Nandini:- I LOVE YOU, SHYBOY. 

Hearing her, Manik felt out of the world. His eyes were wide while his brain just stopped working, freezing his cells. He leans back and falls backward without realizing it, making her laugh at his reaction.  

Nandini laughs not realizing what her words did to him while he is busy thinking about all the possibilities. He raises his head to look at her only to murmur some useless questions. 

Manik:- ( Innocently ) Am I dead? Did I have an accident or someone murdered me? Am I in heaven or hell? 

Nandini giggles hearing his cute questions and falls in love more with him. His cuteness and innocence are the major turn-ons for her. But right now, she is in a naughty mood. She pinched his arm with full strength only to hear his painful moan. 

Nandini:- Shy boy, you are pretty much alive and are sitting in front of the FAIRY NANDINI. ( With a teasing glint ) By the way, it’s my work. 

Manik looks at her like a lost puppy as if wanting to ask what works, but damn his tongue is not supporting him. She understood his unasked question and answered it with a smirk giving a little heart attack to him. 

Nandini:- Moaning in painful pleasure is my work as you did but no problem I would like to make you moan more often because I loved your voice. 

Manik took almost five minutes to process her words and uttered a simple, “HUH?” while his cheeks turned redder than his blood. Nandini got another chance to pull her Shy boy’s cheek while gritting her teeth out of love, confessing her love for him again. 

Nandini:- ( Smilingly ) I said, I LOVE YOU AND I MEANT IT, MY SHY BOY.  

Manik again blew out by her confession. He was still processing her previous words and now she threw another I LOVE YOU in his way, snatching his breath. The only word he uttered was.

Manik:- Did anyone blackmail you to say this to me? 

Nandini is taken aback by his question and giggles seeing his expressions. He looks adorable with that cute confusing pout on his lips. Instead of answering his question, she asked another question.

Nandini:- ( With her cheeky smile ) Do you think that someone dares to blackmail me? 

And Manik knows her answer. No one can blackmail this LITTLE HUMAN DEMON. But he is ready with another question. 

Manik:- So, any prank or dare? 

He is so insecure because of his past that he can’t believe someone is falling in love with him. Nandini understands his insecurity and sits beside him taking his rough cold-wet hand in her. 


Manik can see the genuine feeling in her eyes which gives him a shock as well as pride knowing that he is the one who stole her precious heart. He wants to say many more things but right now his mind and soul are not ready to accept this. Seeing his silence, Nandini continues while caressing the back of his palm. 

Nandini:- I don’t want any other Alya to come between us, now. I can’t see you with anyone else. I know how cute, innocent, and pure-hearted you are and I can’t afford it if any other girl will come and propose to you when I already fall in love with you. I WANT TO CLAIM YOU WHOLLY BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE.  

Manik felt so nice and important. He is happy that someone is claiming him as her apart from his family. His nerves calm down while his brain comes on track still, his insecurities are there because of his past. He doesn’t want any other girl to break his heart, and self-confidence which he built again with her help. Although he knows Nandini is not like Alya in any sense, his heart wants assurance which will take some time. 

Manik:- How?… I mean, How did you fall in love with me? 

Nandini:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) Woh… I was going to the office early in the morning and had an accident. My forehead banged with a GIANT STONE and I fainted on the spot. Later, I gained my conscience in a hospital bed and the first thing I remembered is that I LOVE MY SHY BOY. That is how I fell in love with you. 

Manik looks at her with narrowed eyes and pouts irritably giving her a “nonsense look” while she continues ignoring his pouts. 

Nandini:- ( Innocently ) I think doctors connected my LOVE WIRE in the WRONG SOCKET, NO? 

Manik gives her a murderous look which was royally ignored by his Fireball. 

Nandini:- How is the story? Is it not cool and unique just like me? 

Manik:- ( Irritatingly ) No!… It’s not, This is rubbish!… Just like you. 

Nandini:- ( Sarcastically ) Same!… Then, What do you mean by how? It’s love, it happens all of a sudden. It is not a trip that we could plan. 

This knocks some sense in Manik. He nods understanding how lame questions he is asking which makes him embarrassed. 

Manik:- I do not mean this… I… I don’t know what to say. 

Nandini chuckles seeing his nervousness. She knows his nature that’s why she chose to confess her feelings because she can’t expect the first move from him. If she waited for his confession then she would not have had her teeth to say yes at that time. Most probably, he would confess his love to her when she will be in her 60s and coloring her hair black with artificial colors to seduce him. 


Manik:- ( Nervously with red cheeks ) I….

Nandini:- You don’t have to say anything right now. Take your time and then answer. ( Cutely ) But please, consider my feelings. 

He looks into her eyes hearing her words and all the nervousness went down the drain while his cheeks feel warmer than before. The sudden fear engulfs him forcing him to ask another question. 

Manik:- What if my answer will be “no”? Will you leave me then?

Nandini knows it’s his fear that wants assurance from her and she is willing to do so. 

Nandini:- Not possible!… ( Cutely ) I mean just look at me, did you doubt that any boy will reject this cute face? 

Manik giggles and nods negatively, giving her an answer and bringing a cute smile to her face. 

Nandini:- Still, if your answer will be a “NO” then, let me inform you, ( Whispers in his ear ) I HAVE AN LICENCED GUN. 

Manik moves back instantly with horror on his face. His Fireball again gave a heart attack to his innocent heart. 

Manik:- ( Exclaimed ) WHAT!!!… 

Nandini:- Just kidding!… Don’t be so scared.

Manik calms down and rubs his chest just above his heart to soothe it. Out of nowhere, a hand accompanied him, which is Nandini’s. She rubs his chest with worry in her eyes giving him goosebumps but he didn’t move back or try to break their moment. He loves her care towards him. She takes her hand back and looks at his face with concern. 

Nandini:- Are you fine, Shy boy? 

Manik:- Hmm… Much better than before. 

Nandini:- ( while cupping his cheeks with love ) Hear me loud and clear, If you will reject me then, I will confess my feelings again and will confess them daily until you fall in love with me. 

Manik:- ( In a meek tone ) Will you wait for me forever? 

Nandini:- I will… I will wait for you till my last breath but please, don’t be so late. ( Dramatically ) I planned so many things for us and even the HONEYMOON destination is also finalized. The location for the pre-wedding is also booked and the bride is almost ready, just the groom is missing. 

Manik laughed wholeheartedly, joined by Nandini. He placed his forehead against her, unknowingly. After soaking in their new feeling, he moves back looking around and notices the rain which was pouring heavily. 

Manik:- Shall we go back? The rain is getting heavier. If we stay here longer, we will feel ill for sure. 

Hearing him, Nandini looks up and now the realization hits her hard that they are drenching in rain for so long. She was worried for him and didn’t notice the RAIN. As the reality settles in her brain the more her breathing becomes heavier with the passing second. The fear and anxiety come back which she leaves behind.

Manik notices her changing expressions but doesn’t understand anything. He moves closer to her but she moves back making the distance between them. Now, he understood that something is not right with her. He knows her, she wouldn’t ever create distance between them like this, something is wrong with her. 

Nandini looks at him and turns her gaze as if she doesn’t know him. She looks down at herself and notices her suit is extremely wet which increases her fear. She removed her dupatta and threw it away in a panic. 

Nandini:- ( Breathing heavily ) Ra… RAIN!!! 

To be continued…

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