Nandini is keeping a wet cloth on her brother’s forehead to decrease his temperature as advised by the guard uncle. Her Chachi is so cruel that she didn’t call the doctor for Cabir’s checkup saying she doesn’t have enough money to spend on him. 

Nandini:- ( Murmurs, angrily ) The bitch is saying she has no tail. Ayyapaa, Why did you waste your energy by creating her? 

Chachi:- (Hand over the tablet to her ) Give this medicine to him, maybe, he will get fine till morning. 

Giving the tablet she went away while Nandini cursed her under her breath as she couldn’t say anything to her. She shoots daggers at her while making a bad face.

Nandini:- Ayyapaa, Why didn’t any producer cast her in his film as a zombie? Trust me she didn’t even need makeup to look like them. Sometimes I think that zombies would also get scared seeing her and she will earn more money. 

She shook her head and focused on her brother who was lying motionless. She again dipped the cloth in the water and kept it on his forehead. Cabir shivered due to the cold making her worried but an idea came into her mind and went out to call the guard who came instantly to help her. 

Nandini:- Uncle, Would you change my Bhai’s clothes? ( While making a cute pleading face ) Please…

The guard smiled and changed Cabir’s clothes while Nandini stood closing her eyes in the corner. 

Guard:- Done!… Now, open your eyes, Nandini. He still has a fever so, do one thing: make him eat something then give him medicine and let him rest. 

Nandini nods and the guard leaves them there to do his duty. She looks at her brother’s gloomy face and pouts sadly. She saw him shiver in sleep again so she put one more blanket on him and went inside the kitchen. 


Nandini:- Chachi, where is mine and Bhai’s dinner? 

Chachi:- ( With a wicked smile ) No food!… Did you forget that you are punished for hurting me? 

Nandini:- It was my fault then why are you punishing my Bhai? He is already unwell ( Murmurs silently ) because of me. 

Chachi:- I don’t know anything, just go from here and if you want to fill your brother’s stomach then prepare something edible for him. 

Nandini:- ( In a higher tone ) But I don’t know how to cook. 

Chachi:- ( angrily ) First of all, keep your voice low in front of me, and secondly, it was your problem. If you don’t know how to cook then sleep with an empty stomach. 

Nandini drinks her anger while fisting her hand and it took all her courage not to punch her again. She looks at the ceiling and talks to her Ayyapaa. 

Nandini:- Ayyappa, please pass this message to Yamraj Ji. “Yamraj ji, I will lessen your work because you don’t have to come to take my Chachi. I will send her to your doorstep with my own hands. But please make sure that you will fry her in hot oil with an empty stomach.” 


Nandini is in the kitchen and after finding every corner she concludes that she will prepare MAGGI for her brother because she doesn’t know anything other than that. But her first task is to lighten the stove which is like an eighth wonder for her. 

She saw her brother lighting the stove several times so luckily she knows this but this is her first time and unlike other kids, she is excited to do it. In her first attempt, she did it gracefully and ended up dancing in victory. And being an excited girl, she turned off the burner and lit it up again with her expert hands. She patted her own back with pride. 

Nandini:- Nandini, finally, you learned what you have to be in the future, A CHEF! Ya, Chef is a good career option for me because I am very good at that. 

The little innocent girl doesn’t know that there are many more things in cooking after lightening the burner. But apart from that she decently cooked maggi for her brother with a grin. 

Nandini:- Bhai will get shocked after tasting this delicious Maggi prepared by one and only me. 


Nandini blows air on the spoon full of Maggi and brings it near Cabir’s lips who had it in sleep. He is not in his senses properly but still asked. 

Cabir:- Did you have your dinner, Princess? 

Nandini:- ( Lied after crossing her finger ) Yes!

Cabir is not in a state to catch her lie which makes her relax. She feeds him Maggi slowly-slowly and also gives him the tablet. After taking the medicine he slept while Nandini stayed awake to put wet wipes on his forehead. 


The next day, Cabir was much better than yesterday but still not properly healthy, so he stayed in his room the whole day. Whereas Nandini is doing all the housework and also taking care of her brother while feeding him meals at exact times. 

Chachi:- ( Yells ) Nandini… Nandini…

Nandini:- Ji Chachi?

Chachi:- ( Showing fake anger ) Why haven’t you mopped the floor yet? 

Nandini:- Chachi, I already did it an hour ago. 

Chachi:- It doesn’t seem so. ( With a smirk ) Wipe it again, now!

Nandini shoots daggers at her again with her eyes but stays silent and brings the bucket full of water to mop the floor again. Whereas Chachi got busy on the phone which made her smirk innocently. 

Quietly, she walks behind her and sprinkles the water on the floor while she goes in front of her to mop the floor intentionally. Seeing Nandini near her legs, Chachi moves back without looking behind and slips because of the wet floor. 

Chachi winces in pain holding her back while Nandini acts innocently and screams. 

Nandini:- Ahh… Chachi, don’t you see the wet floor? ( Pressing her back deliberately ) It must be painful, no?

Chachi:- ( Screams ) Ah… don’t touch my back, Nandini. Just help me to lay on the couch. 

Nandini helps her to stand hiding her laugh from her and makes her lie on the couch nearby. 

Chachi:- Call the doctor, Nandini. Please, do it fast!

Nandini nodded her head positively and dialed the doctor’s number. 

Nandini:- Hello, Doctor Uncle, Nandini here. My Chachi hurt her back. Will you please come and check on her? I will send you the address. ( Innocently ) But we don’t have money to pay you so, will it be ok? 

But before the doctor could say anything, Chachi yelled. 

Chachi:- What are you saying, Nandini? 

Nandini:- ( Hiding her smile ) Chachi, you already told me yesterday that we didn’t have enough money to spend on the doctor. So, how can we pay his fees? 

Chachi:- Stupid girl!… Just call him here. 

Nandini:- And money? 

Chachi:- I have enough money to pay him. 

Nandini:- ( To the doctor, innocently) Uncle, we have money to pay your fees so, you can come now. 


The doctor checked Chachi and strictly advised her to take rest for a month which makes Nandini dance.

Nandini:- Doctor Uncle, there is one more patient, just check him once. 

The doctor nodded and Nandini took him to her brother. He checked Cabir and prescribed medicine for a day. Nandini relaxes knowing that her brother is fine and soon comes to his regular self within a day or two. 


Cabir comes into the present hearing his assistant. 

Assistant:- Sir, we reached the hospital. 

Cabir gets down from the car and runs inside directly towards Nandini’s rooms as he knew the room number already. He entered the ward and didn’t find anyone except Nandini who was sleeping on her bed while covering herself from top to toe. He walks towards her while crying and sits beside her holding her palm. 

Cabir:- Why didn’t you call me when you started having an attack? Do you even know how scared I was when Navya informed me that you are in the hospital? 

He sniffs like a kid and wipes his tears, making the cute crying pout. 

Cabir:- I am sorry… I am the worst brother who can’t cure his sister. You always get those panics because of me, no? ( KIssing her palm ) I know you remember all those flashes of me being half dead but just look at me… I am absolutely fine right now. So, will you please stop worrying about me?  

The tears again fell from his eyes like a stream, making his nose red. He sniffs to control her tears but these tears are not ready to hear him. 

Cabir:- Princess, I am sorry. 

Suddenly he heard the reply from his back which made him turn. 

Nandini:- You should be sorry but, What have you done now?

Cabir widens his eyes seeing her standing on the doorstep with Pihu while enjoying their favorite dessert, GULAB JAMUN. 

Nandini:- ( Dramatically ) Bhai, I am fed up while covering your mistakes. You always create problems for me, now, say what have you done this time? 

Cabir:- ( Scaredly ) You are here then, who is sleeping on the bed? 

Nandini:- ( Casually ) Bhabhi. 

Cabir:- You got admitted to the hospital or your Bhabhi? 

Nandini:- Me!

Cabir:- ( Ruffling his hair in frustration ) Then, what are you doing on the doorstep? 

To be continued…

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