Vishamber is looking outside the window with a regretful face. He is shedding tears and cursing himself. Seeing him like that Yashoda got tense. 

Yashoda:- What happened? You are looking tense, anything serious? 

Vishamber:- I committed a sin, Yashoda. I chose the wrong girl for my Sidharth just to make our relations stronger with the Dixit’s but Waheguru saved his life from ruining it. 

Yashoda:- ( confusingly ) What are you saying? I am not getting anything. 

Vishamber:- ( frustratingly ) How can I do this? How can I……..

His state is worsening, he punches the wall in anger, and seeing his state Yashoda becomes worried. She advances towards him and engulfs him in her arms while trying to decrease his anger which is next to possible as the world knows Malhotras and their anger issue. 

Yashoda:- At least tell me, what happened? Why are you reacting like that? 

Vishamber is not in a state to say anything as his breathing is uneven. He is huffing and opens his mouth to say but the words are not ready to come out. Her eyes too teared up seeing her husband’s state. She makes him drink water with her hands and rubs his back to calm him. 

Yashoda:- Don’t worry, just relax. Everything is fine, Sidharth is fine! 

This makes him calm as he knows the fact that Sidharth is indeed in better hands. The hands which Sidharth chose to hold for his whole life are better than the ones he chose. He is really happy that Sidharth stood by his love against everyone. He is extremely guilty for not supporting Sidharth and Shehnaaz for Innaya, she is not even a 10 percent of Shehnaaz. He is shameful for giving options to him to choose between his love and family. 

Vishamber:- ( while looking out ) An hour ago, my friend Karan called and invited me to his grandson’s birthday party in the wine club. We were celebrating in a private cabin but to take an extra drink I came out and sat on the bar chair while waiting for my order but at that time I heard a familiar voice…….. ( after taking a pause ) And that voice belonged to Innaya. 

Yashoda becomes confused as Innaya in a club is common. In today’s generation, Clubbing with your friends is common and now it is becoming a new culture. She is having lots of questions but still, she didn’t interrupt him. 

Vishamber closed his eyes and took a deep breath because it is not easy to express whatever he saw in the club.

Vishamber:- She was kissing a random man while their hands were touching each other inappropriately. 

Yashoda gasped upon hearing him and palmed her lips in shock. She is still finding difficulty in believing his words but his next words shook her world. 

Vishamber:- At first I thought that I was misunderstanding the situation and I went near them to confirm it. 

Saying this he took a dramatic pause making her curious and spoke with disgust.  

Vishamber:- They were making out in the car. 

Shock is a small word to describe Yashoda’s state. She already knows that Innaya is not innocent as she shows herself but still, this is a big thing for her. The second reason for her numbness is also that she always saw her as Sidharth’s fiance although she didn’t like her with Sidharth. 

Yashoda:- Did Manish Ji know that? 

Vishamber:- Don’t know, but I haven’t told this to anyone except you. 

Both are thinking about the same and out of nowhere, Vishamber asks. 

Vishamber:- Should I inform them about Innaya’s act? 

She has no answer to this question because they are still trying hard to believe all this. 

Otherside, In California, the love birds are up but they are hell lazy to get down from the bed. Both are spending some quality time in each other’s arms. There was a constant smile on their lips while their eyes were shining and depicting their love for each other. Well, Mr. Malhotra is in the mood to tease his newly wedded wife. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, how was last night? 

Shehnaaz blushes hearing his question and hits his chest with the back of her palm. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, if you are going to tease me like this then I am going for breakfast as I am damn hungry. 

Sidharth:- See the time, wifey……. Who will have breakfast at 2 in the noon? 

Shehnaaz looks at the wall clock and widens her eyes. 

Shehnaaz:- We slept for so long….. 

Sidharth:- Doesn’t matter as we were tired because of wedding rituals and ( teasingly ) the workout which we did last night. 

Shehnaaz:- ( whines ) Sidharth…….. 

In return, he giggles and pulls her closer, and whispers in her ear. 

Sidharth:- No….. not like that!….. Call me as you did last night when I am inside you. 

Shehnaaz’s cheeks turned red like a tomato remembering the unforgettable night, their first night. Automatically a moan escaped from her lips when his hand rubbed against her upper bulging part. 

Shehnaaz:- ( moaning in the most sensual tone ) Sidharth…… 

Sidharth:- ( in the same tone as hers ) Yaa…. Like that! But add some adjectives like……. 

He took a pause and focused on his hand which was playing with her love handles. The chubbiness of her is making him thirsty for her. He looks at her face and sees her lost in his actions and taking the perfect opportunity he completes his statement, huskily. 

Sidharth:- add adjectives like…….. Please Sidharth don’t stop…… more…… it feels so good….. 

Shehnaaz comes out from the pleasurable land and realizes his words. She palms his mouth, stopping his mature words. Whereas he was in a naughty mood and kissed her palm before biting it. 

Shehnaaz:- ouch….. 

She pulled her hand back and shouted in pain because of the sudden bite although the bite is not that harsh. 

Shehnaaz:- Stupid!…. 

Sidharth:- ( in a reflex ) Tumhare pyaar mein. ( In your love. ) 

He giggles while she rolls her eyes at his cheesy line. 

Shehnaaz:- At least stop your flirting now. I am your wife and who flirts with his wife? 

Sidharth:- ( proudly ) Gentlemen like me do. And mark my words MRS. MALHOTRA, I will flirt with you only as I don’t want you to get bored of me. 

Shehnaaz:- I will not get bored of you. So, stop thinking that. 

Saying this she comes out of his grip and sits on the bed while covering her front with the duvet. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, find any cloth for me to wear. 

Sidharth just hummed as he was busy gawking at her sensuous back which is bare and teasing him to grab that. But suddenly his eyes landed on his shirt which may be missed by his wife’s eyes. With very careful steps he pulled that shirt and hid it under her pillow. His eyes danced with victory and his fingers landed on her back.

His fingers are caressing her lower spine making her stiff because of his actions. Her milky soft waist and his rough experienced fingers are deadly combinations. 

Shehnaaz fisted the pillow for support and arched her head back because of his effects. She dug her nails in the pillow but her eyes caught the sight of his shirt under it. She understood in a second that it was his act. 

She slapped his hand away and wore his shirt while digging a hole in him with her eyes. Sidharth pouts adorably and tries to stop her from covering her body but moves back with her single glare. 

While on the other side, The Malhotras’ reached Dixit’s residence. Vishamber comes here to tell them about the club incident. Varsha and Parveen have no clue about it. 

They all were talking randomly but Vishamber is quite disturbed. He is finding ways to bring out the topic but every time he fails miserably. Seeing his miseries Yashoda took the initiative. 

Yashoda:- Innaya, where were you last night? 

Innaya didn’t even have a tinge of fear. 

Innaya:- Why are you asking, Dadi? 

Yashoda:- Oh nothing! Actually, I called you yesterday at night but your phone got engaged. 

Divya:- Woh….. She went to the hospital. 

Yashoda:- oh…. Hospital, but, why? Everything alright? 

Innaya:- ya… I am absolutely fine. Actually, My friend’s mother was in the ICU. So, I went there to help her. 

Vishamber and Yashoda share a look. 

Yashoda:- oh…. How is she now? 

Innaya:- by god’s grace, she is doing well. Her health is improving. 

Vishamber shakes his head dejectedly and looks at the way she is lying fluently as if she is an expert in it. He gathers a lot of courage to tell them the truth about fake hospital nights. But at the end, Arjun enters followed by Asha with a happy grin. 

Seeing him, all stood up to greet him but his statement shook their world. 

Arjun:- I found the address of Daimaa. Now, we should get the clue of our Shehnaaz. 

Everyone’s eyes teared up with the hope to meet their daughter. Whereas the floor slipped from Innaya’s feet. Malhotra’s are also happy for them. 

To be continued…

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