Nandini barged inside Manik’s room without knocking on the door and found him sleeping on the bed royally. His upper body is bare and lies in a display of her eyes which makes her mouth water whereas the quilt is covering his other half. 

Her eyes stuck at his abs which are making her drool over him for the very first time. Yes, for the very first time she is checking out a man except for her celebrity crushes. 

Nandini:- hayee…… yeah kitna hot lag raha hai sote hue. ( oh…! He is looking damn hot while sleeping. ) 

She walks inside and looks at him from close while pouting in confusion. 

Nandini:- kya yeah asli hai? ( Is it real? )

She caresses his abs with her fingers to check whether it is real or not making him stir in sleep. After a second she pulled her hand back in shock realizing that his abs are real. It is really hard for her to believe that HER SHY BOY has six-pack abs. 

Nandini:- ( surprisingly ) oye, is londe ke toh Sachi mai abs hai. ( oye, this boy really has abs. ) 

Not giving any heed to her surroundings she caresses his abs again and feels him which broke his slumber. 

Manik opens his sleepy eyes and the first face he sees was Nandini’s. He felt a different kind of sensation inside his body seeing her early in the morning while her soft fingers doing magic on his stomach. 

He looks down to find the source of sensation and to his dismay, Nandini’s actions are caught by him. His cheeks turned red due to extreme shyness because no one touched him there. Being a shy boy he never allowed anyone to see him then touching him is not possible. But don’t know why he likes the way she touches him. He is finding himself getting hard with just a simple touch that never happened with him before. 

Soon the realization drew upon him and he pulled the quilt up to cover his body. He is trying to cover his hard-on as well as his chest. Seeing his acts Nandini frowned. 

Manik:- ( stammers because of shyness ) what…… What are you doing, Nandini Ji? 

Nandini:- ( surprisingly ) Manik Ji, you have six-pack abs!!!

Manik:- ( with red cheeks ) so? 

Nandini:- let me see………. 

Saying this she tries to pull the quilt from his body while he applied all his strength to stop her from doing so. His eyes come out from its sockets hearing her bold demand. He cried in irritation and didn’t even lose his hold on the quilt. 

Manik:- Nandini Ji, what are you saying? 

Nandini:- ( excitedly ) I said that I want to see your abs. You know what, I never saw such sexy toned abs of anyone. 

Manik blushes like a newly wedded bride while she doesn’t know whatever she is saying. He bites his lower lip to hide his blush which seems impossible. 

Manik:- Nandini Ji, what are you….

Before he could complete his question Nandini cut him in mid in frustration. 

Nandini:- please don’t act like a deaf. I won’t repeat myself. 

Manik palms his face in distress and finds a way to get out from the situation where Nandini is adamant. 

Manik:- Nandini Ji, I haven’t worn anything inside. 

Nandini:- ( Nonchalantly ) I won’t mind. 

Manik:- ( yelled in shock ) NANDINI…………. 

Nandini looks at him with adoration hearing her name from his mouth without JI. Her name sounds beautiful from his mouth. Now, the abs and quilt are long forgotten much to Manik’s relief. 

Nandini:- aww…. Manik Ji, you forgot your manners? But I don’t mind because Nandini is better than Nandini Ji. 

Manik:- ( hiding his red cheeks ) And Manik will also sound better than Manik Ji. 

Nandini:- ( smiles energetically ) so, Manik, come I will help you in the shower.

This is the last nail in the coffin, Manik looks at her with horror and his mouth ditches him. But Nandini rectifies her statement, saving him from getting his first heart attack.  

Nandini:- I mean to say, come I will give you company till the restroom. 

Manik tightens his hold on the quilt and speaks with hesitation. 

Manik:- no!…. Thanks, I will manage. First, you turn around as I have to wear my shirt. 

Nandini:- ( flirting tone ) why? My eyes don’t have any problem seeing you nak*d. I mean what is the problem if a hot girl checks out another hot guy? 

Manik can’t believe his ears that the tiny girl in front of him is flirting with him so openly. 

Manik:- ( with wide-open mouth ) Nan….. Nandini….. 

Nandini:- what? 

Manik pouts adorably and seeing his helplessness, Nandini bursts into laughter. She goes all aww on him and pulls his cheeks with adoration. 

Nandini:- you are so innocent, MY SHY BOY. 

Manik looks into her eyes hearing her claiming him “MY SHY BOY”. This gives him goosebumps in the pit of his stomach whereas Nandini is unknown to her words. They shared a cute eye-lock for a second which was broken by Nandini. 

Nandini:- I am going down, you come after the shower and be quick. I don’t want to be late for the office. I am very disciplined and punctual. So, be quick! shy boy.  

Without waiting for his response Nandini runs downstairs. 

Manik:- such a liar she is!…… She and discipline? Not possible, in this birth. 

Nandini:- ( yelled from the stairs without looking back ) be quick! shy boy or else I will come to give you a bath. 

Manik:- ( yelled with horrified expressions ) No……. I am in the restroom only. 

Saying this he runs inside the washroom at jet speed fearing that she will come back again to bathe him. 

Downstairs, Nandini helps Ritu in dishing out the breakfast while talking about all stupid topics making her laugh with her cute-cute remarks. Soon the whole family is at the table for breakfast including Nandini. She is talking all the time and entertaining them. 

Nandini:- Manik, how did you get abs? 

Rajesh:- ( mockingly ) I already knew that she is stupid but today she proved it herself. ( looks at Nandini ) CRACK PIECE, even you can get abs after exercising. 

Nandini:- ( with narrowed eyes ) stop calling me CRACK PIECE, MR. OLDIE

Rajesh:- then, you also stop calling me OLDIE. 

Nandini:- I won’t! 

Both give each other dangerous glares like enemies. The other two members felt pity for themselves. They complete their breakfast and Nandini gives a lift to Mr. Malhotra to his office. 

Ritu:- Waheguru, mere Manik ki raksha karna from these two newly found enemies se. ( Waheguru, please save my Manik from these two newly found enemies. ) 

But God is also feeling pity for Manik. In the car, the two enemies are having a word fight at the silliest topic and at that moment he wanted to be deaf. 

Nandini:- Bye…. bye, Oldie. 

Saying this she zoomed out after dropping Mr. Malhotra with a giggle while Rajesh chuckles seeing her childishness. 

Nandini and Manik both reach the office half an hour late because of Nandini as she stopped in the middle for having Ice-cream. 

Manik is nervous because he is late on the first day itself. 

Manik:- Nandini, we are late because of you. 

Nandini:- ( with a pout ) Manik, don’t blame me. It’s vanilla’s fault. She attracted me towards herself. 

Manik looks at her with narrow eyes. Whereas with a sheepish smile, she opens jam’s room door and finds her brother sitting on the table royally.  

Cabir:- oh, what a pleasant surprise, Miss Headache! I thought that you will take a day off for today. 

Nandini:- if you will give me a paid holiday then why not? 

Cabir:- You………. Naughty head…… 

Manik:- ( coming in between ) sorry sir……. 

Cabir:- Manik, you won’t apologize. I know who is late. So, Miss. Headache, what is today’s excuse for coming late? 

Nandini:- I don’t have any excuse, right now. But will you wait for an hour? I will tell you soon. 

Manik looks at her with astonishment whereas Cabir palms his face and leaves the cabin while rubbing his forehead. 

Cabir:- I need aspirin for my headache. 

Nandini:- let’s go to work, Manik. You are already late. ( teasingly ) Such an irresponsible man!!!

Manik:- me…..? Irresponsible!!! 

He nods his head in disbelief and focuses on his work. 

Manik is practicing and Nandini is helping him with his tunes with full dedication. He is surprised to see her dedication towards her work which is the opposite of her nature. She scolds him whenever he does something wrong and makes him understand too.

He is admiring her while she is busy explaining something to him with full concentration. His admiring session comes to a halt when a girl in an extremely short dress enters. He looks at her from top to bottom and turns his face with a murmur. 

Manik:- where are her clothes? 

Nandini:- ( whispers in his ear ) she doesn’t like covering herself that’s why she prefers wearing HANKIES. ( Handkerchief ) 

Manik giggles and again looks at the girl to find that indeed she is wearing a hanky.

Nandini:- Hello Hanky-Panky…….. 

To be continued…

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