13. THE KISS!?

After spending almost two hours with Sidharth and his family Shehnaaz stood up to go back to her home while keeping a stone in her heart. She won’t have the heart to go back leaving her favorite Ritu aunty behind.

During this week she got attached to her that it feels alien when she has to go out of the house. This house gives her homely feelings just like her own house. She feels that Ritu and Rajesh are her biological parents because one loves her immensely whereas another one irritates her the most. She never saw her parents, never felt their love but seeing them she knows how her parents’ love feels. 

By the way, the situation is almost the same on the other side too. Ritu too feels the same, within a week this girl made a place in her heart that is irreplaceable. She never had a daughter although they tried after Sidharth but the god had some other plans for them. She loves to cook for Shehnaaz because the smile and delight on her face bring a smile to her face too. 

Rajesh is no less than anyone. He didn’t show but he loves the comedy atmosphere when Shehnaaz is around them. He irritates her the most and fights with her too only because she always makes him embarrassed in front of everyone but that doesn’t mean he hates her. 

Shehnaaz:- Bye aunty, I will take your leave. It’s quite late. 

A sudden sadness plastered Ritu’s face hearing her. She didn’t want her to go away from her but the irony is she can’t even stop her. Changing her expression she cups her face and kisses her forehead with love. 

Ritu:- drive safe, ok? And call me as soon as you reach your home. I will not sleep until I know that you reached safely. 

Shehnaaz got emotional. Till now she never felt any mother’s care although her Bhai and Bhabhi love and care for her like no one. But this time, the situation is different. She bites her lower lip to control herself and her emotional state is noticed by Sidharth who gets worried for her. 

Shehnaaz:- ( hiding her emotional self ) I will call, don’t worry. 

Without further words, she walks out followed by Sidharth who comes out to see her off. 

Sidharth:- are you alright, Shehnaaz? 

Shehnaaz:- ( avoids looking in his eyes ) ya….. Why did you ask? 

Sidharth:- nothing…… just like that. 

Both have lots of feelings to share but one didn’t dare to open herself while the other couldn’t have the right to ask her. Not getting good vibes seeing her emotional state, he comes forward and kisses her forehead while caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. 

Both felt a jolt of shock when his lips made contact with her head. Sidharth is a guy who never initiates any intimacy whether it was just a forehead kiss. But this time he felt it was the need of the hour. Both of them need this. She needs it to shoo her emotional state out of the window while he needs it to soothe his restlessness which he felt seeing the slight tears in her eyes.  

This was their first forehead kiss which comes naturally. For Shehnaaz, this was the first time when some man kissed her forehead except her brother. She was not the shy type of girl but still, her cheeks heated up. 

Whereas for the first time Sidharth didn’t blush because according to him Shehnaaz needs that assurance and affection. 

Sidharth:- I know you are not right. You can share the problem with me. Trust me I won’t judge you. 

Shehnaaz kept quiet for the first time because the parents’ topic was her weakness. Seeing her uncomfortable Sidharth drop the topic. 

Now they are at a stage when they don’t need words to communicate. Their eyes are capable of doing all the talking. They are coming closer without anyone’s knowledge. The good part is that they didn’t know that they were becoming each other’s habits. Their care for each other is increasing with their growing feelings. The day is not far when one of them will realize his/her feelings for the other one. 

Sidharth:- take care and call me once you reach home. Drive safely. 

The words stuck in Shehnaaz’s throat made her nod. Not looking back at him, she drove off with her scooter. The kiss is still fresh in her mind. The strange feeling that she felt back then is making her confused. 

Soon she reached her house and called Ritu before entering inside. Navya opens the door for her and frowns, seeing her so dull. 

Navya:- ( curiously ) What happened to this chatter-box? Why are you silent or is it silence before the storm? 

Shehnaaz:- ( innocently ) Bhabhi, What should I do when someone kisses me?

Navya:- you should respond to that kiss………… one second…. ( shockingly ) Who kissed you? 

She sprung up like a spring and held her shoulders in a firm grip. Shehnaaz rolls her eyes seeing this over-dramatic reaction. 

Navya:- Tell me, who got the guts to kiss the IRON-LADY?

Shehnaaz:- Why should I tell you? 

Navya:- ( pleadingly ) see Shehnaaz, please tell me. My stomach will get upset with so much suspense. 

Shehnaaz slumped down on the couch tiredly hearing her excuses to know about the kiss. 

Shehnaaz:- I can’t tell you that.  

Navya:- Why?…… Is that a male or female? 

Shehnaaz:- ( horrified ) What do you mean by that? Obviously, it’s a boy. Why would I let some girl kiss my forehead? 

Navya:- Forehead?……. Did he kiss your forehead? 

Shehnaaz:- ya…. What did you think?

Navya palmed her face and sat beside her. All the excitement went into the drain making her angry. 

Navya:- Is the forehead even a place to kiss? ( scolds her ) When will you find a boy for yourself? Go on dates and spend some time with boys. 

At the same time, Vihan came into the living area and heard their conversation which was no less than any tornado for him. 

Shehnaaz:- ( tiredly ) What would I do? I never get attracted to any boy. 

Navya:- then go and visit any sexologist and get yourself treated. 

Shehnaaz gives her a non-interested look but Vihan yells, bringing back both the girls from their land. 

Vihan:- No….. never. What are you teaching her Navya? 

Navya:- I am giving her good advice, Husband. Even Pihu is dating a boy in his class. So, why can’t she? Until when will she stay single? She should experience LOVE, SEX, and DHOKA ( betrayal ) before her retirement. 

Shehnaaz:- I am not going to retire soon. By the way, I have you, Bhai, Pihu, Ritu aunty, SIDHARTH, and Rajesh uncle too, to shower love on me, so, why do I need love from anyone? And about dhoka, Bhai betrayed me every Sunday during our cricket match. 

Pihu too walks inside. 

Navya:- And about sex? 

Shehnaaz:- ( non-interestingly ) I didn’t consider it. 

Pihu:- ( like an elder lady ) But Bui ( aunt ) trust me, you will need that in the future? 

Vihan gasped hearing his little daughter talking like an experienced lady on such mature topics which is out of her syllabus. 


Shehnaaz:- Bhai, keep quiet. When three elders are discussing an important topic, the youngster should not interfere. 

Vihan:- shut up! You are the youngest among us. So, you should keep quiet. 

Pihu:- ( while raising her hand, innocently ) Am I invisible? 

Vihan:- ( angrily ) You are not even an adult so, stay away. 

Pihu:- well… I am hurt but I will take it as a compliment, Dad. 

Vihan:- ( asks Pihu ) Stupid lady, tell me, Who is your boyfriend? 

Shehnaaz:- ( excitedly ) Ya… Pihu, you did even tell me about your boyfriend. Is he handsome? Does he have a beard? What is his height? Where do you both meet? 

Pihu cringed her face listening to all the questions whereas Vihan banged his head on the wall. 

Pihu:- Bui, he is my classmate. So, how can he have a beard? 

Shehnaaz:- Ya… sorry. But why didn’t you tell me about it before? 

Pihu:- ( in attitude ) You don’t know, the couple will need privacy in such matters. So, I am maintaining the same before making it official. 

Vihan:- ( angrily ) O hello!… OFFICIAL QUEEN, I will officially ban you from going to school. 

Pihu:- ( excitedly ) Really? Then, please do it tomorrow itself. I didn’t complete my math homework. If Miss gets to know that then she will punish me for that. 

Vihan pulls her ear, making her wince in pain. But their little bickering comes to an end by Navya. 

Navya:- ( tiredly ) Guys, the topic is THE BOY WHO KISSED SHEHNAAZ. So, focused on him. 

Both the father-daughter duo gasped and the little Pihu slipped from her father’s hold. 


She left her statement in mid and Vihan completed it. 


Vihan slumped down on the couch and palmed his face in distress. 

Vihan:- ( scaredly ) Is he in the hospital or any cremation place? 

To be continued…

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