45. PROOF!

After having their brunch Nandini looks at Manik suspiciously who is grinning without reason. 

Nandini:- Manik, what is happening? What is the reason behind that smile? 

Hearing her question, Manik sits straight and hides his smile. 

Manik:- what?…… I didn’t get you. 

Nandini:- ( with a lip tight smile ) but I get that……….. You are hiding something from me.

Suhana giggles, grabbing Nandini’s attention, making Manik sulk like a kid. 

Suhana:- I told you Manik. You can’t hide anything from your wife. 

Manik:- ( sadly ) ya…. I always get caught because of my overexcitement. 

Nandini goes all aww on her husband’s sad pout and places a tight kiss on his cheek, making him shocked. 

Nandini:- You are such a kid, Husband. 

Manik blushes and turns his gaze due to shyness whereas Suhana clears her throat making Nandini realize what she did in front of her. After a second both the lovebirds blushed bright red. 

Suhana:- you guys are blushing as you guys kissed for the very first time. ( like a teenager ) Take chill-pill lovebirds. This is normal here. I didn’t even mind if you guys make out right now. 

Both the lovebirds gasped and widened their eyes to look at her who ran inside the kitchen with a playful grin. 

Manik:- ( accusingly ) see because of you Suhana saa teased me. 

Nandini:- haww…… you are very bad, Manik. 

Before they could start their fight Suhana comes out from the kitchen and speaks while looking at Manik. 

Suhana:- Manik, you are getting late for the office. 

Listening to Manik going to the office, Nandini becomes sad because she hopes that today he will take off for her. But still, she kept her sadness aside. 

Nandini:- you are going to the office? 

Manik:- hmm……. Not me! We are going to the office together. 

Nandini:- ( surprisingly ) What will I do there? You will become busy at work then, I will get bored. 

Manik:- Nandini, I am not going to work. We are going because the staff called us as they planned a surprise party for us. 

Nandini:- oh….. But Why were you grinning before? 

Manik:- because I am excited that we are going to enter the office as husband and wife. I will proudly introduce you as my wife MRS. NANDINI MANIK MALHOTRA

Nandini blushes because whenever he joints his name with hers’ gives her a sensation that she can’t describe in words. Seeing her red cheeks Manik lightly bites her left cheek while gritting his teeth out of love. 

Manik:- let’s go. 

Nandini:- Should I change my saree? 

In reply, Manik shouts on top of his tone making everyone deaf around him. 


Well, yes! Nandini is looking drop-dead gorgeous in a yellow-colored net saree. The Henna clad hands, her nuptial chain around her neck with those red wedding bangles, and her open hair are making her prettier. But what increases her beauty is her smile and love for Manik which she has. 

Nandini:- ohk….. Fine! But Why are you shouting then? 

Manik:- ( in embarrassment ) sorry…….. I got carried away in excitement. 

Nandini:- ( smilingly ) it’s ok. Now, shall we move? 

Manik nods and walks ahead unknown to the surprise which is waiting for him on another side of the door. Behind him, Nandini crossed her fingers in nervousness and hoped for the best. 

He opens the main door and the thing which is standing in front of his eyes just makes him speechless. He didn’t find any words to show his pleasure or displeasure. His eyes automatically come out from its sockets witnessing the scene. 

On the other hand, in India, the Dixit’s are hell shocked knowing the real face of Avantika. They never thought that the girl on whom they showered love like no one would stab them from behind one day. They are still processing the truth which seems impossible to them. 

Among everyone, Arjun is the happiest brother alive on the earth right now. His happiness has no boundaries. Today, he finally found out about his sister after lots of struggle but the struggle was worth it. Isn’t it?

The world is really small as destiny made him meet his sister but he was unaware of the fact that she is his sister, HIS BABY NANDINI. 

Divya:- Arjun, you know where Nandini is? So, please take me to her. I want to hug my daughter once. 

Everyone is happy beyond limits but there are only two people who are not happy after knowing that the real daughter of Dixit and the girl to whom Manik married are the same. And they are none other than Innaya and Varsha who are not in favor of accepting Nandini as Manik’s wife or the heir of Dixits’. 

Innaya:- ( fuming in rage ) How can we easily trust that oldie? ( eyeing Ashok ) He must be behind all this to get the property. I think that he and his wife ……. Stupid lady, Krishna planned all this as they know how badly Arjun Bhai is searching for his sister.

Asha:- I always thought that you don’t have manners to talk with elders but today you proved it yourself. You proved it whose blood is running in your nerves. 

Innaya:- ( angrily ) how dare you insult my parents? You blood* bitc*…….. 

Saying this, she advanced towards Asha angrily to grab her neck but was badly pushed by Arjun who came forward to protect his wife.

The rest are too stunned to respond but at the same time, they all are shocked to witness Innaya’s reaction. The soft, innocent image of Innaya is on the verge of breaking because of her behavior. 

Vishamber sunk more and more in guilt for supporting the wrong side but alas he can’t do anything. He is satisfied that Manik didn’t marry her ( Innaya ) because of his pressure or else his life would ruin which he can’t see.  

Arjun:- ( angrily ) be in your limits Innaya. I will not think twice before showing you your real place. And trust me you will not like that. 

Surprisingly, Innaya controlled herself for the sake of her future because she knows that Arjun can ruin her career in seconds. Her luxuries would be snatched away by him in seconds which she doesn’t want at this moment. 

Ashok:- shant ho jao Arjun. Innaya sahi toh keh rahi hai. Tumhe sabot chaiye jisse ye sabit ho jaye ki Nandini hi tumhari asli bhen hai aur yeah sabot mere pass hai. ( keep calm Arjun. She is right. You guys need proof to believe that Nandini is your real sister and I have that proof. ) 

Arjun:- I don’t need any proof to accept that Nandini is my princess. The way I felt around her is enough to make me realize that she is a very precious part of my heart.

Divya:- Arjun, Innaya is right. We can’t trust anyone like that. 

Arjun:- ( with a sarcastic laugh ) why does this don’t apply to Innaya? 

Divya:- ( angrily ) Arjun, Innaya is my daughter.

Arjun:- adopted daughter, Mrs. Dixit. 

Yashoda:- Divya, you need proof to believe that your daughter is alive and is none other than Nandini? Then, I am sorry but you are the worst mother. 

Divya looks at her with shocked eyes because this is a big statement to use for a mother and it did hurt her motherly sentiments. But she didn’t have words to defend herself as she doubted her own blood. 

Ashok:- ( handing a small bag to Divya ) these are Nandini’s pictures from her childhood to her teenage till today. I clicked all those pictures to cherish every moment of Nandini. Hope this clears your doubt. 

Arjun denies and moves out followed by others with fuming Innaya. After this, he is adamant to meet his sister anyhow. Even everyone is excited to meet Nandini but nervous at the same time. All are nervous thinking about how Nandini will react after knowing the truth of her life? 

But Innaya is determined to ruin Nandini’s happiness for Manik and the properties of Dixit’s. 

To be continued…

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