A car stopped at the mansion’s gate and Sidharth came out of the car and walked inside the mansion in an attitude where his family was waiting for him. He greets his family chirpily and takes their blessings. He spends some quality time with them before going to his room for rest. The whole house bloomed like a fresh flower with his mere presence. 


A very heated argument going on between the most loveable couple.

Yashoda:- ( pleadingly ) ji aap ek bari aur soch lijiye. ( Think once again, please )

Vishamber:- this is my final decision, Yashoda.

Yashoda:- but, she is not right for our Sidharth. You know her true colors then why do you want to make her our daughter-in-law?

Vishamber:- ( angrily ) don’t forget what pandit Ji has said.

Yashoda:- so, that doesn’t mean we make her hitch with our Sidharth. She is not the right choice for him, Why can’t you understand? I don’t want her in my family. Don’t know why I don’t get good vibes from her.

Vishamber:- (in an authoritative tone ) I already made a decision.

Yashoda:- ( angrily ) and your decision will affect Sidharth’s whole life. Why don’t you say clearly that you promised Manish Bhai to make his granddaughter our Sidharth’s wife?

Vishamber:- ( aggressively ) If that’s what you want to hear, then yes I promised him.

Yashoda:-  then hear me loud and clear too. You are doing wrong with Sidharth and I am not supporting you in your wrong deeds.

Saying this she walks out leaving her husband in deep thoughts.


Varsha:- ( excitedly ) finally my baby came. You know Parveen Ji, I am so excited because tomorrow papa Ji will talk about Sidharth’s marriage. I am so happy that I can’t tell you.

Parveen:- ok, ok… relax Mrs.Malhotra. But why are you so happy? Because Sidharth ne abhi tak shadi ke liye haa nahi kaha hai. ( Because Sidharth hasn’t said yes to the marriage, yet )

Varsha:- So what? I know him. He never denies papaji’s decision. 

Parveen:- don’t keep your hopes high. 

Varsha:- uffff……You don’t ever let me be happy, right? You destroyed my mood, now go and sleep in the guest room. 

Parveen:- ( shocked ) why???

Varsha:- because I don’t want you here. Now go before I throw you out.

Parveen:- ( pleading ) please baby …..

After some pacifying sessions, both slept in each other’s arms waiting for the day for which they were anxious for so long. 

The next morning is going to bring many changes to everyone’s lives. The changes would be positive or negative time will tell. 

On another day, Malhotras are present in the living room after having a love-filled breakfast and chit-chatting. They all are spending some family time but Sidharth leaves to bring Shehnaaz as he decided to introduce her to his family today itself.

After 10 minutes the family and friends of the Malhotras arrived. They came here to fix Sidharth’s alliance with their daughter, Innaya.

Mr. Ajay Dixit

Mrs. Divya Dixit

Ajay is a head director of Dixit’s enterprise whereas his wife is a social worker. They are the parents of 2 kids. Their one baby is dead because of their mistake for which they are paying till now. They are still a murderer in front of their son. Misses their baby a lot but knows that they can’t get their baby back.

Ajay:- ( looking around ) where is Sidharth? Isn’t he home?

Varsha:- Ji Nahi bhaisab, he went for some work. He will be here soon. 

Innaya:- What is more important than this marriage, maa?

Miss. Innaya Dixit

( Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Dixit )

A hot diva. The pampered daughter of Dixits’. A total spoiled brat, cunning, and self-obsessed girl. Hates her brother and his wife because of some reason. Wants to be the single heiress of both Malhotras and Dixits. Wants to marry Sidharth only because she wants a Malhotra tag or she is kinda obsessed with Sidharth’s body.

Varsha:- ( caressing her face ) don’t worry my baby, he will be here soon.

Innaya:- Ji maa

Manish:- ( asks Vishamber ) Have you talked to him about the alliance?

Mr. Manish Dixit

Mrs. Kiran Dixit

( Elder DIXIT’S )

The elder couple of Dixits. The most supportive and joyful grandparents. 

Vishamber:- No, but you don’t worry he never disobeys my decision. He will surely say yes to the wedding. 

Varsha:- Who would he say no to marrying this beautiful girl? ( caressing Innaya’s head with affection )

Divya:- My daughter is so lucky because she will get such lovely in-laws. 

While here one couple is not interested in this shit and gives a damn to the marriage. They are none other than the son and daughter-in-law of Dixit’s.

Mr. Arjun Dixit

Mrs. Asha Dixit

( Elder son and daughter in law of Dixit family )

The all-time romantic couple. A close friend of Sidharth. Knows Innaya’s true color that is why they both hate her so much. Arjun is the CEO of Dixit’s enterprise whereas Asha is his secretary. He misses his baby sister every day and believes that she is not dead. He is trying hard to solve the mystery with the support of his wife.

The two elder ladies are also not interested in this alliance but they can’t do anything because of their husbands. Both are just giving pity looks to each other. They know that Innaya is not the right girl for Sidharth. But they can’t oppose their husband’s decision.  

Suddenly Arjun got up from his seat frustratingly. 

Arjun:- I am going back home. I don’t have time for this shit. 

Ajay:-  ( angrily ) What’s this Arjun? We are here for your sister’s alliance, you can’t go from here like that. She will be hurt.

Arjun:- ( furiously ) She is not my sister. Did you forget that she is your adopted daughter, not your blood!  And I am not gonna give her the right which my princess deserves.

Saying that he goes out of the mansion followed by his wife.  

Ajay:- ( tiredly ) What do I do with him? How will I make him understand that she is not alive?

Innaya:- ( fake concern ) don’t worry dad, Bhai will understand soon. He loves her a lot that’s why he is not able to forget her. 

Divya:- I know he will understand soon and will love you too as he does to his princess. 

Innaya fake smile. The elder ladies recognized her fake smile and glared at her for making a fool of their families. But alas they can’t do anything because they don’t have strong proof against her. 

Kiran:- ( whispers in Yashoda’s ear ) If I have the right to kill just like Priyanka Chopra has in saat khoon maaf then I will surely kill this lizard. ( Pointing towards Innaya ) 

Yashoda:- ( whispers back ) And I will support you too.

Both of them shake hands with sheepish smiles. Their talks came to a halt when they heard Sidharth’s car sound. 

Sidharth came inside holding Shehnaaz’s hand who was damn nervous. He happily walked inside holding Shehnaaz and stood in front of his family. Everyone stands from their seats in shock seeing Sidharth entering inside while holding the girl‘s hand.

Seeing Sidharth entering inside holding some girl’s hand, Vishamber got angry. Whereas everyone is in shock seeing him with a girl. Sidharth and girls are poles apart because he never gave a damn to any girls. He is a little introverted when it comes to girls. 

Vishamber:- ( angrily ) Who is she, Sidharth?

The anger in his voice scared Shehnaaz and her grip on Sidharth’s hand got tighter.  Seeing her getting scared Sidharth holds her hand firmly. He is too shocked to see his dadu ( Grandfather ) in anger. 

Sidharth:- (Calming ) dadu …. She is Shehnaaz. And please calm down … Why are you getting hyper? She is getting scared. She is already nervous in front of you and you are scaring her more.

Saying this he caresses Shehnaaz’s hand to calm her which shocks everyone. Seeing him caring about some random girl, Innaya got jealous.

Innaya:- ( angrily ) leave all this and tell me, What is your relation with her, Sidharth?

Sidharth:- one second……. Who are you to even ask this? 

Instead of Innaya, Varsha speaks in support of her because she is head over heels in love with her. She always considered Innaya as Sidharth’s wife. 

Varsha:- she has full rights on you because she is YOUR WOULD BE WIFE.

Hearing this, the floor slips from Sidharth’s feet. Shehnaaz stiffened hearing her. Her hand unintentionally slips from Sidharth’s hold. Before her hand slipped from his hold, Sidharth gripped her hand more firmly and said with rage.

Sidharth:- What!!!!! WIFE? ( to his dadu ) What is maa saying, dadu? ( not getting any reply he said further ) I CAN’T MARRY HER. I LOVE SHEHNAAZ AND WANT TO MARRY HER. 

He stood beside Shehnaaz with determination while holding her tightly in his arms without caring for anybody. Whereas Shehnaaz is controlling her tears. Somewhere she got an idea about where this will lead them. 

On the other hand, everyone is too shocked to react. They never expect this from Sidharth. He is always an obedient son who will follow everyone’s orders and never question or demand anything in return. But now he is making his own decisions. 

But two souls are happy from the inside but give emotionless expressions from the outside. They are dancing in mind and adoring their soon to be daughter in law who is continuously looking at the floor while controlling her sobs.

Yashoda:- ( whispers in Kiran’s ear ) Look at her, she is so cute just like a baby. Her innocence is clearly visible on her face. And this dress is perfectly fitting her curves. BEAUTIFUL…… OMG….. I have got such a cute granddaughter-in-law. Thank you, baba Ji…….

Kiran:- ( whispers too in her ear ) yup!!! ( with fake jealousy ) LUCKY BITCH!!!! . But I must say Sidharth’s choice is best.

Innaya came forward and tried to separate them. But Sidharth held Shehnaazi’s hand more firmly and pushed Innaya away in anger.

Sidharth:- don’t you dare to come near me. I will forget my limit and will make your life hell.

There was some different aggression in his voice which scared all of them who are present in the hall currently. But Innaya’s obsession with him took a toll on her.

Innaya:-  ( possessively ) you can’t marry her, Sidharth. You are mine only mine. I love you. ( goes towards her dad )  Why are you not saying anything, dad? He can’t marry her, I love him. So, how can he marry her?

Sidharth:- what are…

Sidharth is going to say something but stops in mid listening to his dadu’s angry voice. 

Vishamber:- she is saying right, Sidharth. You can’t marry her. I fixed your marriage with Innaya.

Yashoda:- but…

She stopped in mid after seeing her husband’s hand.

Vishamber:- don’t come in between us. Just don’t!! ( Turns towards Sidharth ) It’s my final decision Sidharth, you have to marry Innaya for your or our benefit.

Sidharth is standing there in shock and Shehnaaz is silently crying. Never in her dream had she ever thought that one day someone would try to separate them.

Sidharth:-  ( crying ) dadu, What are you saying? It’s a prank, right?  Please stop this prank here. I am fed up with this.


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