Nandini reached her destination . But there is darkness all around.  Driver too left after dropping her . She again and again shouts to give her boyfriend a hint about her presence . But there is no response . She moves forward after taking waheguru’s name. ( god’s name )

After walking 10 to 15 steps she saw some light which was coming from the right side of the jungle . After gathering some courage she moves towards it.

She abruptly stopped in mid to see a beautiful lake in front of her eyes.  And the whole area is decorated with heart shaped lights . The whole place is looking so peaceful and serene just the way she likes .

Suddenly she felt his presence around her . She turns towards his direction to see him kneeled down with a diamond ring in his left hand. She  gasped knowing what was coming her way . She got slight tears in her eyes .

Boy :- Nandini I know that I troubled you a lot and am going to trouble you in the near future . Because you know time changes but I won’t . ( Laughs in mid )

On a serious note , today I want you to be with me for the rest of my life . In these months I gotta know how important you are for me to live . You made me forget how to breathe . Now I am not able to dream a single day without you .( He takes a deep breath )





The guy is none other than MANIK MALHOTRA.


The only heir of MALHOTRAS. Apple of everyone’s eye in Malhotra’s  residence. He is the laadla of his grandparents. He admires his grandparents’ love. Only because of them he got the real meaning of true love in the world of LUST.  Has a look to die for. Any girl can fall for him but he is committed. He never thinks about any other girl except HIS NANDINI. He loves her more than his own life. He knows that he is the only one to whom nandini can call her own. But he is determined to give her every happiness which she deserves. 

Manik is waiting for her answer. He is fully confident about her decision but still he is tense too. Not getting any reply he softly called her.

Manik :- NANDINI……

Hearing him Nandini come out from her zone and nods her head in yes. Her eyes are full of tears and her throat becomes dry.

Getting yes in reply, manik grinned like a baby and slid a diamond ring in her ring finger and moved his gaze towards her to see her crying . Before he could do anything, she bends down and kisses him, making him shocked .

After breaking the kiss Manik stands on his feets to see a tear slip down from her eyes . Before it fell down  he removed it with his thumb and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Nandini smiles at this gesture. And place a kiss on his forehead too . Making him close his eyes in pure bliss .

Manik took her in his arms and hugged her tightly. Nandini too reciprocates the hug. He tightens his hold on her after every passing second because he is meeting her after almost 8 months.

After breaking the hug . Nandini frowned after remembering something and pouted angrily . Manik got confused seeing her changing mood .

Manik:- what happened baby ?

Nandini :- ( cutely pouted ) You didn’t say those three magical words . Which I am dying to listen to .

Manik :- ( laughs ) awww my baby …. now you can hear that for the rest of your life .

Nandini pouted cutely .

Manik :- ( sincerely ) I LOVE YOU BABY …

Nandini :- ( smiling ) I LOVE YOU TOO ….

She giggles and hugs him again. After some time she asked a question, still being in his arms .

Nandini :- Manik will your family accept me? I mean…. I am an orphan and didn’t match your standard .

Manik stops her in mid while keeping his finger on her lips .

Manik :- there is no one who does not like you or reject you . Soo don’t take tension baby.  My family loves me a lot and they would love you too. I guarantee!!

Nandini just hummed ..


Varsha Malhotra is walking too and fro near the gate waiting for her son. 

Varsha :- dekhiye na maa yeah abhi tak nahi aaya . ( See na maa , he hasn’t arrived yet )

Parveen :- he must have been stuck in a traffic jam .

Varsha :- but still….

Whereas manik reached nandini’s home to have a talk with her kaka.

Nandini’s house is a small one which consists only of two bedrooms with a small hall with an open kitchen. Both of them are sitting beside each other infront of her kaka.


Nandini’s kaka. An aged man works in a factory for their living. A widower. Lost his wife in a dreadful accident around 20years ago. But promised his wife to keep their daughter safe and away from every evil.  Although Nandini is not his own daughter but he loves her more than anything. Has a past which he is hiding from everyone.

Manik :- ( holds kaka’s hands ) kaka , I love Nandini , I really love her a lot  . I want to spend my whole life with her  . You are just like a father figure to her.  So will you give her hand in my hand? I promise to you that I always keep her happy , I never ever leave her hand. Tomorrow I will bring my family too for asking her hand for marriage.

Kaka kept his hand on his head and said .

Kaka :- mujhe tum par pura vishwas hai manik aur mujhe tumhare is rishte se koi aitraaz nahi h. Lekin mujhse wada karo ki tum meri gudiya ka khayaal rakho gai.

( I trust you Manik . I have no problem with your relationship . But promise me that you keep my doll safe )

There is something hidden in his eyes while giving her responsibilities to him . Maybe he is afraid to lose her or he is scared due to some reasons which are going to unfold soon .

Manik :- ( smiles ) I promise .

Kaka :- lekin manik kya tumhare ghar wale nandu ko apnayegai? 

( but Manik, will your family accept nandu? )

Manik:- aap fikar mat karo kaka. Mujhe unpar pura vishwas hai woh kabhi bhi meri pasand ko na pasand nahi karegai. Mai kal hi mere aur nandini ke baare mai apni family se baat karuga.

( you don’t take tension kaka. I trust them . They will never reject my choice. Tomorrow I will talk about us to my family. )

Everyone smiles not knowing what storm is waiting for them. After chit chatting, Manik leaves for his house leaving Ashok in deep thoughts.

To be continued…

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