Manik is standing outside Nandini’s window and romancing with her whereas Nandini is scared of getting caught. She is continuously pushing him to go back home but her stubborn boyfriend is not listening to her.

Nan:- ( worriedly ) Manik, why are you not understanding? It’s too risky. What if you fall?

Ma:- don’t worry, sweetheart.

Nan:- why did you come here?

Ma:- What type of a question is this? I am your boyfriend and you are my girlfriend. So, I come here to meet you.

Raman is gaping at the scene in front of his eyes. Manik is getting on his nerves now and what he hears next makes him dizzy on the spot.

Nan:- Manik, you are standing upon my dad’s car. If anything happens to his car, then forget about me.

Listening to this, Raman immediately runs toward the parking area to look at his car’s condition. 

Ma:- Nandini, I promise I will go but not before my kiss. It’s pending since morning.

Nan:- ( frustratingly ) ahh….. Why are you so stubborn?

Ma:- I am not stubborn, nandu. I am just asking for a kiss but you are not giving me it. So, who is stubborn, me or you?

Nan:- ohh God!!! … What should I do to you?

Ma:- nothing much, Just marry me!

Hearing this Nandini giggles making him smile hearing her giggle. He cups her cheek and kisses her tightly on the cheek while gritting his teeth out of love.

Suddenly he felt pain near his ankle and shouted, making her scared.

Ma:- ahh…

Nan:- ( worriedly ) what happened?

Ma:- ( while rubbing her ankle ) I think it’s a mosquito bite.

Little did he know the bite is not any mosquito bite. The reason behind his pain is none other than Raman.

Just a few moments back when Raman comes into the parking area. The scene he saw is enough to boil his blood.

Manik is standing on top of Raman’s car which is parked exactly below Nandini’s window.

Ram:- ( talking with himself ) see … How shameless he is. He is standing upon my beautiful car and romancing with my more beautiful daughter. ( Stomping his foot on the ground, childishly )

Raman’s mind:- so you have a problem with him standing on top of your car?

Raman’s heart:- what…… The non-living thing is more loveable to you than your living daughter!

Ram:- ( thought ) wait … Raman, Where is his car? ( He looks around to find Manik’s car ) I think he parked his car outside.

He decided to go near Manik’s car and wait for him there. But before going he pinched him near his ankle and ran immediately.

Ma:- so…?

Nan:- so…go back.

Ma:- ( pouting ) Why are you not letting me in? Today I want to sleep with you.

Nan:- yes… I know what type of sleeping you mean. By the way, I can’t take any risks because there are guests in the house.

Ma:- ( with narrowed eyes ) don’t tell me that close-up teeth are staying here.

Nan:- yes, right ( teasingly ) your close-up teeth are staying here.

Ma:- ( annoyingly ) he is not mine and why did you let him stay here?

Nan:- So what could I do? Kick him out of the house.

Ma:- why not? I have a better idea, why don’t you push him from the terrace?

Nan:- ( angrily ) Manik, go before I push you.

Ma:- ( with a smirk ) you can’t!

Nan:- try me…

Ma:- ( flirting ) arey… I am ready to try you but you don’t let me.

Nan:- ( frustratingly ) ah… Double meaning.

Ma:- no…no… I mean the same as what you thought. I don’t have any meaning other than that.

Nandini blushed exactly knowing the meaning. Manik too smiled and finally decided to go back home.

Ma:- ok… I am going but you go in first and close this window. And one more thing I don’t trust Aryaman so lock the door properly before sleeping. Ok?

Nan:- hmmm….. But why don’t you trust him?

Ma:- we will talk about this later.

Nan:- nowadays you are hiding everything from me.

Ma:- not everything baby but little – little things. But don’t worry I will tell you soon.

Nan:- hmm….. I know you will tell me soon.

Before going she kisses his cheek and after bidding the final bye she moves inside, locking the window properly with a lip-tight smile.

Here, as soon as Nandini moves inside Manik receives a message. Seeing the sender’s name he stumbled and read the message with trembling hands.

” It’s been 10 minutes and 30 seconds since you are with my daughter standing on the top of my car. Come out now, I am waiting for you. “

Your loving future father in law

Reading the message Manik became all black and white. He immediately got down but due to the moment, the flower pot which kept on Nandini’s window fell on the car’s top. Seeing the broken pieces of the flower pot Manik’s heart also broke into million pieces.

Ma:- ( crying face ) Why God why….. Am your favorite human? No… na… Then why do you always create a world war situation between me and Raman uncle? Why can’t you let him be in peace? At least keep his age in mind. How will he fight with me in this old age?

In this situation, he is worried about Raman because he knows after seeing this he will lose his heart first.

Otherside, Raman is waiting for Manik near his car.

Ram:- ( sarcastically ) oh look who is here? …. Manik Malhotra!

Ma:- hi…..

Ram:- shut up, What are you doing here?

Ma:- Why do you want to listen to it from me? You already know what I was doing here.

Ram:- ( tiredly ) ok… Let’s come to the main point. Why are you behind my life? Why do you want to kill me by giving me a heart attack?

Ma:- it’s not my fault. The fault is all your wrong timings. You always come to the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ram:- ( glaring at him ) she is my daughter and I come at any time to meet her. You should keep your romancing hormones in control.

Ma:- ( confidently ) and she is my girlfriend. I don’t have any control over them.

Raman becomes annoyed and starts to go inside stomping his foot but stops in mid hearing Manik’s serious voice.

Ma:- keep Nandini in front of your eyes because I can’t trust Aryaman anymore.

Ram:- ( in a serious voice ) is there something fishy?

Ma:- hmmm….. You will get to know soon.

Ram:- so, that means my doubt is right.

Ma:- ( shrugging his shoulders ) maybe …

Ram:- hmmm ….. Now go home it’s too late. Call me after you reach home.

Manik nods and smiles after a few seconds remembering how he makes Raman quiet.

Ma:- ( excitedly ) wohhhh….. Manik Malhotra, it’s the first time you won the battle against Raman uncle. I know this happened only because of Nandini’s kiss. She is truly my lucky charm.

He settles down in his car and drives towards the Malhotra mansion. Whereas Raman walks toward his house but before going inside he comes into the parking area to look at his favorite car. Seeing the car’s condition he cries hard.

Ram:- MUMMA……. My car. ( Angrily ) Manik Malhotra, you fool! I won’t leave you tomorrow…. ( Again crying ) but what will I do? He is my daughter’s future husband but still, he has to pay for it.

With this thought, he walks toward Nandini’s room as per his habit and enters inside to see his daughter sitting on the bed while looking at the same window. He smiles seeing his daughter deeply in love with the stupid Malhotra. He gets to know that she won’t sleep until Manik calls her after reaching home. He moves towards her and ruffles her hair after sitting down beside her.

Feeling a hand on her head Nandini comes out from her land and smiles seeing her father beside her. She kept her head on his lap and lay down. He smiles seeing her gesture and caresses her hair.

Ram:- you are still a baby who wants to sleep in my lap just like the way you sleep in your childhood.

Nan:- ( cutely ) but you don’t love me anymore. It’s been a while since we have had our father-daughter time.

Ram:- aww…… My princess, I always find a way to spend my time with you ( mummers ) but that son of Malhotra doesn’t let you come out from the washroom. ( All the washroom romance is replayed in his mind )

Nan:- Dad, Where are you lost?

Ram:- nowhere, my princess. I want to ask you something, Shall I?

Nan:- you don’t have to take permission, my HANDSOME MAN. ( Pulling his cheeks )

Ram:- Is there something that is bothering you? I have been noticing you for so long. Something is running in your mind which is creating a frown on my princess’s forehead and I don’t like that.

Nandini becomes silent. She knows that her dad can read her eyes before anyone can else.

Ram:- so, it’s yes. Nandini, you know na you can share anything with me.

Nan:- Dad, I know you are my friend first then my father. But there is nothing.

Ram :- ( sternly ) Nandini……

Nandini snuggles in his arms and speaks while still being in his arms.

Nan:- Dad, today I don’t feel comfortable around Aryaman. I don’t know why …… I feel something different. I can’t explain this feeling. I am confused.

Raman knows how she feels at this time. He tightens his hold and takes her in his protective arms.

Ram:- don’t worry princess I am with you. I will make sure that he won’t come close to you again. If anything happens then promise me that you will tell me without any hesitation.

Nan:- I promise, dad.

After this, both stay silent but Nandini is feeling bad for hiding about Manik from her father.

Nan:- Dad, What if you find out that I hide something important from you all? Then you will get angry with me?

To be continued ……….

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