Nandini ran immediately and held his wrist stopping him in mid. She comes intimately closer to him and whispers, “Last month, on the same day you did something, and today I want to do the same.” Manik frowns not getting her meaning but the next second his confusion fades when she places her lips on his. She pulled him down through his neck and pushed herself into his body, giving him a mind-blowing kiss. He wraps his hands around her waist to support her whereas she deepens the kiss, dominating him. 

In the intense moment, Manik walks forward, making her sit on the dining table. A few plates and bowls shattered on the floor but they didn’t care about that now. She wraps her legs around his waist pulling him closer.

No one is ready to break the kiss and neither do they break off until the need for oxygen kicks her. He leaves her lips while she huffs and takes a breath from her mouth, making him adore her with high breaths. She looks at him passionately, and he removes tendrils from her sweaty forehead. When she calms down, he says, hiding his smirk, “On that same day, after our kiss, you punched me so, do I…?”

Listening to him, she remembers the slap scenes and pouts adorably but the seductress in her wakes up to trouble him. She palmed his awakening manh**d with her right palm and said seductively, “I won’t mind if you reciprocate that slap to me in some other way…” 

His eyes widen in shock, nevertheless, he chuckles and grabs the back of her head roughly, “Oh! My wild cop!… You are awakening the monster.” She encircles her arms around his neck pulling him closer if possible. “You speak a lot!” She pulls his hair from his back and bites his chin leaving a reddish mark. He hissed in pain but it was sweet while she spoke, “And I prefer a man who uses fewer words and more actions.“ 

This triggered Manik’s monstrous side. He took her lips for another kiss but now the kiss is way too aggressive, showing his passion, lust, and desire for her. She handled his aggression fluently and wanted more that’s why she rubbed her palm on his manh**d, pushing him to the edge. 

In reflex, he palmed her left bre*st giving her pain while getting madder seeing her wild nature. She doesn’t pull herself back because of pain instead presses his manh**d as well showing how much pressure she won’t on her bre*st from him. 

As if understanding her silent command, he puts more pressure on her bre*st, making her moan in pleasure inside his mouth. He leaves her lips panting hard and unbuttons his shirt, throws it somewhere in the room giving her a show to enjoy. She does the same, with her top, and leaves herself only in her br* and pants for his eyes to have a view. 

He unbuttoned his pants looking at her bre*sts with wild desire and unzipped his jeans showing the underline of his underwear. He has no shame in looking at what is his to cherish all his life. But seeing him bare from up Nandini loses her control and pulls him closer while wrapping her legs around his waist. 

He palms her both bre*sts while she licks his throat and bites his shoulders. Pressing both her globes to his heart’s content, he unhooked her br* and for the first time gazed at her treasure like a starving dog. He wanted to do many more things right here but she stopped him and pulled his hair to look at his face, “Take me to the bedroom.” 

Her command and he followed like her follower. He picked her up, wrapped her legs around his waist, and placed his lips on her to cherish them. Her core is radiating heat which he directly feels on his stomach, making it uncontrollable for him. He just reached the door pinned her on the wall and bit her cleavage still holding her legs around his waist.

“Fu*k!…” She moans feeling his mouth on her right bre*st and grinds herself on his stomach, making him feel her wetness and desperation. Breaking his mouth contact with her globes, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her on the bed rigorously. Her bare b**bs bounced, making him harder for her. 

She raises herself a little with the help of her elbows and commands him, dominantly, “Str*p!…” His ears turned red but not because of shyness instead he felt thrilled to explore all her shades. He chuckles and says, “Filthy much… My wild cop.” 

Nevertheless, he followed her order and threw his pants in one corner while throwing his boxer in another one. He stood up in front of her in his nak*d glory and she gazed at him from head to toe, “I liked it!… and loved the size too…” She says seductively eyeing his d*ck. “You would love its work as well, just give it a chance.” He responds while hovering over her and removing her pants slowly yet steadily giving her pain with pleasure. 

He traces her p*nty liner to remove it as soon as possible as he can’t wait to look at her other treasure but stops by her who pulls him closer by his hair. “Play with me before going down there.” 

“I love this wild cop of mine…” He says while gritting his teeth out of love and taking an oath to not go down before he makes her beg him. He poked his hardness on her covered treasure and got busied exploring her upper body. He bites, sucks, licks, smells, and does whatnot to her from her face to her stomach, making her moans go louder and louder. He also sucks her covered p*ssy giving her pleasure but didn’t touch her with bare hands. 

And the moment he waited just comes, she begs him to f*ck her with all his might. Hearing her, he couldn’t wait for a second before tearing her last cloth and entering her with all his strength, not giving her time to cope with the pain. She shouts and scratches his shoulder letting out her pain.

The pain was new to her but it didn’t stop or lower her desire to have him tonight or any other day whereas he waited for a minute to pull back for his other push. He pushed again and felt the same tightness around him which gave him a heavenly feeling. 

Their pleasurable ins and outs kept going until both climaxed together. He came out and laid down beside her taking her in a back hug and playing with her globes giving her relief as he tortured them a lot until they turned red and had his fingerprints. 

It’s been half an hour of their workout but they are still in the same position as no one is ready to leave each other. His hands still massaging her b**bs while she plays with his fingers which are placed on her chest. 

Out of nowhere, he compliments her, “You were way more beautiful than I thought.” She chuckles and turns around to face him while he leaves her b**bs and grabs her a**cheeks to massage them as well. Now, this position is as comfortable as before because he can explore another part too. 

“You dreamt about me being n*ked in your arms?” She asks, caressing his cheek with her left hand. “Yup!… Every night I dream of you under my body and m*sturb*te thinking about you.” He answers openly earning a slap in reward. 

“Eww…” She slaps him a little too hard and crunches her eyes. Further, she tries to threaten him, “Don’t use that word.” 

“What word?” He asks innocently and resumes speaking while his hands come in front and he slightly caresses her lips between her thighs. “Mastur…”

Before he could complete it, she shuts him up and cages his hand between her thighs desperately.  “Shut up! And focus on me…” 

“My focus is only on you, darling.” He responds while sliding his longer finger into her to start their workout again to seek pleasure from different positions. 

To be continued…

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