Innaya entered her room furiously and immediately dialed a number. As soon as her call got answered she lashed at the person furiously. 

Innaya:- What the hell!!! You both are doing there, leaving me alone in such a mess. How can you be so calm? Sidharth left me because of his so-called stupid love. I lost the chance to be a queen of THE MALHOTRA’S and now these Dixits are also going out of my hands.

The person:- ( on the other side of the call ) What happened baby? Why are you getting hyper? You can still become the queen of Malhotras. Don’t forget that Malhotra still considers you as their daughter-in-law. 

Innaya:- you are highly mistaken here, MOM. No one is in my support except that lady….Varsha and her husband.

Yup! The lady is none other than her biological mother, Mrs. Avantika Raheja. A cunning yet manipulative lady with a fake smile and fake heart. She is faithful only to her money and her family which includes her husband and her lovely daughter.

Avantika:- What are you saying, Innaya? What about Vishamber Malhotra? He is so much impressed with you then what happened to him suddenly? 

Innaya:- ( frustratingly ) don’t know….. leave those Malhotra’s for a time being and focus on these Dixit’s. 

Avantika:- ( rolling her eyes in pure annoyance ) now, what happened to them? 

Innaya:- Asha is pregnant again. 

Avantika:- ( shocked ) What!!! How can this be possible? 

Innaya:- ( annoyed ) What type of a question is this? 

Avantika:- don’t worry…. I will think about this. You take a rest and relax. I will not let history repeat itself. Keep faith in me. 

Innaya:- please do something really quick. I don’t want any competition right now like last time. And one more thing, I want Sidharth back in my life anyhow. 

Avantika:- don’t worry your mother is there with you. I will not let anyone ruin my daughter’s life. You will get whatever you want.

Innaya:- hm…. Bye. I love you, Mumma. 

Avantika:- bye…. I love you too sweetheart.

After cutting the call she turns towards her husband who is giving her a smirk in return. 

The man:- Are we thinking the same?

Avantika:- yup! Prakash, devils minds think alike. 

Prakash:- Then, what are you waiting for?

Mr.Prakash Raheja, the mastermind behind all the planning and plotting. Wants to be the richest man alive on the earth but couldn’t believe in working hard to earn it. He just wants to snatch everything that others have. A casanova always wants a new girl daily to warm his bed. His playboy side is hidden from everyone. Hates Dixit the most. Just wants to take revenge on them which he is taking by making their life miserable. 

Avantika:- ( while smirking ) I think it’s the time to meet MY MATERNAL FAMILY.

Prakash:- Then, what are you waiting for? Pack our bags, we are going back to India.

Otherside DIXIT’S are not aware of what storms are coming near them to snatch their happiness again. They are laughing and celebrating the news of Asha’s pregnancy.


Both are lying in each other’s arms and soaking in each other’s presence. Out of nowhere, Asha breaks the silence between them. 

Asha:- I am scared, Arjun. 

Arjun:- don’t worry, baby. This time I will not let anything happen to you and our baby. 

Asha:- ( in a cracking voice ) please, don’t leave me alone, Arjun. I can’t afford to lose my child again. I know how a miscarriage feels and I don’t want to feel that pain again. 

Arjun:- trust me, baby. I am very well aware of how it feels to lose someone who is your world and I felt that pain twice. First I lost my sister who was my princess and then I lost my first unborn child.

Saying this a tear slips down his eye which is enough to gain Asha’s attention. 

Asha:- keep faith in God, Arjun. He will make everything good. I know one day you will meet your princess again. Then, you will shower all your love on her. 

Arjun:- Really? Will I meet my baby princess again? 

Asha:- hmm…… but for that, you have to do anything to find her without anyone’s knowledge. 

Arjun:- ( with confidence ) I will not leave a single stone left to find my baby sister……… I doubt that there is something wrong and trust me I will figure this thing out soon. 

Asha hugged him sideways to give him much-needed strength. Whereas on the other side of the earth the lovebirds in California are fighting under different circumstances. 

Actually, Sidharth is fighting against Shehnaaz’s stubbornness behind closed doors. He is looking at her cutely with his chin resting on his both hands and she is walking to and fro in nervousness. 

Sidharth:- ( tiredly ) Shehnaaz, will you sit because my head is paining while seeing you walking here and there. 

Listening to his tired voice, Shehnaaz suddenly sat in front of him with a worried look and caressed his hair lightly. 

Shehnaaz:- Is it painful? Come, I will give you a massage. It will soothe your pain.

Sidharth smiles broadly at her care and places her hand on his heart while making a cute adorable pout which Shehnaaz can’t resist.

Sidharth:- my head is not paining that much but my heart is in pain seeing your worries. ( pressed her hand on his chest ) 

While saying this he rubs her forehead lightly with his other hand as if he is clearing her all tensions making her pout.

Shehnaaz:- and who is the person behind this?

Sidharth:- ( cutely ) I don’t know. 

Shehnaaz:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Really?

Sidharth:- ok sorry, but I did all this for you na….. See you want to do work and I just fill some employment requirement letters on your behalf for the post of a lecturer. And see the plus point is you got a call from the top three universities for an interview. 

Shehnaaz:- ( crying in nervousness ) this is the problem, Sidharth. I am not well prepared for the interview. what if they will reject me saying I am not capable of this job. 

Sidharth:- then, we will look for other universities that will identify the capabilities of MY NAAZ. 

He caresses her hair with both of his hands and cups her cheeks, lovingly.

Sidharth:- you are the best, Shehnaaz. Trust me on that. I know you way better than you know yourself. 

In reply, she just leaned on him and joined their forehead. 

Shehnaaz:- you know na…. That I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

Sidharth:- I know….. and I LOVE YOU TOO. Now, shall we sleep, or else you will get late for your first interview. 

Shehnaaz nods and first Sidharth settles himself on the bed and then takes her in his strong arms. 

Sidharth:- ( while kissing her temple ) good night…. Baby. Have a tight sleep and don’t think about anything other than me. 

Shehnaaz giggles and tightens her hold around him and he too pulls her closer with a very big smile.

The next morning Sidharth is the one who wakes up early around 6 am with the help of an alarm that he set before sleeping. Although he is not an early riser, but today is a big day for his Shehnaaz so he can’t just let anything go wrong for her. He was so attentive to the alarm that he just woke with the first ring of the alarm clock. 

Around 6:30 he is already in his casuals. After getting ready, he prepares everything for Shehnaaz like ironing her today’s outfit and keeping it on the couch safely and preparing her bag with all of her essentials. While keeping things in her bag he notices something and makes a note in his mind while going out to arrange a healthy breakfast for her.

He simply walks and knocks on Cabir’s bedroom door. Inside the Cabir strides in his sleep but is adamant about waking up. Outside Sidharth bagged the door hard and this works in waking up Navya. 

Navya:- Cabir, go and open the door. 

Navya shakes the Cabir so hard that all his sleep flew away out of the window. He walks messily towards the door and opens it to find Sidharth in all his glory. 

Cabir:- Why don’t you let me be at peace? I am doing my favorite work and you disturbed me. 

He is talking about his sleep ( his favorite job after eating ) but Sidharth took it the wrong way and made a horrified face. 

Sidharth:- ( with wide-open mouth ) you are doing that!…. Don’t you know that it can be dangerous for the baby, in the 4th month of pregnancy?   

Cabir is still sleepy, that’s why he couldn’t get his words properly.

Cabir:- How can my sleep be dangerous for the baby? 

Sidharth:- You were sleeping? 

Cabir:- obviously!!! 

Listening to this Sidharth signs in relief. 

Cabir:- What you thought?…… leave all that….tell me, why did you come here? I know that you will not come here only to ask if I was sleeping or not….

Sidharth:- Woh…. You know na…. Today is Shehnaaz’s first interview for the job. 

Cabir:- So?

Sidharth:- I want to prepare breakfast for her but you know I am very bad at cooking….so…

Before he could complete, Cabir closed the door on his face because he understood his intention of waking him up early in the morning. 

Cabir:- go away Malhotra. I am not doing anything for you. 

Sidharth:- ( from outside ) ok….. Don’t cook for me but you can do this for Shehnaaz, right? 

Hearing this Cabir opens the door and says grumpily. 

Cabir:- I am doing this only for Shehnaaz. 

Sidharth grinned and told him to come out after freshening up till then he will decide the menu for the breakfast.

To be continued…

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