Ma:- ( with gritted teeth ) CLOSE-UP TEETH means that show off teeth, Aryaman.

Seeing him calling Aryaman “close-up teeth” Nandini burst into laughter. Seeing her finally laughing, forgetting about anything Manik signed in relief.

Seeing Nandini laughing, Raman and Raj too signed in relief. Smiles touched their lips too. Indeed she is the reason for everyone’s smile.

Ram:- ( mummers slowly ) THANK YOU MANIK. For making her smile again.

Raj:- ( shockingly ) what?….. You just thanked him!! …….. Raman Murthy thanked ………………… Manik Malhotra.

Ram:- ( stammering ) umm…. N…OO…

Raj:- ( smirking ) Don’t lie. I heard it…

Ram:- what?? I didn’t say anything.

Raj:- really?…… By the way, it’s his duty to always make her happy. Now, can we move inside and give them some privacy.

Ram:- ( with narrowed eyes ) why???

Raj:- because I know romance runs in Malhotra’s nerves. And I don’t want you to get faint on the spot courtesy of my son’s romantic nature.

But the stubborn father is not willing to go inside leaving the two love birds.

Nan:- Why did you call him that?

Ma:- ( as a matter of fact ) haven’t you watched a close-up advertisement? How the actor smiles and shows his teeth to the world.

Nan:- So, what?

Ma:- ( with a bad face ) he also shows his broken teeth to us.

Nan:- broken teeth?

Ma:- it’s a future sentence, stupid.

Nan:- ( with widening eyes ) don’t tell me that you are planning to break his teeth?

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth with a cute pout ) not only teeth, but I am also planning to break his bones too. If he tries to hug you again.

Nandini goes all aww on his expressions. She cubs his one cheek and places her lips on his other cheek giving him a tight peck.

Otherside, the scene is witnessed by the possessive father whose eyes come out from his sockets. 

Ram:- see your son is spoiling my daughter.

Raj:- ( sarcastically ) yaa….. All the wrong deeds are done by my son only, Right? Yesterday the street dog bit our neighbor because of Manik only. Mr. Bajaj’s daughter ran away with his driver, in this too Manik is involved, right? If tomorrow Kerala will receive snowfall, will you blame him for this too?

Ram:- it’s impossible, Kerala will never receive snowfall.

Raj:- No…no ….. It will happen one day because Manik will do it. Right?

This tongue-tied Raman.

Nan:- you are so cute …..mani.

Ma:- but not more than you. You are the cutest.

Saying this he holds her waist and pulls her closer. He wraps his hands around her waist while taking her in his arms for a hug and digs his face in her neck.

With a smiling face, Nandini too wrapped her arms around his waist forgetting about the world.

Seeing this Raman’s breath hitched and his eyes popped out.

Raj:- ( to Raman ) I told you. It’s not a good show to watch.

Without saying anything Raman drags Raj and takes him inside. Indeed Manik’s romance will kill him one day.

Here, Manik pulls Nandini closer and sucks her left cheek passionately removing Aryaman’s touch.

Then he placed a kiss on her forehead while cupping her cheeks and Nandini closed her eyes in pure bliss.

After spending their little moment she placed her head on his chest and hugged him again with a never-ending smile. 

Nan:- I NEED THIS FROM SO LONG. ( referring to their hug )

Ma:- I know!!!

After almost 15 minutes Nandini breaks the hug and moves around to go inside but Manik stops her by sneaking his hand on her waist. He touched his front with her back and moved her hair aside and placed a sweet kiss on her neck.

Ma:- ( whispers in her ear ) I forgot to tell you one thing.

Nan:- ( breathing heavily ) what?

Ma:- that, today you are killing me with your looks. I just want to hide you from every eye which is on you. You know what my heart wants?………. ( Nandini shakes her head in no ) It wants to make you mine today itself. I want to tell everyone that you belong to me. I want to show my rights on you in front of our family.

Nan:- ( while shying away ) Manik, I think we should go now.

Ma:- and here comes my romance spoiler girlfriend. Great ( with a lip tight smile )

Saying this he moves inside with a bad face whereas Nandini giggles.

After spending some more private time with their families. Everyone disperses and goes to their places. Vardhan’s are staying with MURTHY’s.

Before going to sleep Vardhan’s moves towards Abhi’s room to have a talk with them about the Aryaman and Nandini alliance.

Muk:- everything alright, dad? You all come here at this time.

Ash:- don’t take tension, my baby. Nothing serious, we come here because we want to tell you guys something.

Abhi:- everything all right?

Arya:- hmmm…..

Ree:- Abhi, Mukti, actually we come here with a special purpose.

Muk:- what special reason, Mumma?

Ash:- actually we like Nandini a lot. And we want her as our daughter-in-law.

Arya:- yes, umm.,…… I love her and I want her in my life.

Muk:- ( excitedly ) wohh……. Sachi….you love her? I am so happy for you Bhai.

In all this Abhi has serious expressions. His looks clearly indicate that he is not happy with this.

Arya:- what happened, Abhi? I know you are very protective of her but trust me I love her and I want her in my life. I feel like she also has some feelings for me.

The over-possessive brother wakes up hearing this. Abhimanyu is not able to digest that some boy has his eyes on his sister. He likes Aryaman but he also knows that Aryaman is not the right choice for his BACHI.

Although he is also not impressed with the way Aryaman shows his right on his sister. He felt like he is asking about a thing not about a girl the way he said I want her. From his point of view you can’t take anyone just like that you have to win your love.

Abhi:- Aryaman, she is not a thing. If someone asks me and I will give her hand to anyone. It’s Nandini’s life so she has full right to make decisions for herself. I know that me, Cabir, or dad is overprotective of her but our topmost priority is always her happiness. And according to me she just sees you as her family friend nothing more. SO IT’S A NO FOR MY SIDE. AND I DON’T WANT YOU GUYS TO TELL THIS TO ANYONE.

Muk:- But Abhi, we can at least ask Nandini about this. Right? You just said that it’s her life so let her make a decision.

Abhi:- I know it’s Nandini’s decision but today I noticed that Nandini is not comfortable around him. You know na Mukti that I can read her eyes and today I see something different in her eyes. Please mom dad ( Mukti’s parents ) end this topic here only. I don’t want any discussion on this.

Vardhan stood up with a disappointed look but Aryaman become angry. He doesn’t want to lose Nandini at any cost. He just wants her in his life. Mukti is too angry with her husband’s decision. It’s true that she also loves Nandini but from her point of view, Abhi has no right to make decisions for Nandini.

Abhi:- and one more thing, Aryaman. I don’t like when you go close to my sister. Let me clear one thing YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS ON HER. Today you kissed her too which is not acceptable at all. ( sternly ) Next time try to keep your distance from her. Don’t take it casually, it’s a warning. Next time I won’t neglect it.

Aryaman goes towards his room banging the door in anger.

Muk:- Abhi, it’s Nandini’s choice to select her husband. What if Nandini too loves Bhai? You know bhai …… He is a true gentleman. How genuine he sounds when he talks about Nandini.

After lots of convincing Abhi gives her a thought and concludes. 

Abhi:- ok…I am giving a chance to Aryaman. But the last decision is always Nandini’s.

Otherside Raman is taking his BLOOD PRESSURE’S medicine. Since the day he got to know about Manik and Nandini’s relationship his sugar level, BP ( blood pressure ) level is not in control.

Ram:- I am not taking these medicines, Ishi.

Ish:- dare you say no to medicines again. I am fed up with you.

Ram:- ( with puppy eyes ) please…..

Ish:- no…, Who told you to eat extra sweets and take tension all the time? You are taking these medicines because of your careless behavior towards your health. 

Ram:- ( thought ) I won’t leave you, Manik Malhotra. I am taking these medicines only because of you. You are the main reason for my increasing BP. Only to cut your or Nandini’s bitter washroom memories from my mind I ate lots of sweets which results in increasing my sweet level.

Ish:- Now, what are you thinking, just take it.

Ram:- ok….( After taking the medicine ) I am going to check if all the doors are locked or not.

Ish:- ohh… God, now you are having GHAJINI DISEASE too.

Ram:- GHAJINI DISEASE, What’s this?

Ish:- arey, in this disease man loses his memory after every 15 minutes.

Ram:- what rubbish is this? I won’t believe it.

Ish:- you didn’t see the movie na, that’s why you are saying this. 

Ram:- There is a movie called GHAJINI DISEASE? ( Ishita nods ) and I thought that you were telling me about some real disease. But why are you telling me this?

Ish:- because I think you are also suffering from this disease. You already checked doors and windows twice and now you want to check it again.

Ram:- ( stubbornly ) yes ……. Because I am suffering from a disease called DAUGHTER AND BOYFRIEND IN THE SAME ROOM DISEASE.

Ish:- what ???

Ram:- leave it! You won’t understand.

Ish:- yes, because I have one special thing which you don’t have.

Ram:- ( frowned ) what??

Ish:- BRAIN.

Raman goes out glaring at her for indirectly calling him brainless. He checks each door and window. At last, he goes towards Nandini’s room to spend some personal time with her but what he sees there makes him dizzy. He holds the door to make himself steady. 

To be continued…

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