Sidharth brought Shehnaaz out and took her to their usual place i.e. their personal jamming room. He opens his mouth to scold her but she beats him in that.

Shehnaaz:- ( Angrily ) Us kalmuhi ne kya khila diya hai mere Shyboy ko? ( What has that scoundrel fed to my Shyboy? )

She touches his forehead, cheeks, arms, and everything, making him confused. Seeing her behavior he forgot that he was angry with her and smiled with a satisfied grin. This is his little secret. He loves it when she gets worried for him and acts possessively. To get a little pampering from her, he lies. 

Sidharth:- ( Cutely ) I just had a glass of water which she passed me. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Palmed her face ) Hayee… pata nahi us T-rash ne kya milaya hoga us pani mai. ( Don’t know what she mixed in the water. ) 

Sidharth:- ( Stiffs his smile ) Why are you acting like a jealous girlfriend? She is a nice girl. 

Shehnaaz’s ears shot up hearing a compliment for that girl rather than herself. She grits her teeth in anger. 

Shehnaaz:- So, within 3 hours you find him nice. Then, the next day you would find her hot, and then, hotter and hotter. 

She pushed him back, making him stick to the wall like an innocent kid. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Furiously ) Tell me, what was nice in her?

For the first time, Shyboy is not scared of her. He is enjoying her jealousy which brings out the good side of her but he is not aware of the blunder he is heading to. She is like water that will drench everyone without getting her nails wet.  

Sidharth:- ( Stammers, to act accordingly ) Everything… Everything is nice about her. Her voice, her fingers, her soft touches, her laugh, her hair is the prettiest, her dressing sense, and her lips were so plumpy and juicy. 

He completed it with a dreamy smile. However, whatever he said is a complete lie. After all, he never looked at Rash for more than a second because he was busy missing Shehnaaz or getting jealous of seeing her with that boy. 

Here, Shehnaaz has neutral expressions as if an inner battle is ongoing between her mind and heart. Her heart knows that HER SHYBOY IS A ONE AND ONLY Shehnaaz’S MAN but her mind is not giving a thought to it. Her evil mind is pushing her to prove him wrong. To prove, she is, was, and will be the only nicest girl in his entire life. 

Unexpectedly, her expression changes in a minute giving all the negative thoughts to Sidharth who notices those changes. He knows something is coming his way that is too of SHEHNAAZ’S LEVEL which he can’t handle but the pit has already been dug. 

Shehnaaz took a step back like a predator and opened her hair by removing her hairband. She runs her fingers in her hair to give a bounce to look se*ier, making him stiff in his place. She is aware of what she is doing while he is clueless like a toddler. 

His breath hitched when she moved closer and ran her finger on his face, giving him chills. She tip-toes and breathes near his lips but does not touch her petal-like lips with his and pokes her nose on his cheek, seductively. He almost choked when she roamed her feather-like hand on his chest after opening his shirt buttons. 

Her hand slides from his neck to his collarbone where she rubs her thumb to arouse all his hormones. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Seductively whispers ) Does her hand feel like this? 

Sidharth is not in a condition to respond because her hand feels like torture to him. After all, it is awakening someone down there. Her seductive tone to her touch was torturous for him whereas she shows no mercy on her cute, innocent Shyboy.

Her hand goes down further and teases his manly ni**les, making him moan feeling out of the world. His body shutters when she cupped his chest tenderly. No one is aware of this but men do have a sensitive chest as women do and the same is happening here with him. 

She sucks his upper lip for a millisecond and moves back as her calves pain because she is standing on her toes for such a long time. Not getting the proper taste of her plumpy lips, he bends down and takes her lips for a soulful kiss. Their understanding level increased after their first intimate encounter. He understood, without her saying that she wanted to kiss him but couldn’t do so because of their height so, like a loveable boyfriend he bent down a little to match her level. 

He cups her cheeks while her hands are still playing with his ni**les, making him go mad. After a moment, she breaks the kiss reluctantly and looks into his vulnerable eyes. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Mumble in his ear ) Does her voice make you turn on like I did?

She knew that he was high on emotions seeing the way he responded to the kiss. His front feels warmer than her hands and his eyes are enough to show his vulnerability. 

He has no answer to her question and why would he answer that when he knows Rash has no comparison with her? There is no other girl who can make him se*ually vulnerable like she does. He wanted to scream at her and tell her how she was making him feel but today he is adamant about testing her patience.

He forgot that his Fireball will always have the upper hand in everything she does. She lowered her hand and placed it on his belt to unbuckle. This is the moment when he rolls his eyeballs in pleasure and moans audibly. 

Sidharth:- Fireball…

Now, he has two options, stop her here or let her have her way with him. To be frank, the second option seems good to him because he has no heart to stop her. 

She unbuckles his pants and roams her finger on his waistline over his shorts. She is all ready to slide her hand into his shorts to touch his forbidden place but he held it at the right time.

Sidharth:- I GIVE UP!

Shehnaaz:- ( With a smirk ) What? 

Sidharth:- ( Looks into her eyes with all his love ) I give up. I accept that I lied to you to make you jealous. I didn’t look at her for more than a minute. 

She smiles and cups his cheeks before taking his lips for another kiss but shorter than the previous one. 

Shehnaaz:- From next time think twice before telling a lie about this matter. I may take it nicely but I know how hurt I will get when you give such importance to others. 

He saw slight tears in her eyes that made him realize his mistake. 

Shehnaaz:- I am not like this with others but with you, I want to act selfish. I want to have you all for myself. That’s why my heart churns when you compliment her. ( Hiccup ) I don’t know how I will share you with kids or how you will handle me, but I WANT YOU ONLY

Sidharth’s heart flutters after hearing her. She is very vocal about her feelings with him whereas he is introverted in sharing his point-of-view. He can’t give such beautiful words to his feelings or convey to her how much SHE MEANT FOR HIM. But he is sure that he will handle her or their kids. He won’t let her feel unwanted ever. He won’t let her share him with anyone or he won’t shower his love to anyone except her. That’s final. 

Shehnaaz:- I am giving you enough time to walk out of this relationship right now if you feel that I am suffocating you. 

She moves back, creating a decent gap between them while he is shocked to hear her. She is ready to let him go so easily, how can she? She is the one who trusted him, confessed her feelings first, and waited until he accepted his feelings for her. He comes out of his zone when he sees her going back. In a swift, he held her wrist and pushed her against the wall, roughly. Everything happened so fast that her breath hitched, she didn’t expect this rough behavior from her Shyboy. He leans forward and reduces the gap. Their breaths mingle again and this time his Fireball sweat seeing his intense eyes. He cups her right cheek and mumbles.

Sidharth:- Kitna bolti hoo. ( How much will you talk? ) 

Shehnaaz pouts cutely hearing his complaint and narrows her eyes while he continues. 

Sidharth:- Kabhi saas bhi le liya karo aur mujhe bhi bolne diya karo. ( Take a breath and let me talk also. ) 

Shehnaaz:- When did I stop you from talking? 

Sidharth:- You never did but ( Showing fake anger ) never gave me a chance to say anything too. 

Shehnaaz smacks his hand away which caresses her cheek. He chuckles and again cups her cheek, making her huff. 

Sidharth:- ( Sincerely ) Pahale hi bol raha hoo agar shaadi ke baad mujhe bolne nahi diya na toh mai hamare room ka bahishkar ( Boycott ) kar duga. Fir sona akele. ( I am already saying that if I am not allowed to speak after marriage, I will boycott our room. Then sleep alone. )

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