Manik:- ( angrily ) WHAT THE HELL!!!……. DON’T YOU HAVE MANNERS, INNAYA? 

Innaya shivered to hear his shout but she has no regret in intruding on a couple’s privacy. If looks can kill then she would kill Nandini for coming in between her love life. Although there was not even love between Manik and her, it was just greediness and obsession of having Malhotra’s wealth. She is so shameless that her eyes are still stuck on Manik. 

Nandini nods her head in disbelief seeing Innaya’s piercing gaze at her husband. A sudden possessiveness rises in her heart for her husband. She is not a possessive type of wife but Innaya’s lustful gaze is not digestible to her either. Whereas Manik’s condition adds to her misery. Few buttons of his shirt are open, giving him a messy morning look for which any girl can die. She shoots daggers at her husband for being a hot mess making him confused before turning towards Innaya to tackle her. 

Nandini:- I already assumed that you don’t have the etiquette to behave but today you proved me right.

Nandini comes closer to Innaya while walking with MRS. NANDINI MANIK MALHOTRA’S swag. 

Innaya:- Hey you!… Be within your limits. 

She points her finger at Nandini, making Manik angry because he hates when someone behaves rudely to his wife. Whereas Nandini maintains her calm posture and sways her hand with a sarcastic chuckle. 

Nandini:- let me come to my limits, MISS DIXIT. ( sternly ) Keep your slutty eyes away from my husband or else I wouldn’t take a second to throw you out FROM MY HOUSE

Manik looks at his wife in astonishment but he is liking this fight. He liked the way his wife stood in front of him and tackled everything so calmly. He crossed his hands around his chest and enjoyed the show with a smirk. 

Innaya:- ( angrily ) Don’t you dare to call me a slut again. 

Nandini:- Why?… Is that word too small to describe your character? 

At her remark, Manik just wants to engulf her in his arms and pats her back for being so sassy. He mentally thanked his god for not making Nandini a typical poor lady who will bear everything for his family’s sake. 

Innaya fumes and walks ahead to grab Nandini’s neck to strangle her but at the right time, Nandini moves back making a fool of Innaya. 

Nandini:- No… No… Don’t touch me with those hands which roam on different men’s on different occasions, my husband won’t like. ( with a chuckle ) He is damn possessive of me, don’t you know? 

Innaya:- How dare you insult me? You don’t me!… I will ruin you and your not-so-happy family. 

Nandini:- hey, I know you very well. Maybe you don’t know about me as you never faced this side before. Don’t worry, within a week you will get to know me. 

Innaya:- ( while gritting her teeth ) Before a week I will show you with whom you are messing. 

Nandini:- Alright, I am waiting. By the way, will you please highlight to us why you barge inside OUR ROOM

Innaya:- ( encircles her hands around her chest, smirkingly ) Why?… Didn’t I have the right to come here? You snatched my lover and I can’t even invade your privacy. 

Nandini:- One second… one second… Did you just say “LOVER”? ( giggles ) Are you serious? I hope you didn’t get drunk in the early morning because your words sound like you are still not in your senses. 

Innaya:- I am in my proper sense, MRS. MALHOTRA

Nandini:- ( exclaimed ) Here you got me right, Miss Dixit. MRS. MALHOTRA sounds good from your mouth, doesn’t it, Manik? 

Manik nods his head with a slight chuckle seeing his wife in a fierce mood whereas Nandini continues. 

Nandini:- Let me clear your one misunderstanding, Miss Dixit. Manik WAS, IS, and WILL never be yours. 

Manik:- hope you got some brain, Miss Innaya. ( possessively ) And from next time don’t even let your shadow near OUR ROOM. Maybe we won’t be in the perfect situation to handle you at that time. So, keep your eyes, hands, legs, and ears away from OUR ROOM. We hate when someone barges inside and ruins our romance just like you did. 

Innaya walks out after stomping her foot on the floor while glaring at Nandini for being at her place. She cursed the day when her parents failed to kill Nandini. 

Here, as soon as Innaya went out Manik locked the door from inside and faced Nandini, excitedly. 

Manik:- Today you proved that you are MRS. NANDINI MANIK MALHOTRA. I am proud of you. ( chirpily ) How calmly and savagely you handle her, is just incredible! I become your fan, Mrs. Malhotra. 

Nandini didn’t smile nor look excited because she is busy shooting daggers at her husband. In excitement, Manik forgot to notice her stern eyes which were digging holes in his body. He grabs her arms while pulling her closer. 

Manik:- ( huskily ) Let’s continue from where we left. 

Before he could bend down to kiss her Nandini pushed him back forcefully making him shocked. 

Manik:- ( with wide eyes ) What have I done, baby? 

Nandini points at his exposing chest which is popping out from his shirt because of his open buttons. 

Nandini:- ( irritatingly ) What is this? Did you want extra attention? 

Manik:- ( defends himself, cutely ) Hey, I didn’t open them. 

Nandini:- Shut up! Not a word further or else I will strangle you with my bare hands. ( angrily ) Why are you even wearing this shirt? Remove it and let girls see you naked. 

Manik gulps his saliva seeing his angry wife. He wants to defend himself but his words are stuck in his throat. 

Nandini:- Why not do one thing, just go to your Innaya without a shirt and make her day. 

Now Manik also got angry seeing her taking Innaya’s name in their fight and in his ego he opens his two more shirt buttons. He walks closer to Nandini with a devilish look. 

Manik:- ( stubbornly ) Now, I will stay like this. 

Nandini took a sharp breath and removed her dupatta too, giving him a challenging look. 

Nandini:- Fine! Then I will also roam without my dupatta. 

Manik flared his nose and removed his shirt completely, giving her the challenge back. His toned abs are on display but this time his wife didn’t melt like ice seeing him like this. 

Nandini too smirks devilishly, making him scared, and removes her suit ( top ). Manik’s eyes popped out seeing her standing with her bra and lower on. 

Nandini:- ( smirking ) I will roam like this. 

Now Manik’s possessiveness is at an extreme height. He covers the distance between them in a second and pinned her frame on the wall while hovering over her dominantly. 

Manik:- Don’t you even dare to think about going out of this room like this? I will punish you so hard for that. No one has a right to see what is mine! Did you get that? 

Nandini also flares her nose in anger and swiftly turns their position making him shocked. 

Nandini:- Same goes with me too, Manik. Then, why did you say that you will roam around with a bare chest? 

Manik:- ( cubs her cheeks ) I was just teasing you, Jaan. 

Nandini:- ( frustratingly ) I am angry with you and here you are teasing me…

Manik:- So? You are getting hyper unnecessarily. It doesn’t matter whether I go out with or without a shirt because you are the only girl who will conquer my heart everywhere. I can assure you that my eyes would only stop at you even if you are in a crowd.  

Nandini calms down a bit and realizes her actions which makes her embarrassed. 

Nandini:- Sorry, I overreacted. 

Manik:- You shouldn’t be sorry for getting possessive of your husband, not when your husband liked that possessiveness. ( teasingly ) Truly speaking, I loved when my wife claimed me authoritatively. 

Nandini blushes and looks down only then she realizes her condition which darkens her blush. 

Manik:- so, shall we start from where we left off? 

Unexpectedly, Nandini agreed and cupped his cheeks while closing her eyes. Manik leaned down to take her lips for a pleasurable ride but again someone knocked on the door. Nandini moves back immediately, making him groan in annoyance.

Manik:- ( groaned ) Now, who the hell is there?…….. No one let me live peacefully. 

Nandini:- Manik, first go and check the door. 

Manik:- ( irritatingly ) Fine!

He took a step to go but frowned seeing Nandini who was wearing her suit ( top ) back. 

Manik:- Why are you wearing that again? 

Nandini:- because romance time is off. 

Manik groaned again and swore to kill the person who dared to disturb his romance.

To be continued…

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