Manik is cooking a meal for his lady love as she is busy with work. It’s quite late and his lady is not at home yet, making him worried about her whereabouts. He dialed her number at least three times but every time it went unreachable. “Where are you, Nandini? I am getting worried… I hope you are fine wherever you are.” 

After a while, he got his breath back when he saw her entering inside quietly with a sheepish grin. She pouts and looks at him trying to melt his anger, “I am sorry, baby.” 

“Nandini, it’s 11 at night and you are coming now… Do you ever have an idea how worried I was for you?” Manik scolds her like a strict father but couldn’t stop himself from hugging her. As soon as her skin comes in contact with his, he relaxes and all the negative feelings go down the drain. 

“I got stuck with an emergency case…” Nandini pouts and rubs his heart while looking at his serene face still in his arms. She pouts cutely and continues, “I am sorry, My Gangster.” 

Manik rolls his eyes whenever she calls him MY GANGSTER. Although he gets angry whenever anyone denotes him with that name, he can’t say anything to her because she has all the right to call him that. He comes out from his land after hearing her and realizes that he is busy admiring his lady. 

“Why do you always get worried for me? How many times have I told you that no one can harm me?” Nandini asked sternly because he always stressed himself whenever she gets a little late which is not good for his health. 

“Ya… there is no one who can harm you but there are many people who can hurt you to destroy me.” This is his usual reply which he used every single time to make her realize that her life is in danger because of him. 

This time Nandini rolls her eyeballs tiredly and encircles her arms around his neck while pulling him closer. “I don’t care about anything until I have you beside me, Mr. Gangster.” She moved closer to his lips and spoke seductively, making him annoyed. “I know My Gangster will not let any harm reach me.” 

Manik smirks devilishly, pulling her closer harshly, making her blossoms crash with his chest. Their lips are just barely apart while he continues in his husky voice, making her wet down there, “So, you trust your Gangster blindly?” 

Nandini barely hummed because he smashed his lips with hers showing his passion for her through the kiss. Her legs jiggle while she wrapped them around his waist, raising his hormones. Being in the passion he put her on the dining table and pressed his hard-on where it belonged, making her moan. Still, he didn’t leave her lips for a second nor did she let him move back. Her hold is firmed on his hair, pulling him closer and closer even if it is possible. 

He pulled back his hands from her waist and fidgeted with his belt to open it. In the heat of the moment, he opens his belt followed by his jeans button and zip. The sound of his unbuckling belt felt so erotic to her that she just wants him right here. 

He pulled her closer through her waist and raised her skirt giving him goosebumps. Not having enough patience to handle her desire, she pulls him closer through his neck and he easily lets him do that. She whispers near his lips before sucking them in the sexiest way possible. “Take me here… right now!” 

Hearing her words, something strikes him and he immediately pulls himself back, making her eyes wide. “We can’t do this… let’s have dinner, you must be hungry.” 

“I am not hungry for food… I am starving for this.” Nandini yells timidly pointing at their situation, trying to put some sense in his brain. 

Manik nods with a chuckle and pushes his hardness towards her core, making her feel him raw, and says, “You can’t even imagine, how much I am craving for you right now?” 

“Then, complete it… YOU FOOL!” Nandini shouts, getting irritated with the sudden abruptness. 

“I am willing to fulfill your wish, My Love, but you have to eat anything before we proceed.” Saying this he cups her face and smooches her lips before buckling his jeans. He went into the kitchen and soon he dished out dinner for them but Nandini was still sitting in her previous position i.e. on the dining table. She is noticing his actions with narrowed eyes and murders him in her thoughts. He chuckles seeing her expression and sits on his seat, “I would love to have ( eyeing Nandini ) that piece of mine but right now I have to ( eyeing the real food ) just quench my hunger with this.” 

Nandini got down from the table and yelled on top of her tone, “I am not hungry.” He laughs seeing her cute anger and pulls her beside himself, gaining a glare from her. He looks into her eyes and says, sternly, “I don’t want any excuses. You have to eat and I will handle the rest of your desires once we finish dinner.” 

Nandini opens her mouth to oppose him but the smart Manik understood her unsaid words. So, he pulls out his revolver from his back and puts it in front of her. Seeing the revolver, she gulped and spoke, “Are you trying to scare me with that?” 

Without saying a word, he acts according to his plan and pretends that he is checking his bullets. Nandini shoots daggers at him after seeing the revolver filled with bullets. She screams, making him chuckle, “You are a jerk!” 

“I know that!” Manik admits without a second thought and passes her a victory smirk. “I won’t harm you for sure but I will harm myself if you don’t have food right now.” 

Nandini huffs angrily and stuffed a spoonful of rice in his mouth, making him quiet. And starts having her dinner planning to murder him in different-different ways. 

Manik comes out from his beautiful memory and finds himself sitting with his wallet and admiring HIS NANDINI’S PHOTO. Although he is also glancing at the girl sitting in front of him and notices the food packet lying beside her, untouched. Suddenly a feeling of concern engulfed him. Yes! He is not ready to believe the fact that SHE IS THE GIRL FOR WHOM HE WAITED FOR 18 YEARS but he also didn’t neglect the fact that SHE IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY. He is denying the fact that he has no feelings for HER but let’s see for how long he will stick to his grounds. 

He stood up after mustering courage and fooling his heart that he is doing this only because SHE IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY. He walks ahead and forwards the food package to her who looks at the packet first and then at him. She mumbles timidly, “I am not hungry.” 

He rolls his eyes at her stubborn behavior and keeps the food beside her at the previous place while he settles down exactly in front of her. He knows that she is noticing his every action, so he pulls out his revolver from his back and puts it in front of her after pretending to check his bullets. 

Nandini gasped seeing the revolver and her throat went dry. She looks into his eyes which scream, “Have food or else have a bullet.” Understanding the meaning of his gesture, she palmed her lips with horror and wisely chose the food. 

She had her food quietly still gazing at him and his revolver from time to time. Seeing her cute antiques he had a smile that he hid instantly not wanting to melt. He is scared to feel the same feelings again which destroyed his life. But a part of his heart wanted to have this girl near him. 

On the other hand, Palak is locked in the storeroom which makes her feel secure because here she is away from her dominating husband. And now, she can focus on Nandini without getting worried about anyone. She knows that her husband won’t look at the storeroom for 2 to 3 days which is enough for her to look for Nandini. 

She knew how to get out of this room without getting caught by anyone as she is fully trained by Nandini. She pulled out the hairpin from her hair bun and opened the lock from the inside after struggling with it for five minutes. Seeing the clear path, she walks ahead to exit from the back door where no guards were present. To leave the house, she has to walk ahead crossing her bedroom where she finds her husband making out with a new girl. 

It would be a lie if I say that she didn’t feel anything. She does get hurt seeing her husband banging every new girl on their bed. The bed where they celebrated their first night but right now this has no value in her eyes. She saw it numerous times which made her strong. She took a deep breath before walking out but heard his moan which made her stop in mid. 


He is repeating the same dialogue with his every thrust and Palak knows to whom he is referring here. She feels disgusted thinking about the fact that HE IS THINKING ABOUT HIS SISTER WHILE BANGING A RANDOM GIRL. 

To be continued…

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