Everyone is having their dinner while sitting on a small round table but this time there was a slight change. The table is not looking less than a fish market unlike before, only because of Nandini’s presence. Nevertheless, everyone is enjoying her free, innocent banter which is making them happy.

Nandini:- wow!….. Aunty, you are just wow. The food is delicious. I never had such a tasty dinner before. 

This is the ninth time that she praised Ritu for her cooking skills. 

Ritu:- Nandini, talk less and eat more. I am seeing you, you are not having your meal properly. 

She scolds her with all motherly love and fills her dish again with one more chapati. In just a small-time Nandini became his daughter and friend. She becomes protective of her like she is of her husband and son. 

On the other hand, this is not new for Nandini because she has that aura that makes anyone hers but this time she has got emotionally attached to them. She is enjoying her time with Ritu and experiencing the motherly warmth for the first time in her life. 

Among everyone, Manik is the one who is sitting there quietly and noticing Nandini’s small to small antiques. He is giving weird looks to his mother because she is filling Nandini’s already filled plate. Her plate didn’t even have a space to breathe but still, his mother is putting chapati after chapati. 

Out of nowhere, Nandini asked the most hilarious question which shocked everyone to the core. 

Nandini:- By the way aunty, Manik is your only son? 

Ritu nods, being confused as to why she suddenly asked that question. 

Nandini:- why?…… I mean why didn’t you try for the second child? 

This is the most unexpected question. Manik’s eyes widen and his spoon fell making a thunderous noise because according to him no one dares to discuss their parent’s sexual life in front of them. Whereas Rajesh’s eyes are just stuck at her and his ears denied in believing what he heard is true or not. 

Ritu is finding a perfect place to hide from this embarrassing question while there is no change in Nandini’s chirpiness. 

Nandini:- Is there some problem with uncle? 

And here comes the sixer from her side. Rajesh coughs and swallows the bite hurriedly before shouting in horror, making everyone deaf. 

Rajesh:- why was there a problem with me only? 

Nandini:- ( with an attitude ) because aunty is perfect. So, I am sure that there was a problem with you only. 

Hearing her illogical reply, Rajesh looks at his son with a look saying “WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS CRACK PIECE?”. 

Without giving any reply to his father, Manik digs his head on his plate with red cheeks because he is already a shy guy and now this conversation is out of his comfort zone. 

While on the other side, Ritu gathers a lot of courage and asks. 

Ritu:- why are you asking these types of questions, Nandini? 

Nandini:- because I like you guys a lot and If you guys would have another son then I would kidnap and marry him forcefully and then become your daughter-in-law. Simple! 

The parents look at her with astonishment hearing her dangerous plan whereas this plan wouldn’t go well with Manik. His head instantly raised and a question rolled out from his tongue. 

Manik:- why another son? What is the problem with me? 

Malhotra’s gaze shifted from Nandini to Manik and a smirk emerged on their lips with a sly smile whereas Nandini is so cool hearing his question. 

Nandini:- the answer is so straight, SHY BOY. You are not my type. Seeing you I can confidently say that you don’t even know how to kiss. So, I don’t want to ruin my future sexual life by teaching you the way to give pleasure to your girl. 

Rajesh:- ( whispers in his wife’s ear ) the conversation is not our type. 

After this Manik kept his mouth shut and focussed on his eating being pissed with the thought that he is not her type. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t like her antiques or the way she gave attention to him. 

Suddenly a question was raised in Rajesh’s mind and he raised his hand like a student before saying. 

Rajesh:- I have a question, Nandini. 

Nandini nods while her full focus is on her FOOD. 

Rajesh:- why only son? What if we had a daughter then what would you do? 

Nandini:- simple, I would take birth as your daughter and would get all your love. 

This thought is enough to burn the SHY BOY. He would die before making her his sister. Ya, he likes her presence but that doesn’t mean that he would make her his sister. HELL NO!!!! 

Ritu smiles hearing her answer and engulfs her in her arms while kissing her forehead. 

Ritu:- you don’t have to be my daughter or daughter-in-law to get the love which you deserve. You already made a place in my heart so now get ready to experience love. 

Nandini smiles cheekily and kisses her cheek tightly making her chuckle. While the two men witness the scene with a broad smile. Unknown to them, Nandini already made a place in all of their hearts.

After what felt like an eternity, the dinner has finally come to an end. Nandini stood up to go back to her home with a stone heart. 

Nandini:- Aunty, now shall I take a leave. 

Hearing this a sudden silence engulfed the atmosphere which was blooming a second before. No one wanted to bid her goodbye but this was not right, so Ritu came forward with a fake smile and kissed her forehead giving her permission to leave. 

Ritu:- before going, promise me that you will come soon to meet me. 

Nandini:- ( smilingly ) I promise, my sweet-sweet aunty. 

Rajesh:- Manik, drop her till the door. 

Manik immediately stands who is waiting for an excuse to go behind her. Both come out and Nandini is all ready to go but she rolls down her car’s mirror. 

Nandini:- Manik, it was a lovely evening. The dinner was good and thanks for bringing me here because for the first time I felt the feeling of having a meal with parents. Thank you so much!! And bye…. Will meet you tomorrow. 

Without waiting for his reply, Nandini drove away whereas Manik stuck at her words “FOR THE FIRST TIME I FELT THE FEELING OF HAVING A MEAL WITH PARENTS.” These mere words gave birth to many questions like, “DIDN’T SHE STAY WITH HER PARENTS?” and many more which have no answers. 

Here, Nandini reached her house and tip-toed inside through the window which was kept open by her BHABHI ( sister-in-law ) deliberately. She took a deep breath and looked around to find everything dark which made her calm. 

Suddenly, the light turns on and a manly voice comes from her back. 

The man:- aiye…. Aiye….. Aapka hi intezar tha. ( come….. Come…… we are waiting for you only. ) 

Hearing the voice, Nandini bites her tongue being caught and turns around with a sheepish smile. 

Nandini:- ( sternly ) Bhaiya, why didn’t you sleep yet? It’s not good to stay awake till late. 

Her brother becomes a volcano listening to her and pulls her ear while gritting his teeth. 

The man:- you little rat, you become so naughty. 

Nandini:- ( while pouting her lips ) scold me as much as you want but don’t call me a rat. 

The man:- why? 

Nandini:- because rats are so unhygienic. 

The man rolls his eyes but the next second shrinks in pain because his wife slaps his head from the back. 

The wife:- MR. CABIR DHAWAN, leave my baby before I push you out of my home. 

Yes, CABIR DHAWAN is the only brother of MISS. NANDINI DHAWAN

Hearing his wife’s command, Cabir moves back immediately. 

Cabir:- ( to his wife ) but baby, look at the time. It’s 10 in the night and she was out till now. Don’t know whether she had her dinner or not. I was just worried for her. You know na… she is so clumsy. 

Nandini:- But Bhai, I already messaged you that I am going for dinner with my friend. 

Cabir:- ( being protective of his sister ) and I want to know who was that friend?  

Nandini:- that’s a secret! 

Cabir:- ( sternly ) Nandini……….. 

Before he could scold her more, two little hands grabbed his pajamas, and feeling those hands he looked down to find his 7 years old daughter, PIHU standing there with red eyes. 


Pihu:- Papa, don’t scold my bui. ( BUA or AUNT ) 

Cabir rolls his eyes again, seeing the second protector of Nandini after his wife. Whereas Nandini goes all aww on her cute doll and hugs her tightly squeezing the life out of her. 

Pihu:- Bui… I am not a carrot that you are making juice of me. 

Cabir:- ( gasped hearing his daughter ) wah…. Meri beti bhi puri tarah apni bua ki tarah ho rahi hai. Baba ji meri raksha karna in dono se. ( wow….. My daughter is following her  Bua’s steps. Baba Ji ( God ) please, save me from these two. ) 

To be continued…

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