Navya:- ( Looking at Manik ) Now, you can go. I am here to take care of her. 

Hearing her words, Manik glances at Nandini and wants to deny her but he has no strong reason to stay here. Then, he looks at the Wild Cat and then at her, making him realize that he can’t handle these two ladies alone. Still, he tries to stay with his Fireball only for her. 

Manik:- No mam, I am fine. I will stay here until she gets consciousness. 

Pihu:- ( Sarcastically ) Why?… Are you a doctor who will leave after checking my Bui when she gets conscious? 

Manik gulped tiredly because he handled Nandini almost the whole day and at night he had to handle the Mini version of Nandini. This is too much for the poor guy. But he becomes a little sassy because he spends most of his time with Nandini, so he replies. 

Manik:- No, I am not a doctor but A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF HER

Pihu:- ( Smirking ) Close!… How close? ( Raising her eyebrows ) Close enough to touch her lips with your… 

Manik widened his eyes and his confidence went down the drain again. He always loses his battle in front of Nandini’s family which makes him pout sadly. Whereas Navya is watching the duo with curious eyes. Pihu taking someone’s class is not rare but here she is enjoying teasing the ShyBoy which is a miracle. She never talks with anyone as such in the first meeting itself but with him, she is acting differently.

While he looks here and there nervously feeling Navya’s gaze to avoid his red cheeks. He curses himself for losing control after seeing his Fireball which lands him in this situation where a tiny girl is laughing at his expense. 

Manik:- ( Chuckles nervously ) Ah… What are you saying, Baby girl? 

Pihu gives him an impressive look and asks, making him embarrassed. 

Pihu:- Wow… Directly Baby Girl from the WILD CAT. Haven’t you changed too fast?

Navya:- ( Suspiciously ) What is going on between you two? 

Pihu:- ( Gasped ) Mumma, nothing is going on between us. Aren’t you aware of my taste? ( Eyeing Manik with a teasing glint ) How can he be of my taste? He is not even close to being my farthest boyfriend so, dating him is not even a question. 

If the situation permits then, Manik would like to be unconscious hearing her but he can’t take that risk now. He feared what this tiny girl would do with his body when he lost his senses. She is as dangerous as her Bui. But he realized later that she just insulted him. THAT WILD CAT INSULTED HIM TO HIS FACE. He shoots daggers at her but soon smiles when Navya pulls her ear, making her wince. 

Navya:- How many times have I told you to act according to your age? ( Pulling her ear even more harshly ) I know, you are learning all this from your stupid TV serials. Hear me out, Pihu, you are not allowed to see any serials from now on. 

Pihu gasped and cried dramatically like her Bui. 

Pihu:- Mumma, give me poison but don’t give me this punishment. Where will I go without my serials? I will die without seeing them. 

Manik snapped his head to see her and all he felt at this moment was terror. His heart thud with the realization that “Pihu must be Nandini’s daughter because she resembles Nandini more than her mother.” But a part of his heart was happy when Pihu got a punishment. He is dancing in his mind like a fool. 

Whereas Navya pulls her daughter’s ear again, making her wince again in pain. This time the pain is terrible, that’s why Pihu looks at Shy Boy for help. 

Here, Manik gives her a devilish smirk just like she passed him a few moments ago. He crossed his arms around his chest with a cute happy smile and gave her a glance that said “Now, I am laughing at your expense.” In return, he got a murderous look from her which he doesn’t care about at this time. He is happy with his sweet revenge. 

Pihu:- ( Frustratingly ) Mumma, why are you beating me? ( Pointing at Manik ) Beat him because I saw him kissing Bui. 

Hearing her, Manik’s eyes pooped out with horror, vanishing his smile and making her give him a “Now you are gone!” look. 

Navya looks at Manik with anger but he tries to handle the situation. 

Manik:- ( Nervously ) Kiss?… What is a kiss? I… I don’t know what she is saying. ( Scratching his head ) I didn’t even know how to spell a KISS then, how can I kiss her? ( Stammers giving innocent looks to Navya ) Ah… Mumma taught me the spelling of a kiss once… It’s like… C.I.S… Right? 

Pihu took a back hearing his answer which is very convenient. Anyone can fall for his excuse and his innocent eyes were the cherry on top. She almost doubts herself but she knows she did see him kissing her Bui. Whereas Navya is not a kid who will accept his excuse but she understood why Nandini falls in love with him. He is a nice and decent guy with a very pure heart. But she composed herself and gave stern looks to him, making him scared. 

Navya:- I think you should go now. 

Without a second thought, he nods positively because it will be safe for him. He can’t bear these ladies any more and the looks Pihu is giving him are enough for him to run away. But before walking away, he gathers his courage and bends to kiss Nandini’s forehead, avoiding the surprised looks of others. 

He kisses her forehead with all the love he has for her and whispers in her ear. 

Manik:- I don’t want you to be sick, Fireball. Wake up soon. 

For him, this is the last time he is seeing her because he decided to never look at her again. He doesn’t want his bad luck to make her life hell as well. He walks out without turning back while a few tears make their way from his eyes. He wants to cry, cry in her arms because he knows she will handle him easily but he can’t do that. 

Navya gives him weird looks because she doesn’t understand anything. She noticed his sadness but is not aware of the reason. Whereas Pihu understood everything and is READY TO BE A LOVE GURU FOR HER BUI. SHE LOVED THAT SHY BOY AND IS ON A MISSION TO UNITE TWO LOVERS. But that doesn’t mean she will accept him. She climbs the bed and sits beside her Bui and rubs the place where Manik kisses her.

Pihu:- ( Cutely ) Bui, he can’t kiss you. ( After a pause ) I mean… he can but not in front of me because you are only mine and I won’t let anyone kiss you. 

Navya goes all aww on her daughter and chuckles seeing their bond. While Pihu places her lips on her forehead and gives a light kiss not to disturb Bui’s sleep. Her eyes filled with fresh tears seeing the bandage on Nandini’s forehead.

Pihu:- ( Caresses the white bandage softly ) It must be hurting you, no? 

She again kisses her forehead where she got hurt and a tear falls on Nandini’s cheek, making her stir in her sleep. Navya smiles seeing their love for each other whereas Pihu smiles seeing her Bui who is flickering her eyes to open them. 

After a minute, Nandini stretches her arms as if she is getting up from a very relaxing sleep, making her Bhabhi annoyed. She sits up with a beautiful smile and gives a sheepish grin to Pihu. 

Navya:- Here, we are worried for her and she is acting like a TV serial heroine who is getting up after a good sleep. 

Nandini:- Where am I, Bhabhi? 

Pihu:- ( While palming her face ) We are in a five-star resort, Bui. 

Nandini:- ( Confusingly ) Why? 

Navya:- ( Rolling her eyes ) Don’t act like you lost your memory. 

And everything plays in Nandini’s mind from the start, making her smile cutely. 

Nandini:- I got a panic attack again…

Navya:- Hmm…

Nandini:- Did you tell this to Bhai? 

Navya:- I called him but he didn’t receive my call so I left a message for him. 

Nandini:- Why did you tell him? He must be worried for me and will be blaming himself for this. 

Navya:- Nandini, you know, I can’t hide anything from your Bhai when it’s about your health. 

Nandini understands and pouts sadly while Navya keeps her palm on her forehead to check her temperature. 

Navya:- You don’t have fewer now. 

Nandini nods and looks at her cute doll who is whipping silently. 

Nandini:- Aww… Why is my Pihu crying? 

She picks her up and makes her sit in her lap while Pihu snuggles in her like a baby. 

Pihu:- ( Complains ) Bui, you scared me. 

Nandini:- Oh!… Thank god, at least there is someone who can scare this LITTLE DEVIL. 

Navya:- Pihu, stay with your Bui. I am going to call a doctor so that he can check her once and after that, we will leave taking your Bui with us. 

Pihu smiles with excitement at the fact that her Bui will get discharged soon. Nandini is pretty much healthy now. It’s just that she had a little wound on her forehead which will cure with time but she has to dress it every day and her panic was not a serious issue. She has been having these panics since childhood. So, she knows how to handle it. 

Otherside, Cabir got the news about Nandini and her health which scared him to death. The tears automatically make their way from his eyes giving those flashes back. 

Cabir:- ( Crying ) I am sorry, Princess. I am the worst brother. 

To be continued…

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