Shehnaaz is lying on the bed unconscious whereas Sidharth is getting worried about seeing her in this condition. His frowns are going deeper and deeper. At this moment he wants nothing except her in his life. He attempted everything to make her awake but there was no improvement in her condition. 

Seeing her worrying so much for Shehnaaz, Yashoda comes forward and keeps her hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him, but Sidharth removes it angrily. 

Yashoda:- Sidharth, calm down. You are worrying unnecessarily, nothing happened to her, just wait for the doctor.

Sidharth didn’t say anything because everyone was invisible to him except the lady who was lying lifelessly in front of his eyes. Soon the doctor arrived testing his patience level to the next extent. 

Arjun:- Sidharth, doctor come. Let him do his work. 

Hearing him Sidharth turns towards the gate and finds a young, handsome doctor who is the same as his age. If it wasn’t about Shehnaaz’s health then he would surely look for another doctor. But right now Shehnaaz’s health is more important to him than his possessiveness. 

The doctor:- ( politely ) Please give us privacy. 

Sidharth narrowed his eyes hearing his words while others left the room quietly. 

Sidharth:- ( sternly ) I WILL STAY HERE WITH MY WIFE. 

He said while emphasizing each word. The doctor nods unknown to his intense eyes on himself. Before the doctor could raise Shehnaaz’s saree from her legs, Sidharth came forward and raised it a little enough for the doctor to treat and covered her other half with the blanket. 

Something burns in Sidharth’s heart as soon as the doctor touches Shehnaaz’s soft delicate foot to examine it. Only he has a right to touch her everywhere whether it’s a foot or other body part but he didn’t turn his gaze from the doctor’s face making him nervous. 

The doctor:- Sir, could you please turn your eyes? I am getting anxious with your gaze. 

Sidharth:- ( curtly ) NO!…

While gulping a lump, the doctor completed his check-up and did the dressing with shivering hands. For the first time, he is touching any woman while her husband is shooting daggers at him from the back. 

Everyone came inside again and listened to the doctor, attentively. 

The doctor:- Nothing to worry about, she is fine but her cuts are deeper than I thought which will pain her for a day or two. I will prescribe a painkiller for her pain. She has to take complete bed rest and make sure that she won’t strain her foot at least for a day. 

Arjun:- ( worriedly ) If everything is fine then, why did she faint? 

The doctor:- oh… because of the excessive blood loss she became weak and ended up like this. Don’t worry about that, it’s quite normal. Give her something healthy to eat once she gets up. So, should I take leave then? Call me if you want something to ask. 

Nodding his head, he walks out instantly saving himself from Sidharth’s intense gaze, followed by Arjun. Asha too descends the stairs and moves inside the kitchen to prepare something healthy for her friend cum sister. 

Kiran:- ( to Asha ) Asha, what are you doing in the kitchen? 

Asha:- ( busy with her work ) I am making light and healthy soup for Shehnaaz. She will get instant energy from that. 

Kiran:- then, move aside, let me do it. You should take a rest. It’s not good for you to work during pregnancy. 

Asha:- I can’t rest knowing that Shehnaaz is not well because of me. 

Kiran:- ( confusingly ) because of you? 

Asha nods and briefs her about all the happening. 

Asha pukes everything that she has eaten, making Shehnaaz worried. 

Shehnaaz:- Bhabhi, Will I call Arjun bhai? 

Asha:- No… no…. Please, don’t call him. He will get worried unnecessarily.  

Shehnaaz:- So, what should I do? You threw up three times, It’s not good for you and the baby. ( after a brief pause ) Should I bring you something to eat? 

Asha:- ( childishly ) No… I don’t like to have anything. 

Shehnaaz:- ( sternly ) Bhabhi, you just stay here I will come and bring your favorite orange juice. You have to drink that if you want me to keep quiet in front of Arjun Bhai. 

Asha nods grumpily, making her smile. 

Shehnaaz:- I will just come…

Saying this she walks inside the kitchen making Asha sit at the dining table.

On another side, Innaya is fuming seeing Shehnaaz so happy and in a jolly mood. She can’t bear the thoughts about Sidharth and Shehnaaz sharing the bed. The happiness on their faces initiates the flame of jealousy making her go on the wrong path and Shehnaaz’s relationship with the rest of the family is the cherry on top which is getting better and better. She can see the changes in everyone’s perspective regarding Shehnaaz which she can’t digest. She is so much in her jealousy trap that she doesn’t know what crime she is going to commit. 

Shehnaaz comes out from the kitchen holding two glasses of orange juice with a smiling face. Seeing this Innaya smirked devilishly and banged with her making the glasses break into a million pieces and again did the same because of that Shehnaaz stumbled and the glass pieces dug into her foot. 

Asha witnessed everything and got angry with Innaya but for a time being left her and focused on Shehnaaz who was whimpering in pain. 

Innaya:- ( politely ) Oh… I am so sorry, Shehnaaz. I was busy on the phone that’s why I didn’t see you coming from this direction. ( with a fake concern ) I hope you are fine, right? 

Asha pushes her aside and brings Shehnaaz into the living room with the help of Suhana Ji. 

Kiran listened to everything from the start to the end. 

Asha:- ( worriedly ) I don’t know, How will I tell all this to Sidharth? He is already so angry and now Innaya’s this stupidity. 

Kiran:- ( gasped ) Did Innaya do this deliberately? She wanted to hurt Shehnaaz, but why? 

Asha:- I don’t want to hide this from Sidharth, Dadi. I will accept his every punishment. 

Kiran:- why will he punish you? 

Asha:- ( with a guilty face ) Shehnaaz got injured because of me. She brought juice for me. That’s when Innaya executed her plan. 

Kiran:- It’s not your fault, Asha. Innaya is the culprit who harmed Shehnaaz and now I don’t know what Sidharth will do with her. 

Asha:- ( worriedly ) Sidharth will not leave her. 

Otherside Sidharth calls Suhana Ji. 

Sidharth:- Suhana Ji, next time call another doctor, ok? 

Suhana:- ( hiding her giggles ) Ji Baba. 

Everyone too left the room while giggling at THEIR CUTE POSSESSIVE SON, Sidharth

Sidharth sits beside his wife and caresses her head while kissing her forehead from time to time who is sound asleep. Those last few minutes felt like hell to him when he saw her whimpering in pain and the most annoying thing is he can’t even do anything to lessen her pain. 

He is caressing her fluffy cheeks, hair, and forehead while murmuring her name continuously. His eyes are dying to sink into hers’ but his lady has no mercy on him. She loves testing his patience and now she is doing the same. 

What felt like an eternity to Sidharth, his Shehnaaz flickers her eyes and opens them after adjusting them to the light. 

Sidharth:- ( cupping her cheeks ) Shehnaaz… are you alright? 

Shehnaaz just hummed tiredly as the excessive blood loss drained out her energy. Hearing her reply Sidharth signed in relief and kissed her forehead while placing his lips there for more than the required time. 

Sidharth:- ( complained ) You scared the hell out of me. 

Shehnaaz:- ( cutely ) Sorry………. 

Sidharth:- No sorry, you need a punishment for scaring me like that. 

Shehnaaz:- This is not fair. 


Shehnaaz makes a cute pout which he pecks instantly making her blush. 

Sidharth:- I want to do so much with you but right now you need energy. So, stay here and don’t dare to get out of bed. I will bring something healthy for you to eat. 

Before he could stand from the bed and go down, Asha enters followed by Arjun who is holding a big tray of food. 

Asha:- No need to go anywhere, Sidharth. I brought some hot, tasty soup and orange juice for her. 

Sidharth is all set to deny it as now he can’t trust anyone when it’s about Shehnaaz. At the same time, he doesn’t want to create a mess for Shehnaaz who is not healthy. 

Shehnaaz:- Uff… Bhabhi, why are you doing this? And why did you climb the stairs in this situation? You should take a rest as much as possible which is good for you and the baby. 

Asha:- Shut up, I am fit and fine. Let me tell you one thing, you are a patient here right now so take advice don’t you dare to advise anyone. Follow good patient criteria and finish your meal. 

Shehnaaz pouts hearing her comment whereas Arjun hides his giggles while Sidharth is neutral. He is amazed to see Shehnaaz and Asha’s bonding which turns into a beautiful relationship within a few days. 

Asha sits in front of Shehnaaz pushing Sidharth aside, making him shocked, and feeding her the soup. 

Asha:- ( excitedly ) How is it? 

Shehnaaz:- Good…. 

Both the husbands are looking at their wives who are busy with their gossip forgetting about them. Suddenly a question crossed Sidharth’s brain. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, How did all that happen? 

To be continued…

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