A girl is standing outside the college cafeteria waiting for her friend wearing blue tightly fitted jeans with white crop top . And cursing her friend for making her wait . After 5 minutes she sees her friend is running towards her at jet speed.  And stopped in front of her while huffing badly. 

Alina:-  ( rudely ) you are 20 minutes late,Nandini. ( Crossed her hands on her chest ) .

Yes…. The girl is none other than Nandini Murthy. She smiles sheepishly and pouts cutely which melted her friend’s heart instantly .  

Nan:- ( holding ears with both hands ) sorry…na baby …… I received a very important call from India so I got busy with that .

She doesn’t know how many boys fainted seeing her pouting . She was dressed up very casually yet sexily . Every boy in the college has a crush on her , they even proposed to her which she rejected calmly stating that it’s just infatuation. 

Alina:- ok …. Had your breakfast ? 

Nan:- nooo …. Let’s move inside and have our breakfast together , I am damn hungry . 

Both move inside and order their breakfast .

College cafeteria


After taking their breakfast both moved towards the empty table and settled down , facing each other . 

Alina:- nanz now our this year is going to end soon . What are your future plans? 

Nan:- future plans as ? ( Gives questioning look ) 

Alina:- means you are going back to India or staying here for further training . 

Nan:- noo. … I am going back to India . Because I am missing my family a lot and I also got an internship in Mumbai’s best hospital . ( Smiles brightly ) 

Alina:- ( excited ) really ….. congratulations babe ( hugged her tightly, but after sometime got sad ) that means you are  leaving me here  alone. 

Nan:- uff …AL don’t get sad , if you become sad then i am not going . 

Alina:- no i know it’s important for your career . But promise me that you will call me everyday . 

Nan:-( mischievously ) what rubbish!! You are not my boyfriend. Why will I call you?

Alina:- ( fake crying ) see , you already changed. Then after going back you will totally forget about me . I hate you .

Saying that she collects her coffee mug and moves towards exit , leaving smiling Nandini behind.  Nandini too runs behind her after collecting her extra cheese sandwich . 

Nan:- hey….stop there you idiot ( laughing ) 

Alina:- no go away you bitc* . 

Nan:- ( still running behind her ) don’t behave  like a typical boyfriend . 

Nandini caught her right wrist with her left hand . 

Nan:- I am not going today itself . We have a full week for ourselves . And stop behaving like my possessive boyfriend bitc* . 

Alina:- ( authoritative tone ) ok so we are not attending any lecture today . You are coming with me for shopping . 

After saying this she moves forward leaving shocked Nandini behind . Nandini didn’t have any option other than to go shopping. 

Nan:- ( yelled ) hey you can’t just command me . And I am not bunking any lectures.  

After lots of arguments both decided to go shopping  . Spending 6 hours in the shopping mall both moved towards their home . 

Nandini’s apartment


Nandini entered inside her home , changed into a simple night suit and lay down on her bed thinking about something deeply . Suddenly an idea came in her mind and she jumped on her bed like a kid . After composing herself she called someone . 

Call conversation 

Nan:- hey!! Chetan it’s me Nandini . 

Che:-( manik’s P.A) good evening mam . 

Nan:- ( irritated ) please don’t call me mam . 

Che:- sorry mam , but if sir got to know that i called you by your name so the next second i get my resigning letter in my hand . 

Nan:- ( frustrated ) He is not going to know anything . But if you don’t call me by my name , then  I will surely fire you by myself . And your sir is not gonna raise a question . 

Che:- ( scared ) ok mam…..i mean Nandini . 

Nan:- ( smiles ) good .  I need a favor from you. Chetan.  

Che:- you don’t need to ask , you are like my little sister . So just order me.  

Nan:- ( closing her eyes tightly ) i want you to tell Manik that he is having a meeting in Pune on 14 Feb. And it is very important for the company’s betterment.

Che:- ( shocked ) whatt??? …… Nandini if you want to see my dead body just simply say , there is no need to do all this.  

Nan:- ( cutely ) please , you just have to convince Manik to attend a very important conference meet on 14Feb and for this he have to go to Pune on 13th Feb.

Che:- you don’t know , sir already told me to clear his schedule on 12 to 15 Feb. So that he can come to London and celebrate valentine’s day with you . 

Nan:- i don’t know anything , you have to do this .  

After saying that she immediately cut the call leaving Chetan in a dilemma . 

Nan:- (smirking ) Get ready MR. MONSTER MALHOTRA to get shocked . I am gonna surprise you just like you do but in my way.  

She remembers their last meet where Manik surprised her . 


Manik reached London to give surprise to his baby . He immediately left the airport premises and drove towards Nandini’s apartment . He knows that she must be sleeping . He dropped his luggage in the living room and moved towards his angel who is sleeping , making a cute pout . Her back is facing him . 

For some time he admired her and moved further . He too lies down behind her and takes her in a back hug . 

In sleep, Nandini turned towards him and placed her head on his chest clearly unaware about his presence. Seeing her this action Manik placed his lips on her forehead , dropping a kiss . Feeling very familiar lips she smiles in sleep and moves her head up while trying to open her eyes . 

When Nandini’s eyes caught Manik’s smiling face , she was not able to blink her eyes and sat on the bed immediately . Manik too sat in front of her . She thinks that she is seeing him in dream , to make herself believe about his presence she slapped him which shocked him to the core. Because he is expecting a kiss but instead of the kiss he got a slap which is put of the box reaction. 

Nandini smiles brightly knowing that he is really here in front of her. So without realising anything she slams her lips with his. 

On the other side Manik gets a mini heart attack first slap then a kiss . So much happened with an innocent soul that he is not responding to the kiss . 

Sensing that Manik is not responding she bit his lower lip and broke the kiss . Due to the bite he came back from his shocked zone but Nandini already broke the kiss. 

Nan:- ( happily ) i love you 

Instead of replying he takes her lips in a never ending kiss . He placed his left hand on her waist pulling her closer and his right hand doing magic in her hair. Turning their position , or taking her beneath him .

He kissed her passionately . Nandini too responded to the kiss fully by pulling him closer . 

After 2-3 min. Both broke apart but before leaving her lips completely, Manik gave a small peck on her lips . 

Ma:- ( panting ) this is the answer of your i love you . Do I need a word to express this? ( Raising his eyebrows ) 

Nandini blushingly shooks her head .  She moved her right hand towards his left cheek and rubbed it . 

Nan:- did the slap hurt you ? I swear It’s unintentional . 

Ma:- i know , but i don’t mind whether the slap is unintentional or intentional.  If i get a kiss after that.( mischievously ) 

Nandini’s cheeks turn more red after hearing his reply . She controlled herself and dropped a kiss on his left cheek where she slapped him to soothe the pain .

Manik closes his eyes in pleasure feeling her lips on his cheek . 

Flashback end 

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