Everyone is at the dining table for their lunch. There was an uncomfortable silence at the table. Shehnaaz and Suhana Ji are dishing out dishes on the table while Sidharth is rolling his eyes and sees his wife who is adamant about serving everyone. 

Shehnaaz placed a bowl full of Kheer on the table which she prepared for her first kitchen ritual. 

Yashoda:- Shehnaaz, kheer? Is there any occasion? 

Before Shehnaaz could reply Suhana Ji chirped in, smilingly. 

Suhana Ji:- woh…. Aaj Shehnaaz ki pahali rasoi thi na isiliye usne banai hai. ( Shehnaaz prepared it as today was her first kitchen ritual.) 

Everyone smiles leaving Innaya who is filling Varsha’s ear against Shehnaaz. 

Innaya:- see I told you, right? She is trying to butter everyone. This is her first attempt to win everyone’s heart. 

Varsha is slowly falling into Innaya’s trap like a fool. She is unaware that this hatred for Shehnaaz would push her son away from her. 

Varsha:- ( rudely ) Shehnaaz, served everyone. 

Her tone didn’t go well with anyone. Sidharth flared his nose and controlled himself from bursting out on his mother. And Shehnaaz out of generosity didn’t mind her words. She stood up to serve everyone but was stopped by her husband. 

Sidharth:- ( authoritatively ) Shehnaaz, you are not going to do that. You are not any servant who will work under anyone’s command. 

Hearing him, Varsha felt offended and her hatred for Shehnaaz increased. She is not able to digest the fact that her son is supporting a mere girl above his mother. 

Varsha:- Sidharth, I didn’t order her. It was just…….. She is our daughter-in-law so she must look after her family. 

Sidharth:- ( chuckles ) What did you just say? Come again…… Daughter-in-law? Really? Let me remind you, my dear Mom, she is the same girl to whom you abused and gave a different name. And suddenly you are accepting her, strange. 

Shehnaaz holds his hand and tries to cool him down which is next to important. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth….. Please calm down. Let’s have lunch, everyone must be starving. 

Her words somewhat cooled him down but Innaya’s words and her touch on his hand made him boil again. 

Innaya:- ( caressing Sidharth’s bicep ) Sidharth…. You are overreacting. Maa ( Varsha ) is just trying to accept her, nothing else. 

Sidharth stood up from his seat and jerked her hand so strongly that it banged with the table’s corner, making her wince in pain. She controlled herself from abusing him just to keep her dignity. 

Sidharth:- ( with red eyes ) Don’t you dare to touch me again, Innaya. Or else I will forget that you are a girl.

Saying this he left the table without having a morsel. 

Kiran:- Sidharth…… this is not the way to go without a morsel. You can’t neglect the food. 

Sidharth:- ( without turning ) I am full with all of this. 

Shehnaaz too left behind her husband after ordering Suhana Ji to look at everyone’s comfort. 

Vishember:- ( to Varsha, angrily ) This is the way to talk with your daughter-in-law? 

Varsha:- but I just…… 

Yashoda:- ( cutting her in mid ) Your tone wasn’t correct, Varsha. Your behavior is enough to convey that you didn’t like Shehnaaz even a bit. 

Innaya:- ( Supporting Varsha to keep in her good books ) Dadi, what do you expect from a mother whose only son is going against her for a mere girl? 

Arjun:- ( angrily ) And that mere girl is his wife, don’t forget that. 

Varsha:- ( with hatred ) Shehnaaz is your biological sister that doesn’t mean she is innocent. 

Yashoda:- ( dejectedly ) It’s our fault that we are trying to make you understand. But mark my words, Varsha, you will lose your son with this behavior. 

Varsha didn’t give any heed to her words because she was already trapped in Innaya’s web. 

Innaya:- ( to Yashoda ) Dadi, won’t you say anything about the way Sidharth jerked my hand and walked away? Will you take out my mistake in this too? 

Yashoda:- you won’t understand that. 

Asha:- ( to Innaya ) Innaya, stop giving brain to anyone when you have a shortage of it. Sidharth knows what he is doing. He has every right to push you away when he doesn’t feel comfortable with your touch. ( with a lip-tight smile ) By the way, you are not his wife, he won’t enjoy your touches in his lifetime. 

Innaya gritted her teeth but stayed quiet as much for everyone’s relief. 

On the other hand, Sidharth is lying sideways on the bed. He is hell-angry with his mother. He can easily read the hatred in her eyes for Shehnaaz. He is not able to digest the fact that his mother is not happy with the fact that he is happy with his love, his wife. 

Shehnaaz entered and locked the door from the inside. His back is facing her. For a second she felt aroused seeing his muscular body from the back. Suddenly a visual comes into her memory lane, the way she holds those bulky muscles while he is taking her on the ride of pleasure is so blissful. Her nails love to scratch his back to show how much pleasure he is giving her. A blush crapped on her cheeks when she remembered their first night. Not wanting to embarrass herself she erased those wet and naughty thoughts as soon as they created any harm. 

Sidharth is all silent when he feels her soft hands slide down from his waist and get locked around his stomach. He didn’t move or reciprocate her move. 

Being in a naughty mood and wanting her husband’s attention. She nibbled his ear and snuggled her nose in his cheeks. With her moves, Sidharth feels ticklish. 

Sidharth:- ( smilingly ) Shehnaaz…… What are you doing? 

Shehnaaz:- trying to get my husband’s attention. 

Saying this she bites his puffed cheeks harshly making him wince. 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz……… It’s my cheek, not rasgullas. And don’t irritate me. I am not in a mood. 

Shehnaaz giggles silently hearing his irritating tone but smirks naughtily. She opens his front few buttons and caresses his chest seductively by whispering in his ear. 

Shehnaaz:- I AM HUNGRY……. HUSBAND. 

Sidharth didn’t believe his ears while his eyes came out of their sockets. His mood instantly turned romantic from angry. All the family chaos went out from the window hearing his wife’s seductive tone. Whereas Shehnaaz smiled in victory as her plan worked to divert his mind. 

In a nanosecond, Sidharth turned towards her and hovered over her, pinning her to the bed. 

Sidharth:- are you serious?… I mean… Do you really want it? 

Shehnaaz:- ( innocently ) What? 

Sidharth:- Shehnaaz, don’t act smart. Are you hungry for me? I mean… shall we start? 

Shehnaaz:- ( innocently, hiding her smile ) Yes, I am hungry. So, move aside and let me go down for lunch. Shall I bring your lunch here? 

Sidharth tightens his fist and his eyes turn red, seeing his expressions Shehnaaz couldn’t be able to control herself more. She burst out in a peal of loud laughter while clutching his bicep. 

Sidharth understood her prank and shot daggers at her with his strong gaze.

Sidharth:- ( Cribs like a kid ) You can’t play such pranks on me, Shehnaaz.  

Shehnaaz:- ( caressing his face seductively ) So… With whom I am allowed to do such pranks? 

Sidharth:- ( possessively ) No one!!!… You can play on me as many pranks as you want. But this side of yours is only limited to me. Ok? 

Shehnaaz chuckles at his possessive nature. She pulled him down while holding his chain and took his lips on the ride of pleasure. This love-making is new for Sidharth as this one is initiated by his wife. So, he surrenders himself to her and just seeks pleasure from her soft and delicate touches. 

Soon his shirt found its place under the bed which was mercilessly thrown by the lady in command herself. Their kiss turned more passionate and dominated by Shehnaaz’s move. 

Shehnaaz wants to devour his mouth but Sidharth is giving him a tough time in it. She pinched his upper swell of chest hardly taking him off guard. Her hands are still on his nipp**s which are arousing him to limits.

His phone rang showing an unknown number but Sidharth was quick to notice that. He swiftly lifted his cell and placed it under the pillow to muffle its sound before it could break their special moments. He didn’t want this moment to get spoiled by just a mere call. Whereas Shehnaaz is not aware of his actions. 

Sidharth turns around again and takes her over him, giving her enough opportunity to devour her husband. Today, Shehnaaz is in charge of everything and Sidharth loves it to the core. She is not rough or dominant unlike him but her softness and patience are enough to give him a tough time dealing with his release. He just wants to cherish this moment for now because afterward, his Shehnaaz will not even meet his eyes because of her shyness. 

Otherside, Innaya threw her phone on the bed furiously because Sidharth was not picking up her call even after she called him a zillion times. And she is not any saint who didn’t guess the situation inside the room of a newly married couple. 

Innaya:- ( furiously ) You are going to be dead, Shehnaaz. Sidharth’s heart, his soul, his body, his family, and his property are all mine. I will not share it with anyone. You are going to pay a huge amount for touching MY Sidharth! 

To be continued…

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