Manik moved downstairs for filling his stomach. He comes towards the dining table and sees only Alya is sitting there and busy on call so he asks her with gestures about mom . Alya replied to him through gestures towards the kitchen. So without any delay he moved towards the kitchen to spend some mother – son time.

Manik comes into the kitchen to see his mom making his favourite aloo paratha. And Butlers are busy in preparing juice and other stuff for everyone. He moved towards his mother quietly and hugged her from back, startling her. 

Nyo:- (shocked ) ahhh……Manik you scared me ….( Smacking his head )   How many times i told you don’t scare me like this . And don’t come near me when I am working in the kitchen. 

Ma:- ( childishly ) mom i love u ( hugging her more tightly ) if i don’t hug you then, to whom i hug? ( Rested his chin on her shoulder ) 

Raj too comes out after getting ready for the office and moves towards the dining area only to see Alya seating there and doing something on the phone. He further moves towards the kitchen , very well knowing about his son’s nature while nodding his head in disbelief. He came into the kitchen and listened to the last part of their conversation. 

Raj:- ( separating him from his wife ) don’t stick to my wife JUNIOR MALHOTRA (possessively) . Go to your girl. 

Nyonika is doing her work because for her this is her daily routine . And she is successfully ignoring both father- son duo. 

Ma:- (absentmindedly ) she is not here .( After realising ) aaa…….dad what are you saying i don’t have any girl.

Both Raj and nyo see him with a suspicious look . 

Ma:- (trying to change the topic) dad she is your wife and my mom too. So I have full right on her . ( Turning towards his mom ) Mom please bring breakfast. I am damn hungry . 

Giving a cold attitude to his father he kissed nyo’s cheek and ran out from the kitchen Saving himself from his father who was giving him a suspicious look and burning in jealousy . 

Raj see’s his retreating figure till he vanishes from his sight . And turn his attention towards his lovely wife . Nyo see’s him ,exactly  knowing what is going to happen . 

Raj:- (whining) nyo ….

Nyonika stopped him in mid and changed the topic . 

Nyo:- raj you are getting late for office . And food is also getting cold . (Moving out from the kitchen) come and have it . 

Raj followed her like a love sick puppy . And sit on the head chair . Nyo sat on the left chair beside Raj , Alya was sitting on the right chair beside her Manik sat. Raj from time to time glaring at Manik , which has no effect on him . Otherside alya and nyo both controlling their giggles knowing the equation between father and son. 

After having love filled breakfast everyone moved towards the gate , nyo also accompanied to see them off. Raj and Manik moved towards their car , Alya moved towards her car but stopped in mid and called Manik . 

Manik who is going to  sit on the driving seat stops after listening to his sister’s voice. 

Alya:- Manik don’t forget that we have a meeting with R- series for another music album so be on time everyone is gonna reach there directly . Meet you in the office ok. 

Nodding his head in approval, Manik sat on the driving seat , Raj too sat beside him on the passenger seat . Everyone waved their hand while saying bye to nyo who replied too with the same. Both the cars zoomed out from the mansion towards their destination . 

In the car 

Raj:- Manik don’t you want to go SHINE ? 

( company which Manik owns ) 

Ma:- no dad i have to join today’s meeting with you.

At the same time manik’s phone rings showing JAAN😍….he parked his car aside and immediately took the call so that raj doesn’t see the caller name. 

Call conversation 

Nan:- hello mani 

Ma:- umm …..( Avoiding his dad’s gaze ) hello , anything important ? You call at this hour .

Manik asked her because she never calls him in odd hours when he is with family or friends . 

Nan:- ( excitedly ) mani you know what i got an internship in a well reputed hospital here for 3 months . I am soo sooo happy ( twirling around ) And you are the first person to whom i gave this news. 

Ma:- ( smiling brightly ) congratulations jaa…( stopped abruptly and turned towards raj , who has all concentration on him only ) i knew that you get the best opportunity , do your best . 

Nan:- ( sensing his discomfort while talking ) you are with someone ? 

Ma:- yess..talk to you later ok .., bye….

Nan:- ( understanding him ) ok. Bye mani .

After the call ended Manik again started the car. He is very well aware of his father’s gaze on him . Exactly knowing that the enquiry session is going to start.

Raj continuously staring at him could not control himself more he finally asked . 

Raj :- who is the caller ?  ( Suspiciously ) 

Ma:- A friend of mine . Why are you asking ? 

Raj:- which friend ? I know all your friends ( narrowing his eyes ) . And the most important thing from when my arrogant son started talking politely , and smiling that too  brightly when he is talking with his so called friend . 

Ma:- ( with his all-time attitude ) offo…dad it’s just a client with whom I got really close as a friend. And please stop your ACP PRADUMAN’S questions like how, when, whom. ( Rolling his eyes ) it’s not a crime to talk with someone politely. Or is it? ( Asking while raising his eyebrows ) 

Raj:- ( smirking ) True , it’s not a crime to talk with someone politely. But it really became an interesting topic when THE MANIK MALHOTRA did so. 

Manik bite his lower lip to stop himself from smiling after seeing his father’s smirking face. 

Ma:- dad we reached .

Raj immediately looked outside the window to see that they reached the office . Manik immediately got down from the car to avoid further inquiry . Raj too followed him.

Manik himself opened the office’s gate for Raj to enter , and followed him. Everyone stood seeing their bosses coming in with their all time attitude , and started greeting them with good mornings . Both father and son nod their head in reply to their greetings and move towards their cabin to start their work . 

This is the equation which both father and son shared. Sometimes they behaved like enemies , sometimes they became best friends with each other , when the situation demanded they became mature to understand each other . 

After entering the cabin Manik firstly called his jaan to have his daily routine conversation and congratulated her too for the internship. After at least 15 min. he cut the call on the instance of Nandini and indulged himself in office work. 

Completing his work fastly he prepared himself for leaving the office premises around 2:30 to reach the studio for an album contract where the whole FAB5 was waiting for him . Before exiting the cabin he writes a message to Nandini stating that he will call her whenever he gets free. 

He moves towards his dad’s cabin and knocks on the door . After getting permission he moved inside . Raj looked up from the file and raised his eyebrows asking “what?”. 

Ma:- dad , i am leaving for the meeting . 

Raj:- ok my son …all the best 

Ma:- thank you dad , bye . 

And finally he moves towards his destination .

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