Nan:- ( with moist eyes ) dad, I don’t want to get caged in his house again. That place suffocates me. 

Abhi:- ( taking her in his arms ) who said that you are going with him? We won’t let him win this time. 

Ca:- ( confidently ) you have your brother’s words, baby-sister……….. That your brother will show hell to that mor*n.

Listening to her possessive brothers, Nandini smiles beautifully which recharges everyone out there and to lightens the atmosphere Dhruv says. 

Dhr:- I will make him dance until he falls on my feet and apologize for troubling “MY NANDINI”. 

Hearing “MY NANDINI”, Manik looks at him with very dangerous eyes. Because of Akshat’s last act, he becomes more possessive for her which is easily noticeable by his face. He is taking deep breaths to calm himself down and to avoid unnecessary drama. 

Seeing Manik’s erupting volcano, Raj nods his head in disbelief and prays to god while looking up with a poker face.  

Raj:- god, why am I feeling like my soon-to-be son-in-law is going to see a monstrous Manik? 

Ram:- I also feel like my soon-to-be son-in-law will make your soon-to-be son-in-law a rotten chicken. 

Raj:- huh??

Ca:- no… Dhruv, I will make him have food made by Mukti then you can make him dance on your fingers.

Listening to him, Nandini palms her mouth to stop her giggles whereas Mukti frowned. 

Muk:- Cabir, are you giving him punishment or a prize? 

Before Cabir could say anything Raj immediately replied, taking everyone’s attention. 

Raj:- your food is the biggest punishment that anyone can have, Mukti. Except for Abhi. 

Abhi:- why am I an exceptional case here? I also feel the same way you guys feel. 

Muk:- ( cutely ) Don’t I cook delicious food? 

Ca:- ( shockingly ) DELICIOUS!!…… you make MARVELOUS FOOD!!

Everyone palms their faces seeing his drama. Soon Dhruv too climbs on the same train whose destination is “MUKTI’S COOKING”. 

Dhr:- sometimes I think that’s why you come into the music field. You should opt for cooking and try your luck in that. 

Muk:- aww….. You guys love my cooking so much! ( excitedly ) then, it’s final. I will cook for you guys more often.

Hearing her, Raman’s breath hitches and he starts hiccupping because of shock. 

Muk:- ( worriedly ) dad, what happened to you? 

Raj:- oh… don’t worry, Mukti. It’s a normal heart stroke. Nowadays it is quite normal for him. If any day he didn’t get that then, that was a moment to worry. 

Otherside, the two brothers are fighting. Rather, I would say the elder one is scolding the younger one. 

Nan:- ( to Abhi) Bhai, give Cabir bhai a hard punishment for pushing us in this situation. ( after thinking about something ) Make him starve for a day and we will have all his favorite food in front of his eyes. 

Abhi:- NO…. This is small punishment for him. I have a better idea. 

He smirks making Cabir sacred. 

Abhi:- Cabir, from now on you are going to eat everything whichever dish Mukti will prepare and I mean it. 

Nan:- ( happily ) This is the best punishment for cabir Bhai. 

Ca:- ( with a crying face ) Bhai, I am not a parent yet. 

Abhi:- what is the relation between food and being a parent? 

Nan:- ( while giggling ) I know what he wants to say by that.

Abhi raised his eyebrows asking what. 

Nan:- He wants to say that he will die if he has food made by Mukti bhabhi. That too before bringing his kids into this world. 

Listening to her, Abhi palms his face making the other two giggle. But soon he becomes stern.

Abhi:- Bachi ( Nandini ), stay away from him. He is rubbing on to you very badly and this is not your age to think about kids and all. 

Instead of Nandini. The reply comes from the MANIK MALHOTRA who was listening to their banter from the start.

Ma:- So when will she think about having kids?

Abhi:- she is still a kid, Manik.

Listening to his same dialogue Manik wants to bang his head somewhere. Whereas Nandini pouts cutely which shows her pure displeasure. 

Ca:- ( sarcastically ) yaa…. She is a kid with a height of 5foot 3inch. 

Abhi:- cabir, don’t go on her height. She is still a child from the heart. 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) then, come into my room anytime when we were alone there. Then you will know how much of a kid she is in bed. 

Nan:- ( wide eyes ) MANIK!!!

Abhi:- ( shockingly ) are you revealing my sister’s bedroom secrets here? 

Ca:- oh.le….. Are you inviting Abhi Bhai to your first wedding night? 

He asks Manik and realization hits him hard. His eyes shot open in shock.

Abhi:- shut up!! Cabir. 

Their non-stop banter comes to hold by Raj who interrupts them and smiles seeing Nandini’s smiling face. Because they were successful in diverting her attention from the letter or from the Akshat. They don’t want to give her unnecessary tension about anything. They all love her carefree attitude, not the depressed or scared soul.  

Raj:- Mukti, take Nandini inside she needs rest and you too take rest. It’s not good to take stress in this situation. 

Mukti nods and takes Nandini inside forcefully because she is reluctant to go inside. In between Abhi stops her to say. 

Abhi:- don’t leave Nandini’s side……. Not even for a second until I come there. 

Mukti nods with a smile which gives enough confidence to Abhi to fight for his sister. As soon as they left Ishita asked the most important question which was running in her mind from the moment they read the letter. 

Ish:- how can he come out of jail? 

Ishita’s questions create suspicion in everyone’s mind. Raj immediately fished out his cell phone and dialed his most trusted man’s number. As soon as his trusted man lifted his phone he lashed out at him.

Raj:- find out who is behind AKSHAT DHAWAN’S release. I want the information within 15 minutes. 

Saying this he cuts the call and looks at everyone who is giving him weird looks. 

Raj:- what??

Nyo:-at least gave him time to breathe. 

Ram:- leave it, Nyonika. He will not change. 

Nav:- ( suspiciously ) guys…. Did you notice one thing?  

Ca:- what?

Nav:- that.. Picture which “HE” sent. There is a boy who is kissing Nandini. Who is that boy?  

Listening to her, everyone becomes more curious but for different reasons. The picture is not clear that they can detect the fact that the boy is none other than Manik Malhotra itself. 

Dhr:- yaa…. We forgot about that picture. Who is the guy in that picture? 

Ish:- ( suspiciously while looking at possessive Murthy’s ) and the most important thing…….. The extra possessive men are standing quietly after seeing their princess in someone’s arms. 

All three Murthy’s started sweating under her gaze. Whereas Manik immediately replies. 


And here he hit the sixer because he couldn’t take the fact that someone is referring to him as a random man in his jaan’s life. 

Nyo:- ( with narrowed eyes ) how do you know? Manik, are you hiding something? 

Raj:- ( murmurs ), not something…… HE IS HIDING THE WHOLE NANDINI FROM US. 

Ish:- not only he….. Raman is also hiding something. Am I right, Mr. Murthy? 

Ram:- ( tries to smile hiding his fear ) why….? Why would I hide something from you? 

Ish:- it’s just a random guess. Because you are quite seeing the picture. 

Ram:- ( rubbing his nape in nervousness ) arey, it’s nothing. Maybe the boy is her boyfriend and it’s common in today’s generation. 

Ish:- wohh….. Now there is definitely something that you are hiding from me. Because THE RAMAN MURTHY is ok with NANDINI having a boyfriend. 

Ma:- ( surprisingly ) I am also surprised. 

Hearing him Raman shoots a strong glare at him making him quiet. 

Raj:- ( whispers to himself ) Raman is affecting my son a lot. Maybe they were a husband-wife in their previous birth. ( with a bad face ) ew….. This simple thought is giving jitters to me. 

Their interrogation comes to a sudden halt when Raj’s phone rings. Seeing the caller ID he becomes serious which alerts everyone.  

Raj:- ( on-call ) hello…. Ya say…… WHAT??!!………. ARE YOU SURE?………… ok thanks. 

Everyone looks at him with curious looks while Raj is tense like hell which is not so him. 

Ram:- Raj, what happened? You are scaring me with these looks. 

Raj:- Raman, my man finds out the person who is behind AKSHAT DHAWAN’S RELEASE. 

Ma:- ( impatiently ) who? 

Raj takes a deep breath before spelling the name which makes her throat dry. 


Ram:- who? 

He asks again because he can’t believe what he heard. While knowing everyone’s situation Raj again clarifies his words. 


Raman becomes numb hearing the same name after almost 22 years. 


Ishita’s condition is the same as Raman’s in fact everyone is numb to react. 

Ish:- I think this is the correct time to tell her everything…. 

Abhi:- NO….

To be continued…

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