After the cake cutting, Nandini interacts with the gossip ladies which she hated until yesterday but now she is doing this only for her Shyboy. All the ladies praise her looks and how innocent and naive she looks only if they know what a cracker she is. Seeing her smiling in between the ladies, Cabir just wanted to puke because this was not digestible to him. 

Cabir:- ( Furiously ) Naive?…. Are they blind? She can be anything but not naive, not at least in this birth. ( To Navya ) And, why the hell is she interacting with these aunties whom she hates from the bottom of her heart? 

Navya:- ( Smiling ) Cabir, leave your complaints for a second and see how beautifully she is behaving with aunties, not cursing and abusing them. I never dreamt that one day I would see Nandini’s all-goody behavior.

Cabir:- ( Worriedly ) That’s why I am worried. Nandini’s ALL-GOODY behavior is equal to THE END OF THE WORLD. Truly speaking, I don’t want to die at such a young age. 

Pihu:- Young age? ( Sarcastically ) Dad, if you brought me into this world just a few years early, it would be my wedding this year and you would become Sasur Ji. ( Father-in-law )

Cabir:- ( Whins ) Navya, she is becoming Nandini part 2 and I can’t bear two Nandini in my house. 

Pihu:- ( Smiling sheepishly ) Then, you can leave the house. Bui and I won’t mind. 

Navya:- Pihu… Stop teasing your father. 

Pihu:- No, I won’t! Teasing Dad is my favorite time pass. 

Cabir:- Wow! Great! One loves teasing me and ( Looking at Nandini ) one loves giving me headaches. 

Saying this, he randomly turns his eyes and the sight makes him dizzy. HIS SISTER IS BLUSHING! His eyes come out from their sockets but he can’t believe them. HIS ROWDY SISTER can’t blush like normal girls. He palmed his lips and bit his finger to make himself believe that it was a dream but his bad luck, THIS IS THE DAMN REALITY. 

Cabir:- ( Whispers ) Navya, I never believed when you said that there are some ghosts present in our house but now, I want to believe it. There is a ghost who is making Nandini do all these things. 

Pihu:- ( Thought ) No ghosts, it’s Shyboy’s charm. 

Cabir:- ( Scaredly ) So, call someone to help us remove the ghost’s influence from her head. 

Pihu:- Dad, Bui doesn’t need anyone, you need to visit a psychology doctor because you are going mad. ( Held his hand ) Now, come… It’s your time to act. 

Cabir rolls his eyes but can’t do anything as he was played by his daughter and sister half an hour ago. He remembered the flashback and cried over his faith. 

Nandini pinched her brother hidingly and whispered in his ear to start the plan. 

Cabir:- ( Stubbornly ) I am not helping you with your stupid plans. 

Pihu heard him and both she and Nandini gasped because he ditched them at the last moment but Nandini has her ways to make him her puppet. 

Nandini:- ( Smiling extra sweetly ) Should I tell Bhabhi that you forgot to bring Pihu home from her school and she waited for you at the gate for an hour? I can assure you that she won’t like this and will punish you. Maybe she will make you cook for a week like the previous time. 

Cabir remembered last month’s incident where Navya punished him and gave him the duty of cooking as per everyone’s wish. And Pihu and Nandini make him work like hell. They made him cook 5 to 6 meals a day and that too a new meal every time. They even ordered him to cook noodles in the middle of the night but didn’t have that as they slept. 

Cabir’s eye widens and gulp after remembering the torture he got from them. He glares at his daughter who is sitting on a high chair and curses her under his breath. 

Cabir:- ( Angrily ) You traitor!… You promised me that you would not tell anyone about this if I bought you an ice cream. 

Pihu:- ( Casually ) Yes, but Bui doesn’t come into “anyone”. She is a special one. 

Cabir:- I will see you later. And you… ( To Nandini ) I am still not ready to do it. 

Nandini’s blackmailing plan failed and now it’s time to use the most successful idea that never fails on him—the EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL. 

Nandini:- ( Sniffing while hiding her face in between her hands ) If my father were here then, he would never say no to me and would treat me like a real princess like you treat Pihu. Alas, he is not with me… ( Looking at the sky ) See, Dad, you went and now no one is here to whom I call mine. 

Pihu:- ( Consoling her Bui like a true well-wisher ) You are right, Bui. If Grandpops were alive then, he would do anything you ask to make you happy. 

Nandini:- Hmm… But it’s ok. My bad luck! ( Wiping her fake tears ) But, I will ask God why he snatched my parents from me when I needed them the most. ( Cries louder and narrows her eyes at Cabir ) Many people say that they can do this for me or that but no one will care for me like my father did. I miss you, Papa-Mummy. 

Pihu:- ( Dejectedly ) My teacher was right that no one will care for you, so you should be brave enough to take care of yourself. ( Looking at her father from the corner eyes ) God, why do you make this world so selfish? 

Cabir:- Oh… Daily soap actors! Stop your emotional drama. I am ready to do it. 

And in an instant, Nandini and Pihu jump in happiness, making him scared with their reactions. 

Nandini:- Thank you, Bhai. I know that this plan will work for you. Pihu will inform you when to act. 

Saying this, both the girls went making him sulk like a kid. 

Cabir:- Every damn time, these two LADY DEVILS make me a fool and as usual I come in their talks. 

Cabir comes out from his thoughts when he hears his neighbor Aunty’s question. 

Lady:- ( To Nandini ) Nandini, you are becoming beautiful day by day. I think now it’s time you should get married. ( Asks Cabir ) Cabir, why don’t you look for a boy for her? 

Cabir:- ( Shoots daggers at Nandini for making him say this ) Yes, Aunty, I am finding a perfect groom for her who can love her the way I love her or pamper her as well. ( Smiling sweetly ) You know na… how protective I am for her and I don’t want to leave any loopholes. 

As per Nandini’s plan, Manik also hears their conversation and boils in jealousy whereas Cabir doesn’t want to say all this as he can’t let his sister go anywhere leaving him. But he can’t do anything in front of Nandini. 

Another Lady:- By the way, I know a boy who can love her and pampers her too. He is even rich and well-settled in London. He owns three cars and a bungalow, he also has plenty of money through which he can give a good life to her. 

Nandini blushes but internally cringes her eyes while Manik has tears in his eyes. He already knew that society would reject him as he didn’t have money, a bungalow, or cars. He has nothing then, why would her brother give her hand to him? He can never give these luxuries to her. He comes out from his emotional breakdown hearing Cabir who took Nandini in a side hug and glares at the aunties. 

Cabir:- But, what about love, Aunty Ji? 

Aunty Ji:- ( Confusingly ) What? 

Cabir:- The boy has all the luxuries I can understand but what about LOVE? He can give her a good life no doubt but WHAT ABOUT THE LOVE THAT MY SISTER DESERVES? DOES HE LOVE HER SELFLESSLY? DOES HE BEAR HER NAUGHTINESS? ( Chuckles humorlessly ) I hope you guys didn’t forget how naughty my sister is. So, WOULD YOU PROMISE ME THAT HE WON’T EVEN RAISE HIS VOICE OR SHOUT AT HER FOR HER CLUMSINESS? 

Nandini widens her eyes seeing her brother who is getting angry and spoiling her plan. All she wants is to increase Manik’s insecurity so that he can come and confess his love to her because till now she understood that jealousy takes out the best of him. But here, her brother spoiled her plan. 

Somewhere he is doing right, giving the reality check to Manik that LOVE is what Nandini wants at the end of the day, and about money and her financial need, she can afford that on her own. 

Cabir:- ( Sternly ) To be honest Aunty, I want a boy for my girl who can spoil her as much as I did. I want a boy who will tackle and deal with her pranks but won’t change her. So, tell me, Is there a boy who will bear my crazy baby? 

All the ladies went silent whereas Nandini looked at her brother with an open mouth. Cabir looks at the Manik who is standing a little far from them and continues speaking smilingly. 

Cabir:- By the way, you guys don’t have to be worried about Nandini. I already know a boy who is calm enough to bear ( Ruffling Nandini’s hair ) MY HEADACHE. 

This comes as a shock for Nandini and Manik. Manik is shocked because his boss likes a boy for Nandini while he loves her immensely. So, how can he confess to him that HE LOVES HIS SISTER? 

Whereas Nandini is thrilled knowing that, her brother chose a boy for her whereas she already loves a guy.

Nandini:- ( Thought, excitedly ) Woh!… This is going to be so exciting. Finally! Finally, my love story will get some filmy drama. ( Smirks devilishly ) My dear brother and My dear Shyboy get ready to see how Nandini will write her own love story with DRAMA, DRAMA, AND DRAMA. It’s time to have some fun. 

Nandini into action is going to be a nightmare for Cabir and Manik. 

To be continued…

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