52. MAMA!

Shehnaaz:- Why are you talking about the kiss all of a sudden? THAT HAPPENED IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMEN…

Before she could complete her sentence, Sidharth grabbed the back of her head roughly while taking two significant steps and joined his lips with hers, giving her a heart attack. He cups her face with his other hand but there is no gentleness in his touch.

Whereas she is under the shock of the kiss. He pulls her nearer and nearer with his hold on the back of her head giving her no chance to reciprocate the dominating kiss. It’s difficult to digest the fact that Her Shyboy is Kissing HER! 

She grabbed the side of his waist to keep herself sane as she was drowning in his passion. She is unable to keep her mind on track or think about anything rather than feeling the anger in the way he punished her lips. 

Otherside, the viewers, Navya, Ritu, Rajesh, and little Pihu palmed their lips while seeing the boldest move taken by Shyboy. By the way, the kiss was not the biggest surprise for them but the way Shyboy showed his complete right to Shehnaaz and attempted the daring act of kissing HIS FIREBALL when she is angry with him is what burnt them all alive. 

Pihu:- ( Coming out of her shock ) Where is my phone?…. ( While looking at her mother )  Mumma, give me your phone. 

Ritu:- ( Confusingly ) Why are you asking for a phone right now? 

But Pihu never answered her question and snatched the phone from her mother’s hand and started recording a video of the couple who was unaware of them with a mischievous glance. Seeing her actions, the elders freaked out and Rajesh gasped. 

Rajesh:- Haww… Ritu, look at today’s kids, they are recording the MMS of our son. 

No one gives attention to his words and focuses on the couple while little Pihu is recording the scene so that she can have fun with them afterward. 

Here, only god knows for how long they are kissing each other, and at a time the need for oxygen kicked them but Shyboy is not ready to break apart in fury. After a minute or so, he moves back and smiles a little seeing his saliva shining on her lips, making her lips look tempting. He whispers something.

Sidharth:- ( Murmurs ) I LOVE YOU, FIREBALL… 

His voice was so low that Shehnaaz couldn’t even listen to him properly nor he attempted to confess again. He bends his head slightly, changing his head position, and harshly bites her lower lip giving her pain. The blood oozed out, making him grin and he couldn’t feel bad sucking her blood quenching his thirst. 

He sucks her blood slowly yet passionately unknown to the fact that he is putting her body on fire. His hands moved upwards and cupped her cheeks warmly giving her goosebumps. 

All this is too much for Shehnaaz. She can never expect such bold steps from him but today he is a step ahead of her. She slapped his chest and tried to push him back but her STUBBORN SHYBOY is not ready to move back. She mentally palmed her face while thinking about her Shyboy’s stamina but her oxygen level was going down. 

She tried again to push him but this time her Shyboy bit her upper lip doing the same with it too and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning a little. Whereas hearing her moan, the phone slipped from Pihu’s hand and Navya dragged everyone away from there to give privacy to the couple.

While walking, Pihu turns back after every step to see her Bui in the arms of her love. 

Pihu:- ( Murmurs while making a bad face ) I didn’t know that my Bui was so desperate for s*x. Now I can’t risk my dignity by sleeping beside my desperate Bui. ( After thinking for a minute ) I have to arrange her wedding soon because a s*xually frustrated Bui is as dangerous as an angry Bui. 

Navya:- ( Suspiciously ) Did you say something? 

Pihu:- ( Gulped her saliva in fear ) No… I was just saying that from now on I will sleep in my room only. So, will you please shift my stuff from Bui’s room to mine?

Navya:- Why so? You always say that you won’t get a peaceful sleep when Shehnaaz isn’t around you.  

Pihu:- ( Acts like an elderly lady ) Ya… but now I think Bui is getting mature so…… I am thinking that it’s the right time to give her much-needed privacy. No? 

Navya didn’t get the hidden meaning of her words and walked ahead, making a bad face. Whereas here, Shehnaaz pushed Sidharth with great force when she was on the verge of losing consciousness. They parted and gasped for oxygen taking high breaths. 

After taking high breaths for a minute Sidharth comes back to his senses and soon the realization drowns upon him that his Fireball pushed him. All the negative thoughts ran like horses in his mind which snatched his peace. “Doesn’t she love him now? Does she have no feelings for him? Did he lose her forever? Doesn’t she feel the same spark when they kiss? Did he commit the crime by not accepting her love on time? Does Alia’s curse that he won’t get true love from anyone come true? Doesn’t he get another chance of winning her back?” Many more negative questions ran through his mind, making him feel dizzy. 

Pihu and Rajesh come back silently because of the curiosity of knowing what would happen next. They both teamed up and made fools of their ladies and hid behind the bush from where they could hear them too. 

On the other hand, a tear slips from Sidharth’s eyes, not able to see her ignorance anymore. He can bear her anger, her naughtiness, her sarcastic comments but not her ignorance. Now, he understands that he can’t tolerate when any other guy touches her and claims her as his because she is only HIS, HIS FIREBALL. 

He took a step towards her and being the most innocent guy, he cups her cheeks softly because she is his glass doll and poured his heart in front of her without confessing his love. 

Sidharth:- ( While looking deep into her eyes ) The kiss which we shared yesterday was not my FIRST kiss but THAT WAS THE BEST ONE I HAD BECAUSE YOU INITIATED THAT ONE AND IT WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE ONE NO MATTER HOW MANY KISSES WE SHARED IN THE FUTURE. 

Saying this he joins his forehead with hers and continues in the sweetest voice giving her chills who is listening to his every word with zeal and waiting to hear those THREE MAGICAL WORDS

Sidharth:- Don’t ever repeat that the kiss was nothing for you. The kiss never happened in the heat of the moment. It was the most beautiful time for me because you confessed your love for me and that kiss was just an addition to prove your words. That kiss conveyed the depth of your love for me. 

He ended but couldn’t break their touch which made her smile with moist eyes as he didn’t know that his words were more romantic than their kiss. Out of nowhere, he asked with insecurities. 

Sidharth:- Does that kiss mean nothing to you? Doesn’t I mean anything to you now?

Shehnaaz keeps a neutral face, getting the hint of his insecurities and answers. 

Shehnaaz:- No!… That kiss meant the whole world to me because I LOVED YOU. ( Looking into his eyes as if she is finding his hidden emotions ) I know that I didn’t mean anything to you. 

Sidharth:- ( Cut her in middle ) LOVED? Don’t you love me anymore? 

Shehnaaz:- No, I am trying to move on from you, and in that Karan is helping me. 

Her answer broke his heart but when she took Karan’s name, something hit him hard right across his heart, making him furious and possessive. 

Sidharth:- ( In the most tempting tone ) WHO IS HE? 

Shehnaaz doesn’t get the anger behind his tone so answers sarcastically. 

Shehnaaz:- He is a boy. Unfortunately, a straight boy! So, there is no chance for you and him. 

Sidharth rolled his eyes and grabbed her arms roughly pulling her closer with a bang. She widens her eyes as this is the first time she is allowing any man to dominate her in such a way but she is loving this type of possessiveness. 

Sidharth:- I asked, WHO IS HE? 

Shehnaaz:- Are we seriously discussing him after the MOST PASSIONATE MOMENT WE HAD

Sidharth again asked the same question showing his stubbornness. 

Shehnaaz:- ( Angrily ) Who are you to ask about him? He is my boyfrie…

Before she could complete he grabbed her waist authoritatively banging their fronts with each other not caring about the surroundings. 

Sidharth:- ( Interrupting her in a jealous tone ) HE IS A MAMA (Uncle) OF OUR KIDS, NOTHING LESS OR MORE THAN THAT! 

He declared so confidently that Shehnaaz choked and stumbled a bit while Pihu went all aww on the cute confession scene where he didn’t say I Love You still confessed that THEY WILL HAVE KIDS TOGETHER. 

Shehnaaz:- Mama? 

She whispers back just to make sure that she heard right or not. But alas, the confident look on his face said that he is not joking at all. He meant, THEIR KIDS!

To be continued…

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