Nandini stretched her arms with a pout and whined tiredly whereas seeing her actions Navya rolled her eyes. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, I am getting bored. 

Pihu:- Me too, Mumma. 

Navya:- ( Angrily ) So, should I dance to entertain you guys?

Nandini:- I will let you dance here but I don’t want you to catch any other males’ attention except my brother. 

Pihu:- ( Dramatically ) Ya, Dad is too old to get any other Mumma for me. So, I don’t want to lose you. 

Nandini laughs and hi-fies with Pihu while Navya gasps hearing their comments. She sits on the bed holding her forehead. 

Navya:- I can’t handle you two for so long. I hope Cabir will come soon to bear you guys. 

Nandini:- I think Bhai will take some time to come here. ( Look at Pihu ) I am going to have something in the canteen, wanna come?

Navya:- ( Angrily ) You cannot have outside food, Nandini. Don’t forget that you are a patient here, not a visitor. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, there is no written rule that a patient can’t have canteen food. 

Navya:- ( Sternly ) Do you follow any rules whether it’s written or not? 

Nandini smiles sheepishly and walks out of the room kissing her cheek, melting her anger in a second while Pihu follows Bui like a student. 

Navya:- Oh god! What will I do with these two foodies? 

She palms her face and lies on the bed to have her beauty sleep because stopping them is not even an option for her. Whereas in the canteen, Nandini placed their order and sat on the corner table. Pihu sits in front of her and notices Bui’s curious gaze on her. 

Nandini:- Are you going to tell me about what is running in your mind or I will take it out from your mouth in my style? 

Pihu:- ( Pouts sadly ) How do you always get my thoughts before I could voice them out? 

Nandini:- ( Smirks ) Who am I to you, My little Devil? 


Nandini:- Correct! And no child can hide his feelings from his mother. 

Pihu pouts adorably and kisses her cheek, making her smile to the fullest. 

Nandini:- Now, I think, I am better than before. ( Caresses Pihu’s cheeks, lovingly )

Pihu:- When I came into your room, I saw Shy Boy…

Then, she explains everything to her from the start. His confession, his kiss, his thoughts, and his decision to leave her because he didn’t find himself a person who deserves her. 

Nandini:- ( Exclaimed ) HE SAID I LOVE YOU TO ME? HE CONFESSED!

Pihu:- Yes!

Nandini:- ( Yelled again, excitedly ) HE KISSED ME? 

Pihu:- Yes!

Nandini:- ( Curiously ) WHERE? 

Pihu:- ( While palming her face ) On lips, obviously. 

Nandini:- ( On the verge of dancing ) HE REJECTED ME? 

Pihu:- ( Gives her weird looks ) Unfortunately, yes!

Nandini dances excitedly, gaining weird looks from the passers-by, and shouts excitedly. 

Nandini:- He rejected me!… Oh my god! I am so happy. 

Pihu:- ( Worriedly ) I think Bui got mad and her forehead wound is more serious than I thought. I should inform Mumma about it. ( Cries hard ) My Bui got mentally unstable… Please somebody help us. 

Nandini:- ( With wide eyes ) What are you saying, Pihu? I am absolutely fine and for god sake, stop crying. I can’t see you like that. 

Pihu:- ( Scaredly ) Bui, are you possessed by some love ghost? 

Nandini banged her head on the table and gave her angry looks, making her pout innocently. 

Nandini:- What are you trying to say, Pihu?

Pihu:- ( Whipping her tears ) Bui, you are dancing knowing that your first love rejected you. ( Sniffs cutely ) I saw on TV how girlfriends enjoy their break-up but you are in love with the Shy boy. So, How can you dance to a BREAK-UP SONG? 

Nandini:- Pihu, you don’t know My Shy boy. He is different from any other boyfriend. ( Mischievously ) I would be worried if he accepted my love straight away. Maybe I would go into a coma if he said I LOVE YOU TOO, FIREBALL after my confession. 

Pihu:- Oh… But why so? 

Nandini:- Shy boy is a hard nut to crack but I know how to melt MY COCONUT HEAD. I can understand his thoughts very well and I know he has insecurities which I had too. But I overcame those thoughts and now it’s his turn TO ACCEPT HIS TRUE FEELINGS. 

Pihu:- ( Curiously ) What will you do to bring him on track? 

Nandini:- ( Naughty smirk ) I already have plans. Just wait and watch how I will make him confess his love to me in front of me. 

Pihu:- I am excited!

Nandini:- ( Giggles ) Me too…

Soon a waiter comes to their table to place their order and after seeing the food their mouth waters. 

Pihu:- Bui, shall we eat first? 

Nandini hummed, not wanting to waste a second and savor the food with closed eyes. 

Cabir:- ( Angrily ) Nandini, will you please tell me what are you doing here rather than taking a rest on the bed? 

Nandini comes out of her memory lane and looks at her brother with a sheepish smile. But before she could reply, a boy entered taking her order. 

A Waiter:- ( To Nandini ) Here is your PAV-BHAJI, Maam. Enjoy it. 

Nandini asks, ignoring her brother who is gasping at her with an open mouth. 

Nandini:- Extra butter? 

A waiter:- It’s in the bowl. You can add it according to your taste. 

Nandini:- ( With an extra broad smile ) Thank you. ( To Pihu ) Come, let’s have it before it cools down. ( Mischievously ) By the way, we have a walking microwave which we can use to reheat the food. 

Pihu:- What? 

Nandini:- Just look at your dad. He is burning at 200 degrees Celsius. If we keep this tray on his head then, the food will reach its maximum temperature in a second and we will get hot and spicy PAV-BHAJI on our plate. 

Pihu giggles and looks at her father who is literally angrier than ever. She can see the smoke coming from his ears, making her gulp hard because of fear. 

Pihu:- ( Scaredly ) We should have this like that only. If we keep this tray on his head then, there is a chance that it will burn into ashes. 

Nandini:- Point!

Cabir marched towards them and was ready to pull their ears but before that, a nurse entered bringing a soup for the patient. The nurse walked toward Navya and handed her the soup bowl with a warm smile. 

The Nurse:- Maam, have this soup you will feel better and after that, you can go home with your family. 

Saying this she went, making Pihu and Nandini laugh. 

Pihu:- Bui, she thought Mumma is a patient. 

Nandini giggled and had her dinner avoiding Navya’s angry eyes while Cabir completed all the discharged formalities. Soon the four of them were in Navya’s car to leave for their house. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, Who brought me to this hospital? 

Navya opens her mouth to say “SHY BOY” but composes herself because Cabir doesn’t know about Nandini’s Shy boy. 

Navya:- Your friend. 

Nandini:- Oh!… I must say the hospital’s food is delicious. So, Bhai brought me to the same hospital next time. 

Cabir:- ( Angrily ) Then, next time come here with my dead body, Ok? 

Nandini:- ( Shouts ) BHAI!… Don’t say that. 

Cabir:- ( In a rage ) Then, stop coming here…… ( Holding his tears back ) Why can’t you understand that I died every second seeing you on the hospital bed? Why can’t you be a little careful with yourself? Am I asking too much favor from you? 

Nandini looks down innocently while Navya stays silent to give them their time to sort out things. 

Nandini:- ( Whispers ) You should also stop blaming yourself for my panic attacks. I can’t see you drowning in guilt every time.

Cabir:- ( While focusing on the driving ) I am not on any guilt trip. 

Nandini:- ( Gaining a glare from her brother ) You got two horns on your head, Bhai. 

Cabir avoids looking at her face and hides his smile which threatens to break on his lips. 

Nandini:- ( Naughtily ) You can smile, I won’t charge you for that. 

Cabir smiles bringing a smile onto the ladies’ lips and whispers cutely. 

Cabir:- ( To Nandini ) Sorry…

Nandini:- I can’t hear you, Bhai. 

Cabir:- ( While rolling his eyes at her dramatic nature ) I am sorry, Princess because I shout at you but it is needed. 

Nandini:- ( Cutely ) I would ask sorry too if I ever did anything wrong but I didn’t make any mistake so, I am not sorry. 

Cabir banged his head on the steering wheel while the ladies laughed seeing his helpless face, making him annoyed. 

Cabir:- Princess, When will you grow up? 

Nandini:- I will grow up When I have my own princess in my arms. 

Pihu palms her lips to stop her laugh while Navya looks at her husband who rolls his eyes but her next words snatched their breath.

Nandini:- ( Innocently ) Bhai, I WANT TO GET MARRIED. 

On the other hand, Manik is crying while lying on his bed holding Nandini’s dupatta which she threw in the temple. He went there and bought this dupatta with him because it smells like her. This dupatta will give him a feeling that she is near to him but in reality, she is going too far from him. But he is unaware of the fact that his Fireball is not a girl who will leave him just like that. She won’t live in peace until she gets what is hers’. His happy days are going to end because HIS FIREBALL is on a mission to make his life hell. 

A new phase of their relationship is going to start where Nandini will win her love anyhow and he is going to have some helpless days. 

To be continued…

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