Manik is having his gala time with his books in the Space library. As a fact, he loves spending time with his books rather than with his girlfriend. He feels loved around the books and with Alya, he feels that someone is suffocating him. 

He comes out from his thoughts hearing his recent girlfriend, Alya. 

Alya:- Manik, oh…! Finally, I found you. ( passing him a bundle of sheets ) Here, take this and prepare my assignment till night. I have to submit it tomorrow morning. So, do that for me. 

Manik looked at her innocently but this thing pinched his heart. She is ordering him like he is her servant, not her boyfriend. He tried to stand up for himself but stopped hearing her further. 

Alya:- After that, prepare my notes for my exams. I badly need that to pass exams this time. 

Manik:- ( nervously ) Alya… It was your birthday… and I thought that… that we should spend some time with each other. so,…

He was again cut off by Alya’s friend who entered the library and approached them. 

Alya’s friend:- Hey Alya! Are not you ready for your birthday party? 

Alya:- ( Excitedly ) I just need an hour to get ready for my special party. I will be ready on time, don’t worry. 

Manik felt heartbroken because till now he didn’t know about her birthday party and here she is giving him work rather than inviting him. 

Alya’s friend:- ( to Manik ) Hey, What are you doing in the library? Don’t you want to attend your girlfriend’s birthday party? 

Manik:- I…

Alya cuts him in mid as if his thoughts and comments don’t matter in the conversation. 

Alya:- No!… He has lots of assignments to complete and you know my boyfriend, he is very studious. He won’t come until he completes his assignment. 

Alya’s friend:- Oh!… This is pathetic. Manik, you can’t skip your girlfriend’s party just for some ridiculous assignment. 

Alya:- Nevermind, I know him and am happy with the way he lives his life. I am ok with him not coming to my party. ( murmurs ) At least he won’t make me embarrassed there with his presence. 

Hurt is a small word to describe the way Manik felt right now. It’s been five months since their relationship and since day one Alya is the same. He is the only one who takes an effort in their relationship among both of them. She hates socializing with him. 

(Flashback ends) 

Nandini:- ( furiously ) One second, Doesn’t she like roaming around with you?

Manik:- (humorless chuckle ) She gets embarrassed with me because I am not like other guys. I am simple and like to keep my life private unlike her. 

Nandini:- ( lashing at him ) Then, why did she propose to you in front of the whole college? ( Pointing at him ) And, why didn’t you say anything in your defense? THAT SKELETON BITCH insulted you so many times and you stayed silent. 

Manik:- ( innocently ) Are you also going to note this down in your “PUNCH LIST”

Nandini:- ( exclaimed ) Thank you for reminding me. ( noting down in her notepad ) 20 PUNCHES PLUS 5 KICKS FOR NOT STANDING UP FOR HIMSELF. 

Manik’s eyes widened and his mouth was covered by his hand in shock. He cursed himself for digging his own grave. If he stayed silent for a moment then he would be saved from additional punches and kicks. 

He comes out from his shock when Nandini pulls him closer holding his collar and threatens. 

Nandini:- If you don’t punish her for treating you like a pet then I am sorry Shy boy I will make her bald the next time she comes across me. 

Manik giggles imagining the scene of bald Alya and Nandini roaring like a tigress holding her hair wig. The scene would be so amazing but it was not going to happen because he won’t let Nandini come into Alya’s trap. He remembered Alya’s threat and he never let her harm his Fireball. 

Manik:- ( Concernedly ) No!… Promise me, Fireball, that you won’t come in between me and Alya. She is very powerful and cunning. She will harm you which I can’t see. 

His breath accelerates with the single thought of Alya hurting his Fireball. He is not selfish, so he won’t drag her into his mess. Nandini looks at him and cups his face only to get worried seeing him sweating in this chilly weather. 

Nandini:- Shy boy, cool down… nothing will happen to me. 

Manik:- ( Stubbornly ) No!… Promise me that you won’t come in between me and Alya. 

Nandini:- Are you worried that I will make your ex-girlfriend go bald? 

Manik:- No… I am worried about you. She… she…

Nandini:- ( Cutting him in mid ) Nothing will happen to me, trust me. 

Manik:- ( Anxiously ) No… I can’t trust you. I will go mad if anything happens to you because… because of me. 

Nandini smiles seeing him getting worried for her and his worry gives her unlimited happiness. She hugs him tightly, taking him off-guard, and puts her head on his chest with a million-dollar smile. 

Manik too wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her even closer. 

Manik:- Please, don’t leave me alone. I can’t even spend a day without hearing your sarcastic comments. 

Just a moment ago, the atmosphere and the hug were so soothing that both forget about their surroundings again but his last comment wakes the tigress. She pulls out her head while her hands are still wrapped around his waist. 

Manik too looks down a little with a sheepish smile and grins like a toddler. But his grin died when Nandini passed him a furious look. He pouts cutely to melt her anger which works instantly. She laughs, throwing her head back but the next second she squeezes his cheeks and pecks his lips. 

All this happened so suddenly that Manik’s heart almost skipped a beat whereas Nandini hugged him again not realizing the trauma she put him in. His soul was on fire with the mere touch of her lips. He gulps his saliva and breaks the hug and says while his cheeks turned red. 

Manik:- ( Timidly ) Fireball, You… You… You kissed me? 

Nandini:- ( Confusingly ) When did I kiss you? 

Manik looks at her with an open mouth and shouts. 

Manik:- Just now!… ( Nervously ) You kissed me just now? 

Nandini:- ( With a smirk ) Do you consider that small touch as a kiss? 

Manik looks here and there because of shyness. He wanted to say so much but his words died. His cheeks turned dark red giving competition to the tomatoes. His palms were sweaty and his heart was jumping in excitement. 

Nandini:- ( Excitedly ) Tell me, Don’t you know how a proper kiss feels? ( Jumping in joy ) One second, you don’t know how to kiss, is it? 

Manik bites his lips and his head bends down more in shyness. 

Manik:- I know… ( Confidently ) I know how to kiss. 

Nandini looks at him with an impressive look but deep down she is finding it hard to hide her notorious giggle seeing his cuteness. In short, she is loving his nervousness. She makes an extremely serious face and says. 

Nandini:- oh! If you know how to kiss then, SHOW ME

Manik’s eyes popped out of his sockets and his confidence went down the drain. He again forgets with whom he is dealing. Nandini is a champion in giving shocks and no one can win against her. 

Manik:- ( rubbing his neck out of nervousness ) ho… How can I show you? ( Looks around like a kid while hiding his red cheeks ) There is no one to whom I can kiss to show yo…

Before he could complete it, Nandini smacked her lips on his for a smooch. She gently sucks his upper lip while he sits there motionless. His eyes were closed and he was drowned in his FIRST ACTUAL KISS OF LOVE. He wants to reciprocate the kiss but damn his body is not under his control. 

Nandini leaves his lips just for a nanosecond and attacks his lip again but this time she sucks his lower lip with the same gentleness. Manik closed his eyes and followed her step. He also sucks her upper lip but after a single suck, she moves back while he looks at her like a fool. His expressions are no less than a kid whose candy was snatched by his mother before he devours it properly. 

Nandini:- Seriously, you don’t know how to kiss. 

Manik turns his head to avoid looking at her because he wants to taste her lips for a longer duration but has no guts to voice it out. The blood rushed down awakening his little one with just a kiss. His body is on fire, and his cheeks are burning like a bonfire but the smoke is only left to erupt. 

Manik:- ( Nervously ) Fireball, we kissed! 

Nandini:- I know! 

Manik:- ( Irritatingly ) Ah… What are we? 

Nandini:- ( Sarcastically ) You are a boy and I am a girl. 

Manik:- No!…

Nandini:- ( Dramatically ) What? You have doubts about my sex. Hey, Shyboy, I am a girl. A pure girl. 

Manik:- ( annoyingly ) Ahh…… You are stupid…

Before he could proceed, Nandini cut him with her words, giving him 440 volts of shock. 

Nandini:- I LOVE YOU, SHYBOY. 

To be continued…

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