Sidharth’s eyes land on Shehnaaz’s lips and his heart stops beating. His fingers automatically started rubbing her luscious lips which were dry now because of her current situation. But he felt, even more, attracted to her. If she would be in her senses then he wouldn’t be doing this but somewhere this is needed to let his feelings out. 

Being a Shy boy he is incapable of saying or doing such things but right now his heart is in charge of the situation rather than his brain. He is gazing at her face like this is his last time and tomorrow he won’t see her again. 

Sidharth:- Today when you initiated the kiss I felt out of the world. I want many more kisses with you but… ( Complaints ) You stopped it and didn’t kiss me again.

The flashes of their first kiss come in front of his eyes, making his cheeks darker. He rubs his thumb pad on her lower lip and continues in his husky voice. 

Sidharth:- Your lips felt so good with mine just like they are some jigsaw puzzle and we got the right match. My lips fitted with your lips just like my heart fitted with yours. 

He becomes emotional thinking about their future. He wants her in his life but at the same time, he won’t let her step into his messier life. 

Sidharth:- WE CAN’T BE TOGETHER. I am not good for you. You are an angel who spreads luck and happiness and I am the most unlucky guy who doesn’t deserve your immense love. ( After a long pause ) YOU CAN’T LOVE ME, FIREBALL. 

He grabs her right palm and caresses it like a kid while his eyes become wet. He makes a sad pout and complains cutely to his sleeping Fireball. 

Sidharth:- I fell in love with you now, what to do? I can’t step back nor can I be with you. ( Remembers Mahi’s words ) She threatened to destroy me as well as you even when you had no fault. 

He looks at her serene face and out of nowhere his emotions flutter, making him urge to kiss those luscious lips. He leans down to face her and without his knowledge, he takes the initiative for the first time and sucks her upper lip, gently. She took a deep breath in her sleep while his other hand cupped her cheek tenderly not wanting to disturb her. 

He raises a little and confesses his love for her while kissing her forehead affectionately. 

Sidharth:- I LOVE YOU, FIREBALL, ONLY YOU. I know this is wrong but I can’t see you in pain because of me. So, this was OUR LAST KISS. 

Saying this he again leans down to suck her lips but suddenly shouts in pain, making the other patients deaf. He pulls his left arm and looks down to see a cute girl standing there making an akimbo giving him deadly glares. 

Just a moment ago, Navya dropped Pihu near Shehnaaz’s ward and walked out to meet the doctor who is in charge of her case but before going she saw Sidharth who was sitting beside her and gazing at Shehnaaz without blinking. She smiles a little before walking out.

Whereas Pihu enters the ward and hears everything Sidharth said to her Bui. She doesn’t know that the man sitting beside her Bui is her Shy boy. Her eyes popped out when he kissed her Bui that too on her lips which is enough to boil her blood. She can’t see anyone taking advantage of her Bui like this. But before he can kiss again, she runs towards him and bites his palm with full force which eventually brings him back to reality. 

Sidharth was so lost in his Fireball that he didn’t realize when Pihu entered and bite him like a WILD CAT. He instantly pulls his hand back and looks at it to find the teeth marks visible clearly. Unknowingly, he gulps seeing that little girl even when he doesn’t know who she is. 

Pihu:- ( Angrily ) How dare you take advantage of My Bui’s condition? 

Sidharth stood up from his chair and took a step back, seeing her piercing gaze. For a second, he cries because he is scared of this LITTLE WILD CAT which doesn’t go well with him. Whereas the furious wild cat pushed him with her little hands. 

Pihu:- You took the virginity of my Bui’s lips. You TALL HEAD PERVERT!!! 

Sidharth widens his eyes and looks at her with narrowed eyes hearing the word she used to address him. Yup, he knows that he is tall but a pervert, seriously? But before he could say anything in his defense, she continued. 

Pihu:- Can’t you keep your pervert hormones in check? ( With a bad face ) Oh god… Boys these days are so desperate for THEIR WEDDING KISS

Sidharth opens his mouth wide hearing her allegations. Till now he loves little girls but right now he has a sudden hate for babies. He palmed her lips, making her surprised. 

Sidharth:- Will you stop saying the words which are inappropriate for your age? ( With wide eyes ) And from which angle do I look like a pervert? 

Pihu bites his palm, making him wince again and he leaves her lips in reflex. 

Pihu:- I caught you red-handed kissing my Bui and you are saying ( Mimics him ) From which angle do I look like a pervert? ( Angrily ) You look like a pervert from your lips, is that fine? 

Sidharth gives her a nonsense look while the little wild cat is enough to scare him to death. 

Sidharth:- Miss Wild cat, I didn’t take her lips virginity. She was the one who kissed me first. So, I am not a pervert. 

Pihu:- ( While rolling her eyes ) And I have got two horns on my head. ( Accusingly ) Such a liar you are… I saw you kissing my Bui with both my eyes ( Pointing at her eyes ) and let me tell you my eyes are just perfect. Bui recently took me for an eye test and I can even show you my reports.

Sidharth:- ( Furiously ) I am not a pervert, Miss Wild Cat. We kissed just an hour ago before she confessed her love for me. 

Pihu gasped because she understood that he is none other than her Bui’s Shy boy and her Bui confessed that she loves him which annoyed her for some reason. But the next second her eyes widened and he understood that something dangerous was in his way because her eyes twinkle like stars. 

Pihu looks at Bui and then looks at him with a neutral face. She does the same a few times before opening her mouth. 

Pihu:- You kissed my Bui and now she is in the hospital bed. ( Exclaimed ) You are such a bad kisser!

Sidharth almost fell and his legs became jelly while his eyes popped out. He makes a pout with perfect O giving mean looks to her. 

Pihu:- ( Worriedly ) What would I tell my friends that my Bui got hospitalized because a boy kissed her? ( Glances at him with sympathy ) You need lessons to learn “HOW TO KISS YOUR LADY LOVE WITHOUT GETTING HER HOSPITALIZED”.

Sidharth:- ( with narrowed eyes ) I don’t need any lessons to kiss what is mine and I am a perfect kisser just ask her once when she is up. ( After a pause ) You are calling her Bui… so, you must be…

Pihu cuts him in mid with attitude. 

Pihu:- I am her first daughter out of wedlock. 

Sidharth shoots daggers at her and for the first time, he is hating babies. 

Sidharth:- ( Possessively ) She has no child, I know that. 

Pihu:- ( Pointing at herself ) Am I visible to you? 

Sidharth rolled his eyes and asked the most genuine question. 

Sidharth:- By any chance, you belong to a WITCH? 

Pihu:- ( confusingly ) Witch means CHUDAIL, right? ( Sidharth nods positively with a lip tight smile ) Why did you ask?

Sidharth:- I am getting those WITCH VIBES from you. 

Now, it’s Pihu’s turn to glare at him with that furious look. This time Sidharth is also giving her tough competition in a glaring rivalry. No one is ready to blink but their competition comes to a halt when Navya enters with frowns seeing the unusual silence in the room which never happens when Pihu is around. 

Navya:- What is happening here? 

Sidharth:- ( Confusingly ) You? 

Navya:- Shehnaaz’s Bhabhi…

Before she could complete her introduction, Pihu chirped in giving notorious looks to Sidharth. 

Pihu:- ( Pointing at herself first then at her mother ) WITCH’S MOTHER. In short, MOTHER WITCH! 

Navya:- What? 

Sidharth looks at Pihu while pleading with her not to say anything to her mother about their conversation. 

Sidharth:- ( To Navya ) Maam, you have a very cute daughter. 

Navya:- Ah… you are the first person who called her cute or else everyone says that she is no less than a QUEEN OF HELL

Sidharth:- ( Unknowingly ) Oh… I can understand. They don’t have seen her true self but they are not wrong either. 

Pihu punched his abs, making him realize what he said, and made a cute apologetic face. 

Navya:- ( Looking at Sidharth ignoring the eye talks between them ) Now, you can go. I am here with her. 

Hearing her words, he glances at Shehnaaz and wants to deny her but he has no strong reason to stay here. Then, he looks at Wild Cat and Navya which makes him realize that he can’t handle these two ladies alone. So, it’s better to leave before they murder him. He nodded with a heavy heart and took a step to walk out but stopped hearing her. 

To be continued…

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