Manik:- ( Shyly ) I want to say something… 

Nandini looks at him alarmed hoping that he will confess his love for her and would say I LOVE YOU, FIREBALL. Her excitement reached the 10th floor while her ears were just waiting for those words. But the lift of her excitement crashed in a second. 

Manik:- ( With a sad face ) I don’t have c*nd*m. 

Nandini:- ( Not believing her ears ) Wha… What? 

Manik shies on her question and looks down at their position only to get redder having a clear view of her cute round navel which is so arousing. His fingers itching to roam in her deep hole but damn his poor coward heart has no power to make a move. 

On the other hand, Nandini has no idea about his thoughts and composes herself while looking at her cute ShyBoy who is nothing but a little innocent kid with 6 feet height. She laughs wholeheartedly, making his heart skip a beat. Her cute fluffy tummy vibrates with her laugh which does nothing good to Manik’s hormones. His desire to bite the hell of her tummy worsened. 

Nandini:- ( Cupping his cheeks, making him look into her eyes ) Aww…. I LOVE YOU, SHYBOY. 

Manik’s ears turned red and his lips curved into a wide smile which reached to his eyes hearing her. Her smile widened seeing him and without a second thought, she took his lips in her mouth to give him another chance to relish her. This time she bent down over him making him stick to the seat and stood up on her knees over the seat. 

Manik moaned, feeling her lips over his once again, and wrapped his palms around her waist feeling her softness. She breaks the kiss and pants heavily and much to her shock he bends down a little and takes her round brownish ni**le in his mouth giving her a strong s*ck. 

Nandini:- ( While closing her eyes in pleasure ) OH…. FISH! 

Manik is not aware of his doings. He is following what his heart is saying. He gives her a strong s*ck again pulling her soul out from her body, making her collapse back on the dashboard. 

Nandini:- Oh God!…. Shyboy, you will be my death. 

Manik giggles hearing her and bites her just below her bre*st making her shout. She cups his cheek and sits on his lap comfortably. 

Nandini:-  Why are you so cute?

Manik comes to his senses and blushes looking down, making her fall harder in love with him. She giggles seeing his blush and groans. 

Nandini:- F*ck you Shyboy! 

Manik:- ( Giggles cutely ) No, you can’t! 

Nandini:- ( Cutely ) Why? 

Manik:- Because we don’t have c*nd*om. 

He said and giggled cutely making her laugh aloud. She was falling for her Shyboy harder and harder seeing his every antics. 

Nandini:- ( Complains ) If you make me laugh like this whenever we are in this intimate position then, forget about having kids because I can’t focus on any other thing except your talks. 

Manik:- ( Genuinely ) I won’t mind….. Until I hear your laugh because of me. 

Nandini smiles wholeheartedly and encircles her arms around his neck pulling him closer, making his breath halt.

Nandini:- Don’t you think that there is something you need to say to me? 

Manik:- ( Confusingly ) What? 

Nandini:- ( While rubbing the back of his ear, sensuously ) Something that starts with “I” and consists of three words. 

Nandini is trying to give him hints that he didn’t say I LOVE YOU to her but her poor Shyboy is not near to get her hints. His brain is running on its own accord. 


This is not a statement but a question that received a punch from her, making him wince. 

Nandini:- Are you drunk? 

Manik:- ( Smiles sheepishly ) Sorry… Sorry… It’s not possible but ( Cutely ) I am not wrong here, It starts with “I”. 

Nandini:- ( Sarcastically ) I WILL HANG YOU… also starts with “I” so should I do that. 

Manik:- ( Innocently ) But this sentence has four words and you said only three. 

Nandini rolls her eyes at his innocence and shoots daggers at him, making him sweat. 

Manik:- ( Nervously ) I… I have one more sentence… I DESERVE BETTER? Is this correct? ( He changed his sentence in a second seeing her hard glare and tried to smile nervously ) I DESERVE YOU? 

And this is it, Nandini looks at him with so much rage that freezes his blood. If looks can kill then he will be up in the sky having his first tea with the god now. But what scared him was her silence. His breath is so hyper that it makes his senses blank. 

Without a word, she starts hooking her blouse making him pout because he didn’t have them to the extent his heart wanted. That’s why keeping his shyness aside he makes a bold move. 

Manik:- Don’t cover them… I want to s*ck them more. 

One glare from her and he keeps his finger on his lips like an innocent kid. She stood up from his lap giving him a void but he let her go because he didn’t want her another punch when she was angry. She sits in the driver’s seat, corrects her saree to look presentable, and combs her hair with her fingers to make a loose bun only to stop hearing him. 

Manik:- Don’t tie your hair… Your open hair would look good with your saree. 

Nandini gives him a sharp glare and ties her hair into a tight bun looking deep into his eyes showing her anger. Manik gulps hard after receiving such a look from her. 

Manik:- ( Scaredly ) This bun also looks good on you. 

Nandini gave him the same sharp look and grabbed his collar making him scared like hell. He gulps hard and bites his lips while she shouts in his face. 

Nandini:- You know what, one more sentence starts with “I” and has three words. 

Manik:- ( Smiles scaredly ) Oh… no problem you can say then I will repeat it. 

Nandini:- I NEED BREAK! 

Manik didn’t understand the reason behind her words but showed a thumbs up, scaredly. With this Nandini pushed him back and got down from the car while banging the door on his face. 

Manik:- Are you going? But at least tell me you need a break but for what? 

Nandini narrowed her eyes on him and kicked the car, getting hurt a little but didn’t care. She marched out from the parking lot while Manik gasped seeing the violence and shouts. 

Manik:- Take it! Take it!! The break is all yours… you can take as much as break you want. ( To himself ) Oh god… today Fireball is literally on fire! 

Otherside, Nandini reached the party venue back and directly went to Pihu murmuring curses to her Shyboy. 

Pihu:- What happened Bui? 

Nandini:- ( Burst out, angrily ) Your Bui created the Guinness world record for breaking up with her boyfriend within 45 minutes after confessing and almost making out with him. 

Pihu:- ( Shockingly ) You guys broke up already? This should go for at least 30 minutes but not to worry you still exceed my time limit. ( Surprisingly ) I am amazed that your Shyboy tolerated my Bui straight for 45 minutes. 

Nandini narrowed her eyes and smacked her head while saying with greeting teeth. 

Nandini:- Are you on my team? Or by any chance, you changed your team ditching your innocent Bui? 

Pihu:- I am on your side, Bui. Now say what we have to do next. 

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) He didn’t confess his love to me so, I will bring him to his knees for me. 

Pihu:- ( Teasingly ) No dirty thoughts, Bui…. ( Shut her mouth immediately seeing her glare ) Should we stick to the plan? 

In response, Nandini smirked and Pihu got her answer. At the same Manik enters and looks for Nandini who is already shooting daggers at him as if he sinned. He pouts cutely and holds his ears apologizing for the fault he is unaware of but she turns her face hiding her smile, making him sulk. 

Nandini:- ( Thought while palming her face ) Why can’t I stay angry with him? He always melts me showing those innocent eyes and pouting even when he doesn’t know about his fault.

Manik walked to her and touched her shoulder to gain her attention but she jerked him. Before they could converse, the announcement for cake cutting was made and Nandini walked towards the stage with Pihu ignoring him royally. He frowns upon seeing her standing with HIS BOSS Cabir and family because he is not aware of the fact that Nandini is the real sister of Cabir. 

His frown deepened when he saw Cabir cutting the cake holding Nandini and Pihu’s hands with a broad smile while his wife captured the precious moment on her phone. His eyes came out of their sockets when he heard Nandini’s loud voice wishing a birthday to his boss. 

Nandini:- ( Smiling cheerfully making her brother have a bite of the cake after Navya ) Happy birthday, BIG BRO. May you live till you have teeth in your mouth and see how much I will spoil your kids. 

At first, Cabir smiles but hearing her last sentence he glares at her and smacks her head making the audience laugh. 

On the other hand, Manik gasped after knowing the fact that HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS BOSS’S SISTER! Tears brimmed in his eyes as he realized that there was an imaginary wall between HIS STATUS and HERS. His eyes land on the mansion behind the party venue making him realize that he will never be able to provide the same luxury to the girl he truly loves. 

Manik:- ( Emotionlessly ) How can she love me? How can she love a boy who has nothing whereas she is the princess of the palace he never dreamed of buying? ( Looking at the sky while a tear rolls down his cheek ) So, WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE?  

Nandini looked into his eyes and in a second she understood his thoughts. Although she expected the same reaction from him, he exceeded her expectations, making her smirk devilishly. 

Nandini:- Now, wait and watch, Shyboy, how will I teach you a lesson in my style? 

To be continued…

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