Shehnaaz:- hello……

Shehnaaz meows on the call being hell nervous and hearing her voice, Yashoda smiles. 

Yashoda:- ( lovingly ) Shehnaaz, kaisi ho beta? ( How are you, Shehnaaz? ) 

Shehnaaz:- Ji achi hoon… aap kaise ho dadi? ( I am fine but what about you, grandma? ) 

Yashoda noticed the hesitation in her tone and to make her relax she cracked the joke which somewhat calms her. 

Yashoda:- Mai toh bahut sundar hoo. Bus apne par-pote or par-poti ka intezar kar rahi hoo. ( I am toh…. Very beautiful and waiting for my great-grandchildren. ) 

Hearing her, Shehnaaz’s cheeks turned red while Sidharth laughed seeing her red cheeks. 

Sidharth:- Dadi, don’t tease my wife. She became a beetroot hearing your wish. 

Shehnaaz makes a hawed face seeing him making fun of her and hits his bicep, lightly. 

Sidharth:- ( in fake pain ) auch…. Shehnaaz, you started showing your true colors on the first day itself. That’s why people advise never to marry and stay single. 

Shehnaaz:- ( forgetting about the call ) Ho….. Sidharth, you are so bad. 

Yashoda:- ( in a threatening tone ) Sidharth, don’t trouble My daughter. 

Sidharth:- Dadi, when did you change your party? 

Yashoda:- Just now, when you are making fun of my daughter. 

Well, this small bickering helped Shehnaaz to mingle with them and her nervousness flew away. 

Yashoda:- By the way, Shehnaaz, I am upset with you. 

Shehnaaz:- Why dadi? Did I do something wrong? 

Yashoda:- Yes, maine socha tha ki tum samajhdar ho par tum toh Sidharth ki tarah hi bewakuf nikali. ( I thought you are smarter than my stupid grandson but you also come out like him. ) 

Shehnaaz:- Why? What happened, dadi? 

Yashoda:- Arey itna time koi thodi na leta hai shaadi karne ke liye jab ek dusre se pyar karte ho toh. Abtak toh mera parpota ya parpoti khel rahi hoti meri god mai. ( Arey, who waits this long to get married when you guys love each other immensely? Until now, I would have my great-grandchildren in my lap. ) 

Shehnaaz and Sidharth both are blushing like hell and imagining a baby of their own. This thought is enough to bring that lost smile back on their lips. 

On the other hand, Yashoda is having so much fun teasing the newly wedded couple. She is having fun at their expense while Vishamber is shedding tears silently hearing Sidharth’s voice after so long and seeing him happy in his life with his better half. 

Sidharth:- Dadi, I will cut the call if you continue teasing us. 

Yashoda:- ok, ok…… I will cut the call myself but I will not stop troubling you guys. 

Sidharth + Shehnaaz:- ( yelled ) Dadi…. 

Yashoda:- ok…. Ok…… ok…… why are you guys making me deaf? Bye, take care, and enjoy your wedding night fullest. Sidharth, don’t forget to share your experience with me. I will wait for your call. 

Saying this she cuts the call with a broad smile and looks at her husband who is hiding his tears. Forgetting all the differences, she hugs him tightly and buried her face in his chest while mumbling the same thing. 

Yashoda:- He is happy, Vishamber Ji. He is happy! Please bring him back…….. ( Joining her hands ) Please, bring my son and daughter into this house before I die. I want to see them together before I close my eyes forever. Please….. 

Vishamber:- shhh…… don’t say that. I will bring the lost happiness back. I promise I will correct everything. 

Saying this he hugs her tightly and rubs her back to calm her down.

Whereas at the same time, in California, Sidharth cuts the call and smirks. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, you know na… how obedient I am? 

Shehnaaz frowned and opened her mouth to give a reply but Sidharth didn’t give her a chance to say anything. 

Sidharth:- So, let’s make a baby for Dadi. 

Shehnaaz’s eyes become wide and her cheeks turn redder. Before she could compose herself, Sidharth pushed her back on the bed and hovered over her while his eyes were locked with her. 

His gaze fell on her divine face which was shining brightly without a tinge of makeup. He got lost in her beauty. His hands roam everywhere on her body claiming his right, his territory. 

He kissed her everywhere from her toe to her forehead, not leaving a place bare. While Shehnaaz is supporting him completely with her moans and groans. She is at his mercy. 

She is looking at his naked self and he is also looking at her naked self for the first time. It wouldn’t take him a second to consummate love with her. Both of their bodies are moving together which is taking them to the height of desires. 

Shehnaaz’s hold tightens around his broad shoulder when both of them are in need. His arms are also holding her tightly to keep her in place. 

After hours of moans and groans, Sidharth took a deep breath and slumped down on her after releasing his liquid inside her and the same goes with her. Both of them are taking deep breaths to calm down and to seek the pleasure that they felt when they mingled inside her body.  

Sidharth gathers himself and lies down beside her under the blanket. He looks at her with a smile that was reciprocated by her and takes her in his arms without saying or asking anything, giving her enough time to cope with the pleasurable pain. 

There was a silence, a peaceful silence around them that was filled with love and only love. His fingers stroked her scalp to relax her raging heart. 

After what felt like an eternity, Shehnaaz looked at him from his chest, catching his eyes, and placed her lips on his right cheek thanking him for this beautiful night. With this gesture, Sidharth smiles blissfully and reciprocates the kiss. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, we didn’t use protection. So….. 

Shehnaaz immediately looks at him and palms his mouth stopping his words. 

Shehnaaz:- Don’t ruin this moment with useless talks. Let’s go with the flow. We didn’t have anything in our hands so, keep faith in our god. 

Sidharth nods in agreement and kisses her head with affection while saying. 

Sidharth:- Let’s go with the flow. 

Shehnaaz:- hmm…. 

Sidharth:- Now, sleep, you must be tired. 

Shehnaaz:- hmm…. Make me sleep. 

She snuggles in him more after ordering him to make her sleep. He too holds her tightly and caresses her hair to make her sleep. After 10 minutes, she looks up from his chest to find him asleep. A chuckle left her mouth hearing his snoring. 

Shehnaaz:- ( slapping his left cheek slightly ) Bhudhu…… ( Stupid ) 

On the other hand, In India, Innaya is restless. After all, she didn’t party for the last two weeks because she had to act like an emotional fool after her parents’ arrest to gain sympathy from Dixit’s. Now, she can’t stay away from alcohol and her one-night stands. She makes a plan and walks down with her fake tears. 

Innaya:- Mom, I am going. 

Divya:- ( worriedly seeing her tears ) Where, and what happened? Why are you crying, Innaya? 

Innaya:- Mom, My friend’s mother is in hospital and she is alone there. So, I am going to help her because she is in urgent need of money. 

Ajay:- Did you have money? 

Innaya:- ( while fidgeting with her fingers, innocently ) No, but I will arrange it anyhow because Mother’s life is more important than ego. 

Divya:- it’s 10 at night. So, how will you arrange the money now? ( handing her card to her ) Take it. 

Innaya:- But Mom, how can I take it? 

Divya:- shut up, you are my daughter so, take it and go before anything wrong happens. 

Innaya takes the card and goes out with a cunning smile. First, she went to a mall and purchased an expensive short body-con dress for clubbing. Changing herself into it she did make-up before going to a club with her friends to find herself a chick for spending her one more pleasurable night. 

She didn’t have a fear of getting caught because Dixit trusts her blindly and her mother is an emotional fool. She knows that Divya won’t check the details of where she spent the money so she is safe. 

She met her friends in the club and ordered drinks for everyone at her expense. After taking a few shots, she climbed the dance floor to show sexy moves to get herself a man to get FUC*. Her hips and slim waist are moving perfectly which attracts a lot of men. 

A guy comes and starts grinding himself on her back making his intentions clear. She turns around and locks her hands around his neck giving a green signal to him unknown to the fact that someone is noticing these gestures. 

Dancing is a long-forgotten case, they are touching each other at every wrong place until their lips mingled to start their passionate journey. Breaking the lustful kiss, Innaya drags the man out and pushed him inside her car, and hovers over her like a desperate girl who is deprived of SE*. 

All her moves are watched by a man who is gritting his teeth seeing her. 

To be continued…

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