It’s been 5 months since everything has been going well in California with Sidharth and Shehnaaz. They both are happy with each other or I say that they feel so content with each other. This live-in phase brought new happiness to their life.

But one thing has changed completely: Sidharth became more responsible because now he has Shehnaaz’s responsibility too and he got into the habit of sleeping while taking her in his arms. He can’t sleep without her no matter what happens. 

Cabir and Navya are expecting their first baby soon. These are the crucial days for Navya that’s why everyone is taking special care of her. Sidharth is the one who stays with her all the time to take care of her but he has his hidden motive too which is not known to anyone. 

Actually, he wants to know everything about the mother and the baby so that he will become an expert till they plan their baby. 

Today is their usual day. Shehnaaz is busy with her college work and Cabir is also busy in his cafe which he opened just a month before with Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s help. The cafe is doing pretty well. 

Sidharth is as usual doing his office work from home. Yes, he started his own company with only 30% of workers as the building is still not fully constructed yet. It’s Shehnaaz’s idea to at least start doing work from home so that no one feels pressure when the company is set up officially. 

His work came to a sudden halt when he heard Navya shouting his name. He stood up to go while preparing himself for her next weird demand. During all these months he noticed her every move to get an overview of the whole pregnancy phase. 

Sidharth:- yes, now what do you want to eat? 

Navya:- ( while breathing heavily ) TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!

Sidharth:- ( with a bad face ) now, Why do you want to go to the hospital? 

Navya:- ( shouting crazily ) you stupid!! Idiot!! It’s my delivery time, take me to the hospital right now. 

This makes Sidharth hyper. He shouts at the top of his voice. 

Sidharth:- What??!!! 

Hearing him, Navya starts cursing him. Whereas Sidharth picks up his car keys which he bought a week ago. The car is small, much to Shehnaaz’s liking. Then, he packs a small bag which Shehnaaz instructs him to do at the time of delivery. 

After putting everything in the car he quickly runs inside to bring Navya. He made her settle in the back seat and gave her his phone. 

Sidharth:- call Shehnaaz and Cabir to inform them about the situation.

Saying this he settles on the driving seat and drives towards the hospital. In the back seat, Navya shouts at him while wincing in pain. 

Navya:- Here, I am bearing so much pain and you want me to call them.

Sidharth:- see I don’t have any choice. If you are ready to drive then give me my phone back I will inform everyone.

Without further talks, Navya dials Shehnaaz’s number. As soon as Shehnaaz picks up the call she starts ranting and shouting because of pain.  

Navya:- you have such a stupid boyfriend. Here, I am in so much pain but he is behaving like a moron. 

Sidharth:- ( defends himself ) hey, you are in pain because of Cabir so please stop cursing me. 

Navya:- ( ignoring him ) Shehnaaz, we are reaching the hospital please come fast. 

Soon everyone reaches the hospital and Cabir is moving here and there biting his nails in tension because his wife is in the labor room. Sidharth and Shehnaaz are beside him. 

Shehnaaz is continuously staring at the OT’s door in fear and excitement. Whereas Sidharth is all cool and gives his support to Cabir who is not interested in his talks. 

Sidharth:- yr, Cabir chill. Navya is a fighter. She will be fine and the baby is gonna be fine too.

Cabir:- ( with narrowed eyes ) I will say the same when Shehnaaz will be there at Navya’s place. 

Sidharth banged his head on the wall hearing him. 

Otherside, Shehnaaz is praying to God to keep her friend and her baby safe. She is getting scared because of Navya’s shouts and her cries could be easily heard outside the OT. 

Suddenly they heard the baby’s cries from the room. They all become shocked and happy at the same time. Cabir literally jumps on Sidharth making him stumble due to his weight.

Cabir:- Sidharth, my baby ….. Can you hear this voice? It’s my baby.  

Sidharth:- arey haa ….. But leave me first or else I am not able to hear my own baby’s cry. You are too heavy, yr. Leave me!!!

Soon a nurse comes out while holding a baby who is wrapped in a white cloth. All of them move toward the nurse and smile seeing the little soul in her arms. Cabir is having tears in his eyes whereas Sidharth’s eyes are shining like a star seeing the cute baby. 

Shehnaaz is just thanking her Waheguru for giving them this blessing. 

Nurse:- Congratulations Mr. Dhawan. You became a father of a girl. Take her. 

Shehnaaz:- ( worriedly )  sister, and the mother? 

Nurse:- she is fine but is unconscious. You can meet her after we shift her to another ward. It will take some time.  

Shehnaaz:- thank you. ( To Cabir ) Cabir take her ( pointing towards the baby girl ) It’s your right to take her first in your arms. 

Cabir:- ( rubbing his nape in nervousness ) but, Shehnaaz I don’t know how to hold a baby. 

The nurse smiles and instructs him on how to hold the baby properly and Sidharth is also listening keenly. Cabir took his daughter in his arms and a tear slipped down his eye. It’s a very emotional moment for any father when he holds his baby for the first time. 

Sidharth smiles seeing his joker friend getting emotional seeing his baby. Shehnaaz smiles too with tears witnessing the scene. 

Whereas, In INDIA, All the Malhotras are sitting together but no one can talk about anything. There is an awkward silence between all of them. Seeing no one took the initiative to start the conversation, Yashoda took the lead.  

Yashoda:- I WANT MY SID BACK IN THIS HOUSE. This house sounds so silent and gloomy without him. 

Listening to her, Vishamber closed his eyes guiltily. He knows that he is the reason behind everything. He is the one who gives him choices to choose. That was his biggest mistake. He becomes blind in his promise that he can’t see the love in his grandson’s eyes for the girl. 

Varsha:- ( with slight tears ) I want him too with me. Only I know how I am living without seeing him. 

Yashoda:- ok!…….so, I am calling back to Sid and my granddaughter-in-law.

Saying this she passed a look to her husband which shows how abandoned she is to bring Shehnaaz into her house as Sid’s wife. 

Varsha:- ( with hatred ) maa, I don’t want that girl in my house. 

Yashoda:- Varsha, she is the daughter-in-law of this house. And Sidharth loves her. You are a mother right, can’t you read Sidharth’s eyes? He is nothing without her. 

Varsha:- I don’t know anything. I don’t want that girl in my house. 

And from this, there starts an argument. 

After lots of arguments still, Varsha is not ready to accept Shehnaaz as her daughter-in-law. This discussion is going and going without any end. And at last, Yashoda lost every hope to bring Shehnaaz and Sidharth home back. But she still trusts her Waheguru. She has full faith in him that whatever he will do, will be the best for everyone. 

Otherside Prakash is in deep thought and why not he almost lost the chance to be the king of Malhotra’s and Dixit’s properties through Innaya. 

Innaya:- What are you thinking, dad? 

Prakash:- ( while clearing his frowns ) I think there is something wrong with Arjun. 

Avantika:- I am thinking the same. He becomes so protective of Asha that no one can even come around her. Which is not so him. 

Innaya:- ( annoyingly ) don’t blame that stupid Arjun. You failed to kill Asha’s baby. Now, don’t cover up your failed plans. You will see how everyone will ignore me after their baby comes. Then, forget about having Dixit’s wealth in your hands. 

Avantika:- ( smiling cunningly ) don’t worry baby girl, no one will replace you in this house, and don’t forget what I did with your cute innocent sister, Shehnaaz. So, relax. 

Innaya:- ( with a smug smile ) oh…. Please don’t remember my late sister. Let her be in peace. 

Prakash:- I would like to say something. ( the mother-daughter nods ) Arjun has been behaving weirdly for the last few months. Instead of going to the office, he is visiting hospitals. 

Avantika:- hospitals, but why? 

Prakash:- don’t know but something is fishy. 

Innaya:- maybe he is looking for the best hospital for his wife. 

Prakash:- in that case, he will at least inform anyone. But he is doing everything secretly. 

Avantika:- leave this to me. I will find out what he is up to. 

To be continued…

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