The venue which is beaming with laughter sometimes back has now become a glaring land. All the men are glaring at the poor mehndi artist who is applying mehndi to the over-excited Nandini. 

On the other hand, the ladies are shooting daggers at their husbands and sons for being overprotective of Nandini. 

Ma:- ( horrified ) Mom….. can’t you see. She is applying mehndi after knowing the consequences also. 

Nyo:- ya… I can see clearly. 

Ma:- ( restlessly )  so…. How can you be so silent? Why don’t you stop her from doing so? 

Nyo:- ( suspicious ) why are you sounding so restless? 

Ma:- ( composing himself ) ahhh … she is my friend na… so how can I see her in pain. 

Nyo:- ( suspiciously )  but she is not in pain. Why are you so concerned for Nandini? 

Ma:- Ummm……

Ca:- ( worriedly )  please…. Stop this interrogation. Here my sister is in pain and you are playing CID-CID. 

Nan:- Bhai…. I am not in pain. I am enjoying it a lot, can’t you see my smile. ( Smiling broadly ) 

Ma:- ( frustratingly ) tell me, who is the stupid one who permitted you for applying this? 

Raman coughs because unknowingly Manik called him stupid. He is the one who gives her permission but RELUCTANTLY. 

Seeing him coughing Raj giggles understanding that he is the stupid one who permitted her. He moves towards Manik to tell him that but Raman pulls him back and palms his mouth making him quiet.  

Ram:- ( pleading ) Bhai ( brother ) please don’t tell them. They all will kill me. 

Ma:- ( his temper is increasing ) will you please tell me, what excuses you put to get permission?

Nandini opened her mouth to give the same excuse which she gave to her dad. But Manik cut her quickly. 

Ma:- don’t tell that you again said ( mimicking her ) *Because I am a doctor*. 

Nan:- ( under her breath while closing her eyes in irritation ) Ayyappa….. why does he know me more than me? Now, he will scold me. 

Ma:- keep this thing in your mind, Miss Murthy, that you are not a certified doctor yet.

Arya:- why are you getting hyper, Manik? Let her do whatever she wants to do. 

Manik’s anger rose to see him interfering in his family matters. He just wants to change the structure of his face. This time he is not alone, there are many more people who got angry seeing his interference. They are none other than Cabir, Abhimanyu, Raj, and Raman. 

Cabir didn’t like him since the day he confessed his feelings for Nandini. 

Ca:- ( angrily ) if you keep your mouth shut that will be good for you, Aryaman. Don’t interfere in our family matters. You are here just because you are Mukti Bhabhi’s brother. You have no right to say anything when the topic is my sister. We are here for her.

Arya:- ( rudely ) Manik also doesn’t belong to Murthy’s. Then, why is he scolding Nandini? 

Ram:- ( Authoritatively ) HE IS FAMILY, Mr. Aryaman. 

Raman is gritting teeth in anger but he doesn’t want to create a scene in the function. That’s why he spoke while controlling his anger. But he doesn’t like the way he spoke to Manik because he loves him like his own son. He also fights with him but that’s a different matter because at that time the possessive father in him woke up whenever he saw him with Nandini. 

Nan:- ( sternly ) And he has all the right to scold me or to punish me. He has all the right to decide what is good for me or not. 

Nandini’s anger rose to see Aryaman trying to defame her MANIK. She can’t hear anything against him no matter what. He is everything for her. He is the same person to whom she loves the most after her father.

Whereas Manik smiles seeing his tigress taking a stand for him. He admires the way she doesn’t feel shy while telling Aryaman his rights on her in front of everyone. 

Raj becomes surprised when Nandini openly claims Manik’s right on her. He blessed the lovebirds in his heart. 

Muk:- Bhai, MURTHY’S and MALHOTRA’S are not different, always remember that. Next time don’t say such things.

Mukti is also not pleased with Aryaman’s tone and questions her family.

Nan:- ( glaring Aryaman ) I am gonna apply mehndi. And no one has to do something with it. 

Abhi:- ( tiredly ) baby, why are you not understanding? It doesn’t suit you. You will get sick. Try to understand na bacha….

Muk:- oh…. Bachaa ke hone wale papa. ( oh…Soon to be a father ) she is saying na she is alright then why are you making a fuss for this small thing. 

Mehndi artist:- ma’am, please turn your hand. 

The mehndi artist spoke because she applied the henna in her front hands. Now, only the backside of her hands is left. Whereas the men are giving murderous looks to the artist which is scaring her a lot. 

Nan:- ( rolling her eyes ) will you guys please stop murdering her? She is getting scared. 

Ram:- oh.. you can see that she is scared but why can’t you understand our fear? 


All the other men spoke in Chorus. 

Ish:- you are too late Raman. The mehndi is almost done. We can’t do anything now. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) ok…. If anything happens to her naa… then I will not leave anyone. 

All give him confused looks which say “why is he getting angry?” Except for Raj and Raman. They both look at each other with open mouths. Abhimanyu immediately coughs and tries to handle the situation but Manik still doesn’t know what blunder he just created. 

Abhi:- Nandini is his best friend naa….. that’s why he is getting angry. 

Ca:- ( frowning ) when they both become friends? Yesterday they were behind each other’s necks. 

All other nods giving the look which says “unfortunately, cabir is right”. 

Nandini’s eyes widened after hearing Manik. She is finding excuses to cover up the blunder which Manik created. To her relief, her brother came forward to solve the problem. But what he said is also shocking for her. Because Manik and she are best friends?  NO….. They always fight or irritate each other in front of others. 

Nan:- ( shuttering ) um…bh..ai….. we just became friends in the morning ….wh..en……yaa…. When I help him with the decoration. 

Raj:- yes, I also witnessed that iconic scene. **THEIR FRIENDSHIP MOMENT**

This time Nandini frowned when Raj supported her. Because whatever she said is a total lie. Yes, she helped him with the decoration but they haven’t had any conversation till now.

Everyone takes the lie without questioning further, making Nandini sign in peace. All dispersed here and there to do their works or chit-chatting making the groups. 

After almost half an hour all the men stood up to have their lunch with their better halves. They all make their plates and go towards their wives to make them have their lunch. 

Manik also goes towards Nandini to make her eat. He became angry when he saw Aryaman sitting beside her and forcing her to have food with his hands. 

Nan:- Aryaman, I don’t want to eat anything. Please don’t force me. 

Arya:- what’s this nandini?…… I specifically…

Ma:- ( angrily ) she said na….she don’t want to eat anything. Then why are you forcing her? 

Ca:- ( sternly ) what are you doing here, Aryaman? 

Ma:- ( smiling wickedly ) forcing Nandini to have food. 

But what cabir heard is the single word “FORCING”. 

Ca:- ( angrily ) why are you forcing her? How dare you? Go away from here. I am here and I will take care of my sister very well. 

Arya:- But Cabir, I just want to help her. And what is wrong with making her eat something? 

Ca:-  I will keep my sister hungry but will not let her eat anything with your hands. 

Manik gives a wicked smile to Aryaman whereas Nandini keeps silent. She didn’t interfere in this matter because she didn’t find anything wrong. 

Aryaman left while glaring manik. 

Ma:- Cabir, you also go I will make her eat food. Navya is waiting for you. 

Ca:- ( with narrowed eyes ) oh…. Today, Why are you showering so much love and care on her? 

Ma:- arey…. I am fulfilling my duties as a friend. 

Nan:- ( to her Ayiaapaa, mockingly ) see… see… Ayyappa with how much ease he is lying. See his confidence. Give him an award for his talent. 

Ca:- ok… I am going to make her eat everything and don’t dare to trouble her. ( To Nandini )  Nandu… you have to finish your food. 

Nan:- ( bad face ) Bhai….. I am not a baby anymore. Please don’t treat me like this. 

Ca:- you are still a baby. See your height yourself. 

Saying this, Cabir left making her angry. 

Nan:- ( pouting adorably ) I will complain to dad…. That you are making fun of my height. Then he will give you punishment and I will not stop him. 

Ma:- stop pouting and open your mouth. 

Nandini opens her mouth and Manik places a morsel in her mouth. 

Nan:- Gussa ho? ( Are you angry with me? )

Manik didn’t reply and gave her a second morsel. 

Nan :- ( cutely ) bolo na…. ( Say na ) 

To be continued…

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