help you. ( asks Manik ) where is the bag which you brought with you? 

Manik:- ( pointing towards a direction ) besides that couch. 

Nandini nods and walks to fetch the bag but her eyes come out from its sockets when she looks at the content in the bag. 

Nandini:- ( with wide eyes ) Manik, what you bought in this? 

Manik:- ( casually ) clothes!…… as you instructed me. 

Nandini:- Manik, I told you to pack Navya’s clothes but you brought a play station set with Cabir’s clothes. 

Navya:- what??? 

She snatched the bag from Nandini’s hold and looked inside to find her words true. Manik too sneakingly looks inside the bag and smiles sheepishly. 

To be continued…

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