Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, How did all that happen? 

The color of Asha’s face vanished after hearing his question. She gulps the urge of telling him the truth as she doesn’t want to increase the tension between him and the family. At the same time, she wants to punish Innaya for doing this to Shehnaaz which only Sidharth can do. 

Shehnaaz:- It was an accident, Sidharth. 

Sidharth:- I know Shehnaaz that it was an accident but, how did that accident happen? 

Shehnaaz:- I was bringing juice for Bhabhi then suddenly………….

Asha interrupted her and replied on her behalf. 


The floor slipped beneath Shehnaaz’s feet, making her hell confused. She can’t believe that someone would actually do anything to hurt her. Whereas Sidharth and Arjun both are ready to choke Innaya to death. 

Sidharth:- ( angrily ) What she did, bhabhi? Elaborate, please…

Asha narrates everything she witnessed, making both the boys furious at Innaya’s audacity to play with Shehnaaz’s life. 

Shehnaaz:- ( confusingly ) But why will she do that with me? Why would she want to hurt me when I never did any wrong with her? 

Except for her everyone in the room is well aware of the reason but still, no one told her about it. Asha handles the situation smartly as she understands that Sidharth is not ready to tell her about her past. 

Asha:- the reason is crystal clear, Shehnaaz. She wanted to be the wife of Sidharth but you became his wife, crashing her dreams. So, she is quite jealous of you, that’s why she took such a drastic step. 

Shehnaaz:- So, should I go and talk with her? Should I prove my point? She did everything because of jealousy. Maybe she will understand her deed and take the right path. 


He knows that Shehnaaz’s heart is pure and transparent. She can’t hate anyone even if that person did wrong to her. This is the quality that he loves the most in her but at the same time, he hates it when she tries to forgive her enemy because this world doesn’t deserve such pure souls. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth…?

Sidharth:- I asked something, Shehnaaz. Did you understand? 

Shehnaaz nods slightly, not wanting to anger him more. His face is already red in anger; if someone comes in front of him then he will kill that person in a second. 

Sidharth:- ( to Asha ) Bhabhi, you stay here with her and don’t let her go out of bed. I will just come……. 

Shehnaaz held his hand, stopping him from going anywhere, worriedly. 

Shehnaaz:- No… No… you won’t go anywhere. Stay here with me. 

Somewhere she has an idea about Sidharth’s thoughts that’s why she tries hard to stop him. 

Shehnaaz:- You are not going to do anything with her, do you? 

Sidharth didn’t say anything and left the room angrily. Anyone can say that he is going to kill someone seeing the way he walks out of their room. Arjun follows him whereas Asha handles Shehnaaz who is shouting to stop him. 

Asha:- Shehnaaz… Shehnaaz… calm down. Sidharth is fine, he won’t do anything.

Shehnaaz:- ( worriedly ) You don’t know him, Bhabhi. He can do anything for me. He can even kill anyone who tries to hurt me. I am sure he is going to question Innaya. 

Asha:- Calm down, Shehnaaz. Arjun is with him. He will handle Sidharth, you just relax. 

Although Shehnaaz nods, her heart will not be at peace until Sidharth comes back in her arms.  

On the other hand, Innaya is pampering herself after her small victory. She is busy applying nail paint on her nails while her mother and father are sitting beside her to entertain her.

Innaya:- ( showing her hands to her parents ) Mom-dad look at my nails, is it pretty? 

Ajay:- It’s the prettiest! Every color suits my princess. 

Innaya:- you are right, Dad. 

Suddenly the door bursts open and a raging Sidharth walks inside disturbing the peaceful environment. Not paying any heed to anyone he grabbed Innaya’s neck making her choke and pushed her against the wall. 

Innaya’s eyes come out of their sockets while she chokes because of Sidharth’s tight hold on her neck. Ajay and Divya gasped seeing their lovely daughter in the clutches of Sidharth who has a fever of killing her. 

Hearing all the chaos everyone comes inside except Shehnaaz and Asha. They all get shocked seeing Sidharth this angry who is adamant about killing her. Arjun too comes forward worriedly and tries to pull him back but he is stronger than him. 

Arjun:- ( struggles to separate Sidharth ) Sidharth… leave her. This is not the right way to deal with any situation. You can’t do the same with others that they did to you. 

Sidharth:- ( in a rage, to Innaya ) Why did you hurt MY Shehnaaz? 

Innaya is not in a condition to say anything so she just nods her head negatively making him angrier. 

Sidharth:- Why the fuck did you touch her? 

Ajay:- ( angrily ) Sidharth……. Leave my daughter, right now. 

Sidharth:- ( ignoring everyone ) I asked something from you, Innaya. 

Varsha:- ( angrily ) Sidharth…… Have you gone mad? 

Sidharth shouts, jerking Innaya away, and making her take a deep breath. 

Sidharth:- Yes…. Yes….. I AM MAD!….. MAD FOR MY Shehnaaz. ( dangerously looking in Innaya’s direction ) And she dares to hurt what’s mine! 

Yashoda:- What are you saying, Sidharth? 

Sidharth:- ask you lovely Innaya, Dadi. She will tell you what she did with my Shehnaaz. 

All eyes turned towards Innaya who started sweating seeing the angrier Sidharth. She is in a dilemma about whether to tell the truth or not. If she says the truth then everyone will go against her which she never wanted and if she doesn’t tell the truth then Sidharth is all ready to kill her. So, she opts to take sympathy from everyone. 

Innaya:- ( crying hard ) I don’t know what he is saying, Maa? 

Sidharth:- ( with red eyes ) Really? 

He takes a step forward to go near her but Arjun stops him at the right time and tries to handle the situation.  

Arjun:- Sidharth is telling the truth, Dad. Asha witnessed the scene when she deliberately made Shehnaaz fall on the glass pieces. 

Varsha:- What are you saying, Arjun? Why would she do that? 

An all-time supporter of Miss Innaya Dixit comes forward to support her. Seeing her supporting Innaya, Sidharth rolls his eyes angrily. 

Arjun:- I am telling the truth, Aunty. 

He narrates the whole scene that Asha witnessed making everyone gasp but Varsha is still not able to believe all that. 

Kiran:- He is telling the truth. Asha also told me the same. 

Yashoda:- Then, Why didn’t you tell me this before, Kiran? 

Kiran:- I was just coming to tell you but before that, all this happened. 

Innaya:- ( with crocodile tears ) It’s a lie. I don’t know why Asha is spreading such hateful rumors about me. 

Sidharth:- ( sarcastically ) Everyone is a liar except Miss Innaya Dixit, right? 

Varsha:- ( with hatred towards Shehnaaz ) She is doing all this at Shehnaaz’s command. Shehnaaz doesn’t like the attention Innaya gets, that’s why she is jealous. 

Sidharth:- ( chuckles ) Oh come on Mom, get a grip on your mind and tongue. Shehnaaz is jealous and that too from Innaya, seriously? For your kind information, Shehnaaz doesn’t need any unnecessary attention from anyone when she has her husband beside her. 

Innaya:- Then, Why will I hurt Shehnaaz when I have everyone? 

Sidharth:- ( smirking ) Ya… you had everyone because of Shehnaaz’s absence but now she is back as Dixit’s daughter so your position in the family is at risk, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why you tried to hurt her? 

Innaya’s throat went dry as Sidharth was somewhere right. 

Divya:- No… My baby is not insecure. She knows that her parents love her the most even more than Shehnaaz. 

Sidharth:- I wish that you were right but the truth is what I said! 

Yashoda:- ( sternly ) Innaya, If Sidharth is right then you will not go near Shehnaaz. Is that understood? 

Sidharth:- ( in a rage ) I won’t let her near Shehnaaz. Not even if she wants to be. 

He walked and squeezed Innaya’s cheeks with his right hand making her scared again. 


Saying this he walks out leaving everyone in deep thoughts. Vishember is also thinking about his decision to not tell anyone about the night when he saw Innaya making out in a club. He and Yashoda both shared an eyelock regarding this.

Yashoda:- ( murmurs ) Should we tell everyone about Innaya’s club night? 

Vishember:- Maybe we should if we want to save Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s relationship from her. 

To be continued…

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