Cabir:- ( tiredly ) Nandini, can we discuss the matter for what I called you guys here? 

Nandini:- ( confusingly ) Sir, tell me one thing. Are you sure that you are the boss? 

Cabir:- yes, Why are you asking? 

Nandini:- if you are confirmed that you are a boss then why are you taking my permission before saying?

Cabir banged his head on the table with a murmur “Why did I give her this job?”

Nandini:- you should act like a bossy person who will shout at their employees for being careless. 

Cabir:- ( yelled at Nandini ) Nandini, keep quiet and listen carefully. I called you here to inform you…..

Before he could complete his sentence Nandini chirped in between with enthusiasm. 

Nandini:- ya…. This is how you should act with your employees to scare them. 

Manik palmed his face because this fierce lady didn’t get scared even one percent with Cabir’s shout. Whereas Cabir looks at her with a tired face. 

Manik:- ( sympathetically ) I am sorry sir from her side. Please continue….. 

Nandini:- Why are you apologizing, Manik? He is the one who is not saying……

Manik:- ( cutting her in mid ) if you stay quiet only then he will open his mouth to say for which he called us here. 

Cabir:- guys….. Please spare my poor ears. I can’t tolerate your fight now. I am busy and let me tell you, Manik, you have a concert next week at Space institute of music. This is not a proper concert but it’s just for your trial so that we can prepare you for the biggest launch. 

Manik became pale after hearing the name of the institute where he had to go to a concert. This is the college where his past is hidden. That was the only place from which he was hiding. Nandini noticed his expressions but didn’t say anything. 

Nandini:- ( excitedly ) Don’t worry Boss, I will prepare him for the concert. Trust me. 

Cabir nods with a lip tight smile because now he doesn’t have enough energy to speak in front of her. While saying this Nandini stood up and walked ahead towards the door followed by Manik and as expected the photo frame beside the door fell but this time something unexpected happened. 

Manik catches the frame before it reaches the floor and exhales tiredly with a smile for doing something good. 

Cabir too relaxes on his chair seeing the frame in the safe hold. But this didn’t go well with Nandini. She shoots daggers at Manik making him scared and being hell scared he leaves the frame resulting in it falling. The frame again breaks into two pieces while Nandini murmurs “Good work, Nandini”. 

Cabir:- ( angrily ) Manik!!! 

Manik:- ( timidly ) sir……. NANDINI

Cabir understood everything and banged his head on the table before shouting Nandini’s name. 

Cabir:- Nandini……. When will you learn to close the door silently? 

Nandini again enters his cabin with a sheepish smile and sneaks her right hand into her pocket to take out a white tape. Pulling out the tape he thrust the tape in his hand. 

Nandini:- do it yourself sir…….. as I have plenty of work to do. 

Cabir:- so, you mean to say that I am free. 

Nandini:- see….. You agreed! 

Cabir murmurs some harmless curses to her and prays to God to give her some brain. On the other hand, both Manik and Nandini leave Cabir’s cabin and work hard as they have limited time for the concert. They discussed the song, the timings, and other things which are related to that. 

Their day went well preparing for the concert until a colleague of theirs barged inside to try his luck on Nandini. 

Paras:- hey, Nandini……. How are you? 

Nandini:- ( shrugging her shoulder ) pretty good until you asked. Now, I don’t know. 

Hearing her answer Manik tried to smile but couldn’t as he noticed the way he is checking out HIS FIERCE GIRL. 


Paras:- I must say…….. You are looking beautiful in this frock. Yellow color suits you the most and why not yellow is my favorite color. 

He said while looking at her from head to toe with predator eyes which didn’t go well with Manik. Whereas Paras wants to tear her dress and have her tonight. With the same thoughts, he smirks and winks at Nandini giving her seductive looks. But the next moment his smirk was vanished by the FIERCE GIRL, NANDINI. 

Otherside, Nandini dialed a number and spoke as soon as the call got answered. 

Nandini:- Hello Bhabhi, pack my all yellow-colored dresses and send them to the office immediately………… why?….. What do you mean by why, Bhabhi?………. You know na….that I hate the yellow color and I am waiting to throw them but I got a good offer. There is a boy Paras in my office who loves the color yellow, so I will give all those dresses to him and he will use them. 

Paras:- What the hell!!!……. How can I wear girls’ dresses? 

Nandini:- ( in a duh tone ) simple!…. The way we girls wear them. Only then, you will realize how much time a girl takes to wear those dresses to which you dreamt of tearing. 

This is the tight slap for Paras who looks down in embarrassment. Whereas Manik is so proud of HIS FIERCE GIRL but still he is a little disappointed because Nandini didn’t slap that paras who eye rap*d her. He wants to punch that stupid flirty boy but he could not do so as he is an introvert who has never gotten violent with anyone in his entire life. 

Paras:- I think…. I should go. 

Nandini:- ( with a lip tight smile ) yaa…. You should because this much insult of yours is enough for today. 

Hearing her another remark, Paras ran like a maniac. Here, Nandini relaxes whereas Manik is making faces because Paras ran away without getting a punch. 

Manik:- ( while cringing his nose ) he is bad….. 

Nandini:- no….. 

Hearing her answer, Manik looked at her immediately and sudden insecurity engulfed him. There is no doubt that he doesn’t like her with any other guy except himself. He is having feelings for her which are evident but her liking some other guy triggered his insecurities. He is already under-confident in love matters and this worsens the case.  

Nandini:- ( after a small pause ) He is not bad……. But a PRINTING PRESS. 

Manik:- what!….. A printing press? 

Nandini:- ya…. P for PRINTING PRESS and P for PARAS. He can print….. I mean make  20 girlfriends in a minute while a printing press will print a single newspaper in that time. 

Manik:- ( with a surprised look ) is he that good with girls? 

Nandini:- ( bored expressions ) no….. The girls are mad who fall for his charm. 

Manik:- aren’t you among those girls? 

He asked with a lot of insecurities and crossed his fingers. Whereas Nandini freaked out leaving him astonished with her answer. 

Nandini:- ABSOLUTELY NO!…….

Manik:- ( curiously ) Why? 

Nandini:- because I prefer a good heart above physical appearance. A loyal and trustworthy partner is better than a fuc*er boyfriend. 

Manik smiles hearing her answer and his feelings deepen for her. They worked an hour more and finally called it off. Both descended and walked into the parking lot to leave for their home. 

Nandini:- Manik, come I will drop you. 

Manik:- no…no…. I will go myself. Thank you for asking Nandini. 

Nandini:- ok….. Then, I will call Paras. He asked for a lift but I denied it because of you. If you are not coming then I will give him a lift………So, bye…..

Manik denied this polite lift offer because he didn’t want to disturb her as he could sense that she was tired. He didn’t want to burden her more. But to his dismay, his simple no gave a good opportunity to that PRINTING PRESS. He can only imagine the thing Paras would do to HIS FIERCE NANDINI. He cursed himself for spoiling everything but now the damage is already done. He can’t reverse his words. 

To be continue…

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