Pihu walks inside Shehnaaz’s room and her jaw drops on the floor seeing her in a different attire. Her heart skipped a beat seeing her Bui in a SAREE. She palmed her lips and held her head to stop herself from dizziness. 

Shehnaaz wore a cream-shade saree with a broad neckline, and three-fourth sleeves, and paired it with a simple clutch and earrings. Her hair was slightly curled and open giving her a simple yet classy look. She also adored her chubby cheeks with a red hue which is making her look cuter. Above everything, her killer smile is increasing her beauty. 

To be honest, there is nothing sexier than a girl in a saree and today she is proving it again. Pihu loses her senses seeing Bui and says in her daze. 

Pihu:- Bui, if I were a boy then, I would like to propose to you for marriage right away.  

Shehnaaz:- ( While rolling her eyes ) Pihu, don’t flirt with me. Tell me, am I looking good enough to give goosebumps to him? 

Pihu:- Not just goosebumps you will give him a hard night. Seeing you like this many boys will need a cold shower. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Make a bad face ) Don’t say that if anyone heard you talking double meaning then, Bhabhi would kill me. ( After a pause ) By the way, I don’t care about anyone except him. I just want to make him jealous and I am sure this plan will work. 

Pihu:- Not just jealous. He is going to burn alive when other men will buzz around you like bees. 

Both the devils’ giggle recalling their plan and are almost ready to snatch Sidharth’s sleep. Without wasting their time, they wore Bluetooth sets so that they could connect whenever they needed and hid it cleverly with their hair. 

Downstairs, Navya saw them walking down like good girls and yelled at the top of his tone seeing a saree draped around Shehnaaz’s body. 

Navya:- Oh my god!…

Hearing her yell, Vihan palms his ear and turns around just to fall on the ground in shock. For two consecutive days, her sister shocks him by wearing Indian attire. 

Vihan:- ( Screams ) What are you wearing? 

Shehnaaz:- ( Sarcastically ) Bhai, In the human world, we call it Saree but I don’t know what you guys call it on Mars. 

Vihan rolls his eyes and replies without realizing it. 

Vihan:- We also call it a saree on Mars…. ( The realization drawn upon him ) Hey, one second!… Why are you wearing it? 

Shehnaaz:- What type of a question is this? ( Boldly ) I don’t want to attend a party in my birth form so I wore it. ( Innocently ) But If you don’t want to see me in this then, I will remove it. 

Saying this, she acts like opening her Pallu, making him bang his head on the door. Whereas Pihu laughs seeing her father’s misery and Navya asks calmly. 

Navya:- Shehnaaz, why did you choose this saree for tonight? 

Shehnaaz:- ( Hiding her grin ) Because I want to give someone a sleepless night and blue balls. 

Navya:- ( Winking at her ) And you will succeed in that, Shehnaaz. 

Pihu:- ( Curiously ) Bui, But, you never told me that we have to give blue balls to him. I didn’t buy it, so what will we do now? 

Shehnaaz looks at her with wide eyes while Vihan and Navya shoot daggers at her while she is avoiding giving them her best smile. 

Navya:- ( Sternly ) How many times have I told you not to say double-meaning things in front of her? 

Vihan:- ( Jumps in between, innocently ) Navya, this is not the only thing. She taught Pihu many more wrong things. You won’t believe her…

He is all set to instigate Navya against Shehnaaz so that she will scold her. But he forgot that he is dealing with the most notorious prankster. One wink from Shehnaaz and Pihu knows that she has to do something to save her dear Bui. 

Pihu:- FU*K OFF!!!

She yelled and the parents looked at her with wide eyes. Navya is more furious than anyone and pulled her ear, making her cry. 

Navya:- ( Angrily ) Who taught you this? I am asking something, Pihu.

Vihan looks at his daughter fuming in anger but for a moment his eyes catch Shehnaaz’s action who gives him a killing smile. She runs her thumb on her neck with gritted teeth which is a death sign and he knows something bad is on his way. 

Navya:- Pihu, who taught you this? 

Pihu:- Mumma, I heard Dad saying this to someone on his call. When I asked him about it then he said that it is a synonym of “SHUt UP”. You guys were fighting so I used it to stop Dad. 

The floor slipped from Vihan’s foot and today seems his last day on earth. His eyes are denying to look at his wife who is digging a hole in his body and is preparing to murder him. 

Navya:- ( Gritting her teeth ) Vihan, will you please come with me? I have to talk to you about something, urgently. 

Vihan:- ( Stammers ) No, I mean… the guests are arriving and I should be there to welcome them. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Smiling to the fullest ) Don’t worry, Bhai. I will welcome the guest. You should go with Bhabhi, she must have some urgent work to do. 

Smiling, she leaves the hall and walks out accompanied by Pihu. Here, Navya drags Vihan angrily and god knows how many scoldings he has to bear for his crime. 

Otherside, Shehnaaz joined the party and smiled seeing the decoration. Somewhere she is sad because she thought that today she will let her Bhai meet the love of her life but everything turned upside down. Still, she didn’t lose hope and is adamant to win her love back. 

She is enjoying her juice and discussing something with Pihu while the male population is eyeing her beauty from top to toe. No doubt she is going to get numerous attention from these men but the attention she wants from HER MAN is still not arrived. 

Out of nowhere, A man walked inside and tapped her shoulder, making her turn. She turns around and looks at the man who is wearing simple pants and a shirt looking the way she wants him to be.

The boy:- Mam, you called me? 

Shehnaaz:- Yes, but where are your specs? 

The boy:- ( Taking out his fake specs from his pocket ) It’s here!

Shehnaaz:- ( Sternly ) Did you buy it to keep it in your pocket?

The boy looks down and nods negatively. 

Shehnaaz:- What is your name?

The boy:- Mam, Karan. 

Shehnaaz:- So, Karan, you know why I paid you? 

The boy nods while she continues. 

Shehnaaz:- Karan, stick to the plan and you have to follow mine as well as Pihu’s order. So, roll… camera… action… from this moment you are my lover. 

Suddenly, a big smile spread on Karan’s face but it was rubbed by Shehnaaz in a second. 

Shehnaaz:- Fake lover!… Don’t get so excited. I am already taken. 

Karan:- ( Scaredly ) But mam, Will you please promise me that I won’t get beaten up by your real boyfriend? 

Shehnaaz:- Ah… He won’t do that. He is very calm and composed. 

Pihu:- Bui, All the best. 

Shehnaaz grinned and walked somewhere with Karan. After almost 20 minutes, Sidharth and his family arrived at the party. Pihu saw them and informed her Bui by Bluetooth. 

Pihu:- Bui, the target is here. Stage one, MAKING HIM REGRET HIS DECISION, starts now!

Sidharth enters the party and looks here and there to find his peace, HIS FIREBALL. But to his dismay, there is no clue about her. Soon his eyes fell on a figure who was walking in his direction and this is it, HIS BREATH STOPPED SEEING HER IN A SAREE. She is elegantly walking towards him talking to a lady, smiling and giggling. At this point, he just wants to grab her in his arms and hug her tightly. He never imagined that anyone would look so gorgeous in a saree just like his mom does, but today, she proved him wrong. A man always wants to see his mother’s shadow in his wife and today he just saw that glimpse in HIS FIREBALL…. No, No, today she is not his fireball, she is HIS SHEHNAAZ. 

Shehnaaz is walking in his direction talking to a lady and deliberately walks ahead ignoring him, making him gasp in shock. His expression changes from happy to surprise. This never happened before, she never ignored him. For her, he comes first but today, she didn’t notice his presence and it hurt him hard. 

Pihu:- ( On her Bluetooth ) Bui, Successful! His expressions are worth watching.

Shehnaaz:- ( Giggles ) I know! He is not used to my ignorance but it’s just a starting. ( After a pause ) Pihu, It’s time for our next step. 

Pihu nods and eyes Karan to go and play his part. He walks behind Shehnaaz and palms her eyes, making her surprised while whispering in her ears, huskily. 

Karan:- Guess who I am? 

Shehnaaz shivered or I say acted like shivering because of his closeness and her action were caught by her Shy boy. He looks at their closeness and something stabs in his heart. He can’t see the way her body reacts because of the other man’s closeness. He can’t digest that some other guy is getting cozy with her WHEN HE IS HERE IN FRONT OF HER. First of all, her ignorance and now another man in her life take a toll on him. He curled his fist and looked to the other side, hiding his red teary eyes. 

To be continued…

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