The Gupta family are sitting together at the breakfast table for a meal as per their custom. But all of them are thinking differently. Pihu and her mother Navya are planning to test Shehnaaz’s SHY BOY whereas Vihan is sitting quietly holding his head which is paining like hell because of last night’s stunt of Pihu’s. And to increase his headache, his one and only sister SHEHNAAZ GUPTA graces them with her presence in a simple yellow Anarkali suit that looks ravishing on her. 

The three Guptas are spellbound, seeing her in traditional attire that too without any occasion. She looks hell gorgeous in traditional fashion but still, her looks shocked them to the core. With great difficulty, they hold their breath and try to digest the fact that SHEHNAAZ IS WEARING an INDIAN SUIT FOR NO REASON. 

Shehnaaz:- ( happily ) Good morning my lovely ladies and ( Looks at her brother while making a bad face ) annoying brother. 

Pihu:- ( murmurs in a daze ) I seriously need to see an eye specialist for my vision. Nowadays I am seeing many impossible things. 

Vihan:- ( gasped ) Navya, someone is coming to look for Shehnaaz for marriage? 

Navya:- I… I don’t know!… ( murmurs inaudibly ) Just yesterday she realized her love for her shy boy and now she is ready to go to his place with a marriage proposal? ( with wide eyes ) Without me!

Shehnaaz rolls her eyes seeing their overdramatic response after seeing her in casual Indian wear. I mean this is not the first time she wears such a type of cloth. She wore the same traditional outfit at her brother’s wedding at least 10 years back or so. It’s not a big deal, right? 

Shehnaaz:- ( tiredly ) Uff Bhai, Can’t I wear traditional? 

Vihan:- ( horrified expression ) No! You can’t! Seeing you decked up in these types of clothes…. I felt like…. Like….. 

Shehnaaz:- Like?

Vihan:- Like… my death is near. 

Shehnaaz:- ( sarcastically ) Oh… glad to know that!

Navya:- Shehnaaz, just tell me where are you going. 

Shehnaaz:- MANDIR… ( Temple ) 

And this comes as a second blow for the Guptas. Shehnaaz Gupta is going to the temple early in the morning. Vihan’s headache triggered him again, making him feel dizzy. He can’t understand that his sister is improving or it’s a trap. 

Pihu:- Dad… by any chance you kept a secret from me about my DOPPELGANGER BUI? ( Doppelganger means Carbon copy )

Vihan:- I don’t know… but right now I am doubting myself about it. 

Shehnaaz:- Come on guys, it’s not a big deal. 

Navya:- It’s a big deal, Shehnaaz. You are doing the kinds of stuff that you avoid. 

Before they could discuss this topic a group of men came inside. Navya stood up to greet them and discussed something with them. After a short discussion, they went to do their respective jobs. 

Vihan:- Navya, Who were they? 

Navya:- Men!… I think… 

Saying this she hi-fied with Shehnaaz making Vihan furious. 

Vihan:- I can see them… but tell me what they were doing here?

Shehnaaz:- ( innocently ) Bhabhi, don’t tell me that you are planning a stripper’s night for us. 

Vihan:- What the hell!… Navya?… You can’t do that when you have your husband in front of you. 

Shehnaaz:- So, we can have a stripper show behind your back?… Nice!

Vihan:- ( furiously ) Shut up you idiot…… I didn’t mean that. 

Navya jumps between the brother and sister before they could start their fight but is immediately cut off by her dear Shehnaaz who is in a naughty mood as usual. 

Navya:- They are not strippers… relax!…. They are… 

Shehnaaz:- ( gasped ) Don’t Bhabhi!… ( fake surprised ) I can’t believe that you are interested in kinky stuff like threes*me and all…. I mean… 

Before she could utter some nonsense, Vihan palms her lips giving her a pleading look. 

Navya:- Shehnaaz, you are the most stupidly outspoken girl that I have ever met. 

In return, Shehnaaz gives her the best cheeky smile. 

Navya:- Let me clear it out before she ( eyeing Shehnaaz ) comes to any other conclusion, they are the party planners. Tomorrow is Vihan’s birthday party at our residence, ok? 

Vihan:- ( sarcastically ) Aww… thank you so much, wifey, for informing me about the party so early. I mean you still have time till tomorrow evening to inform me… ( in a girlish tone ) “Hey honey, there is a party downstairs for your birthday just had a bath and comes down fast the guests are already here.” 

Shehnaaz looks at her Bhabhi and Pihu suspiciously, making them nervous. 

Shehnaaz:- ( suspiciously ) Tomorrow is a party! That too Bhai’s birthday party! Why so? Why are you guys giving him sudden importance? 

Vihan:- Hey Shehnaaz, I can’t figure out whether you are praising the idea or insulting me as usual. 

Pihu:- well dad, I think the second option goes well according to your and Bui’s relationship status. 

Shehnaaz:- I am waiting for your answer, Bhabhi. 

Navya:- you are thinking extra, Shehnaaz. Just have your breakfast. 

Vihan:- ( skeptically ) one second, you held a party even when you all three hate such social gatherings. I can’t digest this fact. What are you three hiding from me? 

Shehnaaz:- ( rolls her eyes ) Who likes such creepy social gatherings? 

Vihan:- Why don’t you like such parties? What is the problem? I want to know. 

Navya spoke first imitating an overexcited typical aunt who always talks in a high pitch. 

Navya;- “Oh… Navya, you put on some weight. Are you expecting your second child? Nice!….”……… 

No, I am not pregnant!……… 

“Oh Oh…. But don’t you think that you should think about your second child as Pihu is much older now?” 

Vihan:- oh… ( Eyeing Shehnaaz irritatingly ) But, Why don’t you tell them that we are trying but there are some hindrances in our procedure? 

Shehnaaz:- ( innocently ) Bhai, Are you talking about me? 

Vihan:- Oh no… no…no! My headache, you are not just a hindrance in my lovemaking, in fact, you are a curse for me at that time. 

Shehnaaz:- ( fakes smiles ) Aww… you are so sweet bhai… 

Vihan:- Shut up! ( turns towards Pihu who is busy devouring her breakfast ) And my dear Pihu, why don’t you like such parties? 

Pihu:- ( sleepily ) All the aunties run behind me while saying… “aww… Pihu, you have grown up so much. You were just an inch when I met you last time.”……… Tell me, dad, Should I be shrinking instead of growing? And above all, they ask me about my marks and even ask whether I have a boyfriend or not…….. And when I tell the truth they do bitching about me. ( angrily ) Hypocrite aunties! 

Vihan:- and Shehnaaz, why do you hate parties?

Shehnaaz:- Bhai, don’t even ask about my situation. All those aunties came to introduce their sons to me so that I could date them. And some ladies come to advise me that it’s high time I should get married to a guy and have kids. ( irritatingly ) And the whole time those idiotic sons of those aunties kept following me to impress me. 

Vihan:- All three of you have genuine reasons to avoid such parties, I can understand. 

Navya + Pihu:- No! You can’t… 

Shehnaaz:- ok, so I think I should take a leave. Bye guys… see you soon. 

Vihan:- ( yell seeing her retreating)  Ya… take care of yourself and try to come back from the door. 

Shehnaaz:- I will try! 

Saying this she zoomed out followed by Navya who stopped her at the gate and whispered. 

Navya:- ( with a smirk ) Tell me, why are you going to the temple? 

Shehnaaz:- Today is SHY BOY’s first public performance. So, I am going to pray for his success. 

Navya:- ( teasingly ) Oh… I see! Someone is in love madly… 

Shehnaaz:- Bhabhi, you know… you can’t tease me. So, don’t even try it with me. 

Navya:- ( makes a bad face ) Fine!… but don’t forget to buy PRASAD for your shy boy. 

Shehnaaz:- I will… Now, Bye! 

Navya:- Bye… 

Otherside, Sidharth reached the venue where he had his first performance as a professional singer. Seeing the same building, his nervousness grew stronger and stronger. His eyes land on the big hoarding which reads…





The SPACE ACADEMY, Sidharth had an awful past associated with this college. Those memories are the reason why he drops out of his final year and chooses to work in a bar. His eyes become moist making his vision blur. He curls his fingers, finding them empty. He wants a particular hand in his that will be enough for him to forget everything. After all his denials the horrible memories come back to demean his self-confidence. 

“You are a fool…. Sidharth!”

“Looser!… Looser!…” 

“You can’t do anything in life, Sidharth.” 

“You are a failure.”

“You can’t keep anyone happy.” 


He comes out of his zone when a girl pats his shoulder to gain his attention. He almost choked seeing his fear standing in front of him with the same evil smirk. 

To be continued…

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