Nan:- Gussa ho? ( Are you angry with me? ) 

Manik didn’t reply and gave her a second morsel to eat. 

Nan:- ( cutely ) bolo na…. ( Say na ) 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) NO….. I am happy.

Nan:- ( frowning ) but you didn’t look happy. 

Ma:- so…. What should I do to make you believe me? 

Nan:- um….. maybe…. You can dance to satisfy me. 

Saying this she giggles, making him angry.

Ma:- you think this is a joke. Like seriously…… How can you? You know this doesn’t suit you then why?

Actually, the last time Nandini applied henna she got sick around the age of 12. That’s why all the men are against it. 

Nan:- FOR YOU. I know you like it whenever I write your name on my hand. 

These mere two words made Manik silent. His frustration, anger went into the drain. He looks at her with soft eyes while biting his lower lip. 

Ma:- you don’t have to do this for me. I don’t want anything which makes you sick. 

Nan:- Manik, why are you taking tension? Nothing will happen to me. Trust me. 

Ma:- (deeply looking in her eyes ) I don’t know anything….I….I… just can’t see you in slightest pain. 

Nan:- nothing would happen to me if you stay this close to me. 

She moves more closer towards him so that air also can’t pass through between them making him smile.

Ma:- you exactly know na …… what makes me smile. And for your kind information…..you will always find me beside you. I don’t have any other place to go. 

He placed a chaste kiss on her cheek making her eyes wide in shock. 

Nan:-  We are in public!

Ma:- ( mischievously ) so…then, let’s go in private. 

He again places another kiss on her other cheek to show her what he is doing. 

Nan:- ( wide eyes ) what are you doing?!

Ma:- ( cutely ) I am kissing you, baby…. Wait, I will kiss you again. 

Nandini moves backward in fear. Because she can’t trust him in these matters. 

Nan:- Manik, why are you doing this? 

Ma:- what am I doing, baby? ( Seductively tracing his fingers on her face ) 

Nandini is scared like hell. She looks here and there to see if anyone noticed them or not whereas Manik is on another tangent. 

Ma:- ( teasingly ) what happened, baby? Let’s do this naa…..

Nandini frowned because she didn’t get his words. But her confusion turned into a mini heart attack when she saw his gaze on her lips. 

Nan:- maa….ni….k…….. 

He rubs his thumb on her lower lip seductively. For some time she lost herself in his touch. 

Ca:- what happened, guys? 

Nandini stiffened in her place hearing her brother’s voice. She opens her eyes to see the Cabir approaching them. She immediately looks towards Manik who is still rubbing her lower lip while smirking. 

She bites his thumb out of fear. He immediately takes his hand back and shouts “ouucchhhh”.

Ca:- why are you biting him, Baby? ( Ask from Nandini ) 

Nan:- u..ammmm…

Nandini fumbles and thinks of a better excuse to give her brother.

Otherside Manik smirks, seeing her condition. He made the most adorable disappointed face. 

Ma:- see na Cabir….. I was just helping her to wipe her LIPSTICK. ( He said while emphasizing the word LIPSTICK ) 

Nandini widened her eyes more seeing him talking double meaning. If it is possible then her eyes would definitely come out from their sockets. 

Ca:- ( confusingly ) what?

Ma:- I mean….. I am helping her to wipe extra food which stuck on her lips. Right, Nandini? 

Ca:- oh….. good!. Keep doing that…. 

Nandini coughs because her brother is unintentionally permitting her boyfriend to do the things which he is doing sometimes back. 

Ma:- ( smirkingly ) it would be my pleasure. ( To Nandini ) Come on Nandini, let’s do it. 

Nan:- ( in an irritating voice ) you shut up!!… ( To Cabir )  Bhai….. what do you mean by *keep doing that*? 

Ca:- he is helping you na… so I said keep doing that. You guys are new-new friends na…soo this will help you guys to understand each other. 

Ma:- ( winking at Nandini ) yaa… We need to understand each other because we have to spend the rest of our life together. Don’t worry, Cabir, I will always help her to wipe her LIPSTICK…I mean…I will always be there whenever she needs me.  

Nandini gasped seeing him flirting or claiming his rights openly. Whereas Cabir didn’t pay attention to his words. He is just happy seeing his best friend or sister together as BEST FRIENDS. 

Ca:- aww….. Manik, you are a true friend. 

Manik chuckled silently seeing his stupid best friend who didn’t get even a word which he said. He is happy too that Cabir didn’t get anything that’s why he is alive till now. And Nandini just wants the motherland to open up and gobble her, whereas he is enjoying her situation wholeheartedly. 

Ma:- By the way,  why did you come here? 

Ca:- oh….ya … I just bought Nandini’s favorite ice cream. ( To Nandini )  Do you want to eat? 

Nandini gives her most adorable smile to her brother and nods her head in yes cutely. Cabir sat beside her, opposite Manik, and lovingly made her eat ice cream. 

Ma:- Cabir, you know na….if Raman uncle sees you making her eat this. then…..

He left his sentence in mid for him to complete it. 

Ca:- so what? He will make me eat Mukti’s world-famous dishes. But you know that would be worth it because of this. 

Saying this he points towards Nandini whose eyes are closed in pure bliss and there is a constant smile on her lips which shows how much she is enjoying her ice cream. 

Manik smiles seeing Cabir’s love for Nandini. 

Cabir is the most careless person in their family but when it comes to Nandini he is one of the most responsible ones. He knows exactly what makes her happy. He always fulfills her every weird wish for which the overprotective persons like his father or brother say NO. He will bear any punishment for her. 

Cabir makes her eat ice cream. She happily finished the whole bowl. A little bit of ice cream is left on her lip which Manik wipes slowly yet seductively in front of the Cabir.

Nandini’s breath hitched seeing Manik’s bold move. She looks at him and glares at him but her glare turns into blush because THE MANIK MALHOTRA wink at her. She lowers her eyes because of shyness. 

Cabir left leaving the two new friends *as per his thinking* behind. Manik moves close to her and puts his right hand on her waist. 

Nandini shivers with his touch. She looks at him shockingly and asks the most obvious question. 


Ma:- ( smirking ) Not yet… but want to drink your beauty. 

Saying this he pressed her waist slightly giving her another mini heart attack. She again looks here and there to avoid him. He slightly moved her hair back from her neck and placed a lovely kiss just behind her ear. She bites her lower lips to stop herself from moaning his name. 

After lots of difficulties, he comes out from her land and looks around to see everyone busy with their partners. He signed in relief and looked towards her to find her eyes closed. He noticed her worried expressions and spoke in her ear. 

Ma:- Don’t worry no one noticed us. They all are busy with their better halves. 

Nandini opens her eyes and looks around before looking at him again. 

Nan:- what happened to you, today? 

Ma:- ( with a cheeky smile ) NANDINI HAPPENED!!

He stood up and straightened his clothes to go. 

Nan:- where are you going? 

Ma:- I am going to execute a plan.

Nan:- what plan? 

Ma:- To make your family stay here tonight. Because I can’t let you go back. What if you get a fever at night? 

Nan:- Nothing would happen to me. And above all, I have my over caring family who will take care of me. 

Manik immediately speaks. 

Ma:- but still… I am not going to be beside you na…in Murthy house so it’s better that you would stay in front of me. I can’t take risks in your matter. 

Nandini nods her head in disbelief. 

Nan:- ok…. Wait…. Take this with you. Keep it in your pocket. ( Pointing towards a mehndi cone ) 

Without questioning, Manik took the cone and put it inside his pocket. 

Nan:- ( smiles shyly and mummers ) HE IS A PERFECT HUSBAND MATERIAL.  

To be continued…

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